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Swift for Windows (2018) – Learn Swift In Your Browser!

7 days ago
Run Swift for Windows without any extra software or paid services! Links: – SEFiddle: – Learn Swift Lessons Playlist: – Swift Cheat Sheet: Swift 4 Programming Language Cheat Sheet (PDF Download) This is a game changer for everyone who doesn’t have access to a Mac because you’ll be able to try out Swift code […]

How to Install SQLite On Windows 10

4 weeks ago
In this video We will see How to Install SQLite3 on Windows 10. SQLite is considered a de facto industry standard for lightweight, embedded SQL database programming. Best book on SQLite3 – ———————-Follow——————- My Website – My Blog – My Facebook Page – Google+ – Twitter – Pinterest – […]

Magic Mirror – Introduction, Back-end

1 month ago
Now available in 1080p Teaser for the upcoming Magic Mirror tutorial series, available soon. Learn to write a multi-layered reusable back-end using best practices and the new .Net Core 2.0 framework. Download Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition: Downloads | IDE, Code, & Team Foundation Server | Visual Studio Next lesson: Coming soon! Full source code: […]

How to Setup Atom For C / C++ Development on Windows 10

1 month ago
This is a Instructional Video on how to compile C and C ++ programs in Atom Text Editor, one of the best open source text editors. Links shown in the video: Atom Text Editor: MinGW: Gpp-compiler package: Atom is opensource source code and text editor. Atom can be installed on Windows, Linux […]

Set Up C++ Development With Visual Studio Code on Windows 10

2 months ago
In this video I am going to show, How to Set Up C++ Development With Visual Studio Code on Windows 10. We will use MinGW with VS code as our compiler and debugging tool. So First I will show How to install mingw. The we will see how to create, build and compile our first […]

TWC9: Azure Event Grid Goes GA, Kubernetes on Windows 10 with Docker, and more

2 months ago
This week on Channel 9, Christina doesn’t have adult supervision so she makes a lot of Dashboard Confessional puns while discussing the week’s top developer news:   [00:18] Azure Event Grid Goes GA [Corey Sanders] [00:53] Announcing TypeScript 2.7 [Daniel Rosenwasser]  [01:16] Jenkins on Azure: From Zero to Hero [Pui Chee Chan]  [01:48] 5 […]

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Building Windows 10 Games with Unity 5

Updated 2 years ago
Are you looking to build 3D games with Unity 5 for the Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform (UWP)? Popular presenter and author Adam Tuliper returns with an expert team to help you do just that! Add to your Unity skills as you explore Unity 5, the latest powerful Unity game engine, which adds hundreds of […]
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Windows 10: Top Features for IT Pros

Updated 2 years ago
Are you an IT Pro, exploring Windows 10 in your organization? Check out this course, and find out how some of the best and most important features of Windows 10 can help your enterprise and your users. And see how they may offer future supportability. Join the experts for a practical look at new features […]