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AWS Summit Series 2018 – Chicago: Jeff Garascia, Chief Innovation Officer at Marmon Holding

AWS Summit Series 2018 – Chicago: Jeff Garascia, Chief Innovation Officer at Marmon Holding

4 days ago
Jeff Garascia, chief innovation officer at Marmon Holdings, spoke onstage at the 2018 AWS Chicago Summit. Learn more about AWS at –

White House Historical Association Uses AWS to Bring History Closer to the Public

3 weeks ago
Learn more about AWS in the Public Sector at – The White House Historical Association (WHHA) works to make history more accessible through its digitized archives and White House Experience Mobile App. WHHA President Stewart McLaurin describes how AWS technology supports that mission and these initiatives. By using the AWS Cloud, this smaller nonprofit […]

Scripps Networks Interactive 導入事例 | AWS (日本語字幕) (2:46)

1 month ago
ライフスタイル、動画、コンテンツのリーディングプロバイダーである 米国のScripps Networks Interactive 社は、VMware Cloud on AWS によりミッションクリティカルなシステムを AWS へ移行し運用しています。詳細はこちら »

AWS Public Sector Summit Afternoon Keynote – Washington, D.C.

2 months ago
The afternoon keynote address was delivered by Tom Soderstrom, IT Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Learn more at –

AWS Public Sector Summit Partner Success Story – Trend Micro

2 months ago
Learn more about AWS Global Summits at – Steve Quane, EVP for Hybrid Infrastructure Protections at Trend Micro talks about their partnership with the AWS Public Sector Summit series. Learn more about how Trend Micro leverages their sponsorship participation with the summit events to be in government towns that are rich with technology – […]

Architect Your Legacy Microsoft Apps into Modern Cloud Workloads

2 months ago
Learn more about the AWS Partner Webinar Series at – Join our upcoming webinar with AWS, Six Nines, and NRC Health to learn how NRC Health migrated their 20-year-old Microsoft application to the cloud, reducing the risk of downtime and long change management windows.

Serverless Cyber Ops for Government

2 months ago
AWS Public Sector Summit 2018 – Washington, D.C. Governments have some big cyber security problems to face. In a time where the global Cyber Crime market hit an estimated $600 Billion and gets its own “As A Service Category,” public sector agencies must find mechanisms to improve their security posture and fill the serious shortage […]

2018 Public Sector Summit Keynote – Genome Institute of Singapore

2 months ago
Professor Swaine Chen shares the art of the possible with genomic research, including how IoT and genomic discoveries will impact and improve human health in the future. Learn more:

What’s New with AWS – Week of June 18, 2018

2 months ago
In this episode, Jeff Barr shares what’s new with Amazon Connect, Amazon RDS, and Amazon Pinpoint. For more information on AWS Launches, visit – Watch past episodes here!

AWS Summit Mexico City 2018 – Caso de Éxito Xcaret [Spanish]

2 months ago
Learn more about AWS at – Cómo AWS contribuyó a que el grupo turístico mexicano XCaret digitalizara con éxito su servicio de venta de millones de fotos. El CIO de Xcaret, Eduardo Vergara Eggleton, cuenta la forma en que AWS le permitió pasar de un sistema analógico de venta de fotos a otro digital […]

Castilleja School Automates Data Protection and Shortens RTOs

2 months ago
Learn more about the AWS Partner Webinar Series – In this webinar, learn how Castilleja School uses AWS and Rubrik to simplify data protection, reduce management time, lower its total cost of ownership (TCO), and shorten its recovery time objectives (RTOs). Join our webinar to learn: – How you can simplify backup and recovery […]

What’s New with AWS – Week of June 11, 2018

2 months ago
Learn what’s new with AWS at – In this episode, find out what’s new with Amazon Cloud Directory and AWS Quick Start. Watch the entire series at –