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Using Web Components with Angular (Google I/O ’17)

3 days ago
Web Components help developers with their universal portability. Angular is a powerful framework for building full applications with the web. Come learn how to combine these two superpowers. In this session, we’ll cover managing component state and communicating through event and property bindings, best practices for architecting your Angular application to take advantage of Web […]

Cranking Up Performance in Graphics Intensive Web Apps and Games (Google I/O ’17)

3 days ago
Better graphics performance leads to richer, smoother and more responsive user experiences. Several new APIs (OffscreenCanvas, ImageBitmap and more) are geared at increasing graphics throughput and smoothness in applications that rely on the HTML canvas element. The possibilities offered by the new APIs range from simple performance tricks to powerful programming paradigms, such as asynchrony, […]

Building for Your Next Billion Users (Google I/O ’17)

3 days ago
New internet users are coming online around the world and are facing very different constraints to accessing the internet. In this talk, we’ll cover what we’ve learned from building experiences for new internet users and walk through how you can build great experiences that work well for billions of users around the world. Watch more […]

Getting the Green Lock: HTTPS Stories from the Field (Google I/O ’17)

3 days ago
HTTPS is not only baseline security on the web, but also benefits site business by unlocking powerful capabilities and performance improvements. As the benefits of HTTPS have increased, and as migrating to HTTPS has become easier and cheaper, we’ve seen a surge in HTTPS usage on the web. We’ll explore real world stories of sites […]

Web Developer Portraits Trailer

1 week ago
Welcome to Web Developer Portraits, a fascinating insight into the journeys of leading developers from around the world. Our first three videos explore the developer scene in Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand. Read about “Building for Billions”: Subscribe to the Chrome Developers YouTube channel:

Progressive Web App Roadshow: Mexico City

2 weeks ago
Progressive Web Apps have become a great tool for developers to create engaging experiences for their users, and to understand market needs and help developers and partners succeed with them, we do Roadshows in a number of countries. This is a documentary shoot from the Progressive Web App Roadshow in Mexico City on April 12th […]

Who is Responsible for Design? Designer Vs. Developer #5

2 weeks ago
Welcome to Designer Vs Developer, a show that tries to solve the challenges faced in the industry by opening a conversation between the two, providing take aways, solutions to workflows, tools & discussions on everyday struggles. This week Mustafa speaks to Sérgio Gomes, a Developer Programs Engineer on the Google Developer Relations Team, about the […]

Saving Bandwidth with Images (The Standard, Ep. 8)

2 weeks ago
Still serving users GIFs? In this tip, learn more about saving your users’ bandwidth by serving better images – and only serving them when they’re needed. Intersection Observer API: Saving Bandwith with Images, Medium article by @samthor:

How to check for accessible colors — A11ycasts #17

2 weeks ago
OATMEAL Color Contrast: aXe Chrome Extension: Automated testing with aXe: WCAG 1.4.3: WCAG 1.4.6: Lea Verous Contrast Ratio: WCAG Color Contrast Analyzer: The main goal of building any website is to convey some information to the user. While it may be stylish to use subtle, low contrast colors […]

Handle Back and Forwards (The Standard, Ep. 7)

3 weeks ago
Sam talks about using the History API to properly handle Back and Forwards in single-page web applications (SPAs). Manipulating the browser history:

Discoverability & Analytics

4 weeks ago
Google Analytics is a valuable tool for analysing user interactions with your app. This video explains the basics of what Google Analytics is, what it can do, and how developers can integrate it into their Progressive Web Apps. Examples using offline analytics, service workers, and push notifications are shown.

Payment Integration

4 weeks ago
Payments on mobile web are notorious for their poor user experience. This video describes the current state of mobile payments and explains how the new PaymentRequest API works to provide a standardized alternative to checkout forms.