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Docker allows you to package an application with all of its dependencies into a standardized unit for software development.

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MTA for Java Devs Part 5

1 month ago
To conclude the series In part 5, I use the message service’s REST endpoint to replace one part of the application UI with a Javascript client. The original application client UI was written in Java Server Pages (JSP) so that any UI changes required the application to be recompiled and redeployed. I can use modern […]

MTA for Java Devs Part 4

1 month ago
Part 4 takes advantage of the messaging service I added in part 3. In this installment, I’ll add self service analytics powered by the open source Elasticsearch / Kibana stack. The reporting database and analytics UI run in containers and the worker is updated to also store data in Elasticsearch. The Docker platform supports adding […]

MTA For Java Apps Part 3

2 months ago

Finnish Railways Modernizes Key Transportation Applications with Docker EE

2 months ago
Learn how Finnish Rail with the help of Accenture, designed their new common application platform for both for new microservices applications and for migrating existing applications based on Docker Enterprise Edition (EE).

Modernizing .NET Apps for Developers – part 5

2 months ago
The series ends with part 5, which looks at breaking up the web UI. The homepage for the app is taken out and run in a separate container, which means changes to the UI and UX of the homepage can be released without regression testing the monolith. You’ll learn how to break up UI components […]

Modernizing .NET Apps for Developers – part 4

2 months ago
Part 4 takes advantage of the new event publishing mechanism to add self-service analytics for users, powered by the open-source Elasticsearch stack. The new reporting database and analytics UI are run in Docker containers, and there’s a new message handler which stores data in Elasticsearch. You’ll learn how the Docker platform lets you add features […]