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Docker allows you to package an application with all of its dependencies into a standardized unit for software development.

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How to Secure the Journey to Big Data Microservices – Fraud Management at Arvato Gmbh

4 months ago
Arvato Infoscore Gmbh, a global financial services subsidiary of Bertelsmann, helps ecommerce companies detect and prevent consumer fraud. Last year, Arvato embarked on an ambitious plan to migrate to a microservices-based architecture with Docker containers as a key enabler. This would enable Arvato to be more effective in processing consumer and device data from customers […]

We Need to Talk: How Communication helps Code

4 months ago
To build a successful open source project requires more than just code. As Docker and many other household-name projects show, communication is also an essential ingredient in growing a project to greatness. This introvert-friendly talk will help you level up your development game by highlighting three tools and techniques: user research, InnerSource, and documentation. First, […]

Taking Docker to Production: What You Need to Know and Decide

4 months ago
DevOps in the Real World is far from perfect, yet we all dream of that amazing auto-healing fully-automated CI/CD micro-service infrastructure that we’ll have “someday.” But until then, how can you really start using containers today, and what decisions do you need to make to get there? This session is designed for practitioners who are […]

Repainting the Past with Distributed Machine Learning and Docker

4 months ago
“A picture is worth a thousand words” – Frederick R Bernard. Video is worth thousands more. With millions of hours of black and white video footage circulating around the internet or locked indefinitely in storage archives, their true stories and colours have been lost forever. With the cost of breathing new colour into these fragments […]

Small, Simple, and Secure: Alpine Linux under the Microscope

4 months ago
Alpine Linux is a distro that has become popular for Docker images. Why do we need another distro? Why does Alpine matter? How does it differ from other distros? In this talk, we’ll answer all these questions – and a few more.

Empowering Docker with Linked Data Principles

4 months ago
Docker Containers are eating the world. Industry and academia are both exploiting Docker to orchestrate complex cloud infrastructure and to foster reproducibility of computational experiments. Linked Data capture the original idea of a connected yet decentralized Web. Online resources are accessible through a URI; ontologies and vocabularies like foster interoperability and data integration. I […]

The Fairy Tale of the One Command Build Script

4 months ago
Do you have this build script that with a single command builds your software? Does this still apply on a brand new PC? This presentation takes you on the journey to construct complex build environments using Docker. The journey follows our lessons learned and experiences going from hand crafted to Dockerized build environments. We will […]

Putting Docker EE on the Map: Business Results and Technical Benefits of Becoming an Agile Organi…

4 months ago
Becoming an efficient Agile/DevOps organization might seem an impossible challenge for most enterprises. The Dutch Land Registry achieved this over the course of a few years and transformed software development for their own and other public services using modern technologies in CI/CD pipelines. They now deploy to production when ready and for some (business critical) […]

Troubleshooting Tips from a Docker Support Engineer

4 months ago
Docker makes everything easier. But even with the easiest platforms, sometimes you run into problems. In this session, you’ll learn first-hand from someone whose job is helping customers fix these problems. Using Docker Swarm and Universal Control Plane, you can keep your apps running smoothly with minimal downtime. In this session, you’ll learn how to: […]

Docker EE to support Kubernetes

4 months ago
What’s this session about? Kubernetes on Docker!

Docker on Docker

4 months ago
At Docker, we like to “eat our own dog food” or “drink our own champagne.” Whatever your favorite phrase, the importance of a software company using their own software is critical to relating to our customers. In this talk, we will discuss how the Docker Infrastructure and engineering teams have deployed and operationalized Docker Enterprise […]

Practical Design Patterns in Docker Networking

4 months ago
Migrating an application to Docker creates an opportunity to utilize new networking topologies and features, which can provide new functionality to an existing application. This talk will provide an overview of Docker networking with a focus on the architectural choices when migrating applications. Taking sample applications we will look at the existing networking topology and […]