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Docker allows you to package an application with all of its dependencies into a standardized unit for software development.

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Modernizing .NET Apps for Developers – part 2

4 months ago
Part 2 shows you how to run SQL Server databases in Docker containers on Windows, packaging the schema so containers start with the database already deployed. You’ll also see how to optimize Dockerfiles for deploying .NET apps, and how to integrate logging and configuration with the Docker platform – still without changing code.

MTA for Java Devs Part 1

4 months ago

Secure Kubernetes from Dev to Prod

5 months ago
The upcoming release of Docker Enterprise Edition brings a secure software supply chain to Kubernetes deployments. Through advanced multi-tenant access controls and secure image management capabilities, Docker EE integrates with your existing tools and processes while bringing additional layers of security throughout the application lifecycle. This webinar highlights the core security capabilities of Docker EE […]

Demo Webinar: Integrating CI/CD with Docker Enterprise Edition

5 months ago
Continuous Integration (CI) workflows and DevOps practices enable organizations to develop and deploy code faster and more regularly. Docker Enterprise Edition, the enterprise-ready container management platform that supports the broadest set of applications across different infrastructure platforms, integrates with your preferred CI tools like GitLab to build, ship, and run containerized applications. In this webinar, […]

Docker 101: Introduction to Docker and Containers (copy)

5 months ago
Docker 101 webinar is designed for individuals who are just getting starting in their container education, but have some foundational understanding of servers and operating systems. You’ll learn the basics of containers, how they are similar and different from virtual machines, and how Docker can be leveraged in enterprise organizations to both reduce costs and […]

How a serverless platform is built on top of Containers: The Internals of Open Source Fn Project

5 months ago
Serverless computing is one of the hottest trends in computing right now due to its simplicity and cost efficiency. Oracle recently open sourced a new project that enables developers to run their own Serverless infrastructure anywhere. The platform is container-native, enabling users to write functions in any programming language with excellent support for local development […]

Kubernetes support in Docker Desktops and Docker EE

5 months ago
Docker Meetup Feb 2018 Develop and deploy Kubernetes Apps with Docker