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Docker allows you to package an application with all of its dependencies into a standardized unit for software development.

Videos by: Docker

Building a smarter application stack by Tomas Doran (Yelp)

3 years ago
There are many advantages to a container based, microservices architecture – however, as always, there is no silver bullet. Any serious deployment will involve multiple host machines, and will have a pressing need to migrate containers between hosts at some point. In such a dynamic world hard coding IP addresses, or even host names is […]

AWS Elastic Beanstalk and Docker by Evan Brown (AWS)

3 years ago
In this video, Evan Brown from AWS explains how to deploy your Containers via a Dockerfile, public repository, or private repository. Evan also highlights the best practices for security and secret management, logging, and scaling and monitoring your Docker Containers on Elastic Beanstalk.

From LXC to Docker for Continuous Delivery by Michael Neale (CloudBees)

3 years ago
At CloudBees we have been using various techniques around cgroups and LXC for some time – in some ways “doing docker before docker was known!” – however, the challenge has always been around the developer experience in building images and containers, and rapidly deploying these. By standardizing on docker, we have the opportunity to give […]

Docker and SELinux by Daniel Walsh from Red Hat

3 years ago
Mandatory Access Control gives additional security to Docker Containers. This talk explains how Docker can work with SELinux. It will explain how SELinux works, and how docker takes advantage of Type Enforcement for separation between the containerized processes and the host system. It will also explain how to MCS Separation can be used to separate […]

Contributing to Docker by Andrew “Tianon” Page (InfoSiftr)

3 years ago
This presentation will cover many aspects of contributing to the Docker project. Not all of them involve submitting code improvements via pull requests, or even having sizable coding knowledge! We will also cover some details for how to contribute more effectively to the benefit of all. Contributions can come in the form of technical help […]

Tupperware: Containerized Deployment at Facebook by Aravind Narayanan

3 years ago
In this video, Aravind Narayanan from Facebook first introduces Tupperware and explains how it leverages sandboxes and container technologies. He later talks about how Tupperware integrates with other Facebook services and highlights the lessons they learned while building it.

Docker at RelateIQ by Scott Bessler & John Fiedler

3 years ago
In this session, Scott Bessler and John Fiedler from RelateIQ explain how they achieved a whole new dev environment using Docker in production. In addition to this video, you can find a couple interesting posts about Docker on RelateIQ’s blog.

Easy Docker on Microsoft Azure by Jeff Mendoza & Nik Garkusha (Microsoft)

3 years ago
How easy is it to install and run Docker in a Azure cloud environment.

Decker: Cloud Foundry with Docker by Colin Humphreys (CloudCredo)

3 years ago
In this video, Colin Humphreys from CloudCredo introduces Decker, a new project that bring together the power of Cloud Foundry and Docker. In addition to the video and slides below, you can find more details about Decker on CloudCredo website.

Immutable Infrastructure with Docker and EC2 by Michael Bryzek (Gilt)

3 years ago
In this session, Gilt Co-Founder and CTO Michael Bryzek discusses how Gilt’s engineering team has been experimenting with Docker to improve and simplify end-to-end continuous delivery of their micro-services architecture. Michael also highlights some of the benefits Docker offers to engineers, such as stability, repeatability, and the flexibility to create lightweight environments.

Cloud Native NetflixOSS Services on Docker by Andrew Spyker (IBM) and Sudhir Tonse (Netflix)

3 years ago
This session explains how to port the NetflixOSS micros-services cloud platform to work within a Docker environment (including Auto Scaling, Asgard, and Eureka services). The open source Netflix cloud prizewinner application and services, Acme Air, will be shown running live within an environment. This Docker environment helps developers test elastic scaling, ephemeral failure/recovery (Chaos Monkey) […]

Ending the IaaS PaaS Dichotomy by Craig Mcluckie and Brandon Burns (Google)

3 years ago
In this video, Craig Mcluckie and Brandon Burns from Google further describe Kubernetes and the container-optimized Google Compute Engine images, making it simple to run Docker containers on Google Cloud Platform.