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Docker allows you to package an application with all of its dependencies into a standardized unit for software development.

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Migrating a large code-base to containers by Doug Johnson & Jonathan Lozinski (Sage UK)

4 years ago
Green field projects might be able to take advantage of containers from the start, but how can we take a monolithic existing code-base and make the move to Docker? We want to run our code as a collection of small collaborating containers, but we have a large existing code-base, and don’t want massive disruption to […]

Scaling Development Environments with Docker by Joe Brown

4 years ago
We set out to solve the problems of quickly building high quality games for a fragmented mobile market. Taking advantage of HTML5 allowed a fast, familiar and highly iterative local development process, and a hybrid build process for native apps meant high performance games on mobile. Our product is designed to comprehensively handle complex UI […]

Clocker: Managing Container Networking and Placement by Andrew Kennedy

4 years ago
his talk introduces Clocker and shows how to bootstrap a Docker Cloud that is responsive and scalable, across a dynamic cluster of hosts and cloud providers. Clocker is an Apache licensed open source project that demonstrates intelligent placement, on-demand provisioning and autonomic management of containers using Apache Brooklyn as the central nervous system. The Clocker […]

Docker at Shopify: From This-Looks-Fun to Production by Simon Eskildsen

4 years ago
Since July 2014 Shopify’s been serving thousands of requests per second of production web traffic from Docker containers. This was an 8 month effort, with multiple pivots of direction from the team—and we’re only getting started. This talk covers the lessons learned through the trial and error of an in-flight architecture redesign, spanning hundreds of […]

Building Web Scale Apps with Docker and Mesos by Alex Rukletsov

4 years ago
Operating apps at web scale has become the new normal, but has been out of reach for most companies. Join us as we show you how to deploy and manage your Docker containers at scale. See how easy it is to build highly-available, fault-tolerant web scale apps using Docker with the Mesos cluster scheduler. Docker […]

Orchestrating Docker with Terraform and Consul by Mitchell Hashimoto

4 years ago
Terraform is a tool for building and safely iterating on infrastructure, while Consul provides service discovery, monitoring and orchestration. In this talk we discuss using Terraform and Consul together to build a Docker-based Service Oriented Architecture at scale. We use Consul to provide the runtime control plane for the datacenter, and Terraform is used to […]

Opinionated containers and the future of game servers by Brendan Fosberry

4 years ago
Combining my passions for automation and games, I will discuss the opportunity and challenge for automating and containerizing game servers. The necessity to prioritize scale and performance makes game servers a perfect candidate for the container revolution. However many aspects of game servers and apps make this pretty challenging. Starting from the perspective of a […]

Continuous Delivery leveraging on Docker CaaS by Adrien Blind

4 years ago
At Societe Generale GBIS, time to market & quality matters; hence we do love continuous delivery. In this context, we’re considering the Container as a Service pattern: artifacts produced by the continuous integration chain would become self-sufficient “dockerized” application modules, onboarding both code and subsequent system requirements; then, a CaaS cloud would enable to host […]

Docker and Radio Astronomy – Containing Fragile Scientific Software by Gijs Molenaar

4 years ago
As a scientific software engineer in the field of radio astronomy, I’m involved in creating, improving and maintaining a broad range of tools used by scientists. These tools are used to process and analyse data coming from various radio telescopes, particularly LOFAR (LOw Frequency ARray) and SKA (Square Kilometre Array). Radio astronomy has a long […]

The Tale of a Docker-based Continuous Delivery Pipeline by Rafe Colton

4 years ago
The ModCloth Platform team has been building a Docker-based continuous delivery pipeline. This presentation discusses that project and how we build containers at ModCloth. The topics include what goes into our containers; how to optimize builds to use the Docker build cache effectively; useful development workflows (including using fig); and the key decision to treat […]

Evaluating and ranking genome assemblers by Michael Barton

4 years ago
Scientific results are shared as manuscripts which researchers read and interpret in their own work. Based in the field of genomics, this talk will show how genome assembly software can be shared with Docker containers using a common API. Containerising scientific software leads to fungible scientific methods which can be objectively compared and easily interchanged. […]

Docker in a big company by Damien Duportal

4 years ago
Hey curious friend, let’s play a game. How can we bring together two different companies, an established enterprise with traditional dev and ops having cultural differences when working together with a DevOps champion startup. In the middle exists a number of real use cases on how we are bringing DevOps culture with Docker to Atos […]