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Docker allows you to package an application with all of its dependencies into a standardized unit for software development.

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Image management or configuration management? Yes by Thomas Hatch (SaltStack)

4 years ago
A typical enterprise infrastructure team is tasked with managing several data centers and public clouds with thousands of virtual machines and containers running heterogeneous software and services. To offset inevitable infrastructure sprawl and complexity, this scenario requires tools and automation to help drive simplicity, speed, scale and flexibility into the technical core of the business. […]

Lessons from using Docker to improve web developer productivity – DockerCon Video

4 years ago
Kevin Ready, General Manager at and, Classified Ventures, LLC and Aater Suleman, Founder & CEO at Flux7 Docker provides an excellent mechanism for creating low-overhead -isolated- execution environments. Using Docker, it is possible to mimic a multi-tier production environment on a single machine where each tier still gets their own isolated environment. While […]

Evolution of a Docker PaaS by Gabriel Monroy from Deis / OpDemand

4 years ago
Interested in using or building platforms on top of Docker? As one of the first Docker PAAS solutions, Deis has endured a lot of change since Docker 0.2. Join us to hear lessons learned building Deis and how we’ve evolved with the rapidly changing Docker ecosystem.

Running Docker on AWS by Jonathan Weiss (AWS)

4 years ago
Docker and AWS make a great couple. Docker can provide additional encapsulation and control while EC2 provides the scalable infrastructure. This session will show you how you can run Docker on EC2 using OpsWorks and easily combine the two. We will leverage the power of Chef to control Docker and use Docker for application and […]

Beyond golden containers Complementing Docker with Puppet by David Lutterkort (PuppetLabs)

4 years ago
“Docker offers an exciting new way to use containers for delivering and managing applications. Combining Docker with a configuration management system like Puppet provides much greater control over containers, both at buildtime and at runtime: at buildtime, Puppet’s fine-grained resources such as file, cron, and user make it easy to control an image build in […]

Be a happier developer with Docker: Tricks of the trade Nicola Paolucci (Atlassian)

4 years ago
Docker is an open-source engine that automates the deployment of any application as a lightweight, portable, self-sufficient container that will run virtually anywhere. “The talk will teach developers to automate and streamline their development environment setups using Docker, covering awesome tricks to make the experience smooth, fast, powerful and repeatable.The topics covered will be a […]

Automated Chef cookbook testing with and Github

4 years ago
“Building a framework for developing and maintaining chef cookbooks with automated testing and code review using open-source tools. Paul will walk through setting up Drone.IO (docker based CI) and hooking it up with Github ( regular or enterprise ), securing it behind an Oauth proxy, and configuring appropriate git hooks to automate testing process. I […]

Interoperable Containers by Fabio Kung from Heroku

4 years ago
“Docker is driving the popularization of Linux containers, but there are many different container managers out there, such as LXC and lmctfy. Not to mention different PaaS being built on top of these technologies. How great would it be if applications were portable to all (or most of) those different providers and container managers with […]

Performance Characteristics of VMs vs Docker Containers by Boden Russel (IBM)

4 years ago
In this session we’ll explore performance characteristics of traditional VMs vs Docker containers from both a Cloudy ops perspective (boot, stop, start, etc.) as well as an “in the guest” perspective. In particular we’ll present Cloudy benchmark results using OpenStack as the Cloud manager comparing operational times between the nova-docker virt driver and the libvirt-kvm […]

Cluster Management and Containerization by Benjamin Hindman From Twitter

4 years ago
Benjamin Hindman, co-founder of Apache Mesos talks about Cluster Management and Containerization at Twitter. There is a revolution afoot in distributed computing, and it’s being powered by two of the secret ingredients for operating at web scale—containerization and cluster scheduling. Docker containerization and open source cluster scheduling bring distributed computing to the masses. Now companies […]

Docker and DevOps by Gene Kim

4 years ago
In this video, Gene Kim shares the lessons he learned from his fifteen year journey studying high performing IT organizations and the DevOps movement. His presentation answers to major questions: 1) Why is DevOps so important? 2) What are the patterns that we can put into practice to replicate the high performance we are seeing […]

Delivering eBay’s CI solution with Apache Mesos & Docker – Dockercon

4 years ago
The eBay PaaS team is innovating constantly by performing R&D on the next generation cloud technologies and actively contributing back to the open source community. One such exciting endeavor explores running CI builds for eBay’s applications in Apache Mesos with Docker containers. We will demonstrate how we can produce a RHEL OR Ubuntu Docker container […]