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Automatic Network Optimization – AdMob Quick Tip #5

2 days ago
AdMob’s automatic network optimization can help your mediated ad units generate as much revenue as possible, and setting it up just takes a moment. Learn how in Quick Tip #5 from the Mobile Ads Garage. Watch more episodes of Mobile Ads Garage here: Subscribe to the Google Developers channel at

The Developer Show (TL;DR 084)

6 days ago
Apps for the Google Assistant: Google Assistant on Android TV: Introducing Cloud Firestore: Managing Google Cloud Platform with Chef: PHP 7.1 for Google App Engine now GA: Nested virtualization for Google Compute Engine: Java 8 on App Engine standard environment now GA: Introducing Abseil, a new common libraries […]

Android Studio, Kotlin and more with Stephanie Saad Cuthbertson

7 days ago
In this episode of Coffee with a Googler, Laurence (@lmoroney) meets with Stephanie Saad Cuthbertson to geek out over Android Studio, the Kotlin addition, and some of the fun background stories about how the Kotlin reveal happened at Google IO 2017! Learn more about this great language at and Android Studio at Watch […]

Actions on Google: Internationalization

1 week ago
Actions on Google Localization documentation: Wayne Piekarski introduces how to handle different languages and locales with Actions on Google, for the Google Assistant. Developers can support multiple languages in the same Dialogflow projects, and customize apps to support many languages while being available only in specified locations. Samples: Communities: […]

How to Publish a Google Assistant App That Will Pass Review

2 weeks ago
The Google Assistant is the conversation between the users and Google. Users can get things done by talking with the Assistant. After you’ve designed conversations and developed apps, you’re probably ready to share them with users. Join @greenido to learn how to prepare for deployment and pass the app review process. Learn more here: App […]

Kotlin and Android Studio: #CoffeeWithAGoogler meets Jeffrey Van Gogh

2 weeks ago
Did you know that you can now build Android apps using Kotlin? In this episode of Coffee with a Googler, Laurence Moroney (@lmoroney) meets Jeffrey Van Gogh and chats about how we brought Kotlin to Android Studio. More about Android Studio here: Learn more about Kotlin here: Watch more episodes of Coffee with […]

A.I. Experiments: Teachable Machine

2 weeks ago
Teachable Machine is an experiment that makes it easier for anyone to start exploring how machine learning works. It lets you teach a machine using your camera – live in the browser, no coding required. It’s built with a library called deeplearn.js, which makes it easier for any web developer to get into machine learning, […]

The Developer Show (TL;DR 083)

3 weeks ago
Google Play Billing Library 1.0: Faster GPUs for Google Compute Engine: Google Cloud Dataprep: Cloud Natural Language: NLP story: Committed use discounts for Google Compute Engine: Stackdriver Debugger for Node.js: New Ways to Connect and Measure on YouTube: The Developer Show is where you can stay up […]

Create Your First Google Assistant App That Uses Your Server

3 weeks ago
Apps for the Google Assistant are the gateway for your users to engage with your services through Google Home, Android phones, iPhones, and in the future, through every experience where the Google Assistant is available. In this video, @greenido shows you how to use server side logic and build an assistant app that communicates with […]

Voice Activated Artificial Intelligence for Makers: #CoffeeWithAGoogler

3 weeks ago
In this episode, @lmoroney meets Billy Rutledge of Google AIY to talk about the product, how it came about, and how you can get started with building your own Artificial Intelligence! Learn more at Watch more episodes of Coffee with a Googler here: Subscribe to the Google Developers Channel:

The Developer Show (GDD Europe ‘17) w/ Dan Galpin

3 weeks ago
Dan Galpin takes us around GDD Europe ‘17 and interviews speakers, codelab leads, and training specialists to highlight some of the great features of this past GDD event. Check out the links below for more details. Google Developer Days Europe 2017 – Recorded Sessions: GDD Europe ‘17 highlight video: GDD Europe ‘17 event […]

Generating Google Slides from images using Apps Script (The G Suite Dev Show)

3 weeks ago
Slide shows have come a long way, from hand shadows in caves over a fire, followed by shadow puppetry, followed by magic lanterns, to Uncle Bob’s endless family vacation on 35mm slide carousels, and finally, to today’s generation of presentation software. One relatively recent innovation is the ability to create applications that automate creating & […]