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FORM SF 2014: Networking

3 years ago
“A glance into the networking moments attendees had a chance to experience during FORM. #FORMSF14″

Game On! – Google Tag Manager

3 years ago
Successful mobile games constantly deliver updates and new content to their hordes of happy fans. But this comes with a problem : How do you constantly push out that content without forcing your users to re-download your app each time? This episode of GameOn will discuss Google Tag Manager, which can help you push smaller, […]

Game On! – Surviving OpenGL Context Loss

3 years ago
For Android Game Devs who are working on their own engines, OpenGL Context Loss is a tricky process to get right. Every time your user rotates their screen, swaps apps, or opens a keyboard, all of your game’s GPU content could be invalidated! In this video, Colt talks about the problem, and more importantly, how […]

Game On! – WebP for Game Devs

3 years ago
For many game devs out there, PNG Image files are a backbone of their development process, but they also come with some unintended side effects; mainly that they create bloated asset footprints that increases the time it takes for a user to get your application. In this video, we discuss how WebP is an available […]

Game On! – Smaller Flipbook Textures with CRABBY

3 years ago
If you’re a 2D game developer, a large portion of your game content comes from textures. And in a world with harsh data-caps, devices with low memory, and impatient users, you can’t afford to have a game with bloated flipbook textures. Colt McAnlis introduces you to CRABBY an experimental texture compression codec that aims to […]

Voice search in your app

3 years ago
Did you know that you can integrate voice search in your Android app by adding just a few lines? For example, users can now say to the Google app: “Ok Google, search Hawaiian pizza on Eat24”, “Ok Google, search for hotels in Maui on TripAdvisor” or “Ok Google, search for Hawaiian Music on TuneIn” thanks […]

FORM SF 2014: Panel – Design Education

3 years ago
A discussion and examination of modern design education, old school and new, covering the best ways to enable young and would-be designers to be successful at work and valuable to their field. Moderator: Jonathan Lee (Google) Panelists: Andre Plaut (General Assembly), Enrique Allen (Designer Fund), Michael Rock (2×4, Columbia GSAPP), Scott Doorley (Stanford, Vivian […]

FORM SF 2014: Panel – Talent & Hiring

3 years ago
Building design teams is hard. Retaining talent is even harder — designers are in high demand and have a lot of options in the market today. We’ll talk with designers from Pinterest, Uber, Dropbox and Google Ventures on how they approach recruiting, getting new hires up to speed, and building an overall culture that keeps […]

FORM SF 2014: Panel – Design Tooling

3 years ago
A discussion between creators of popular design tools on the value of prototyping, lessons learned in crafting products for designers, and the future of UX tools. Moderator: Noah Levin (Google) Panelists: Adam Debreczeni (Relative Wave), Brandon Walkin (Facebook), Clark Valberg (Invision), Koen Bok (Framer), Paul Colton (Pixate) #FORMSF14

FORM SF 2014: Panel – Startup Design

3 years ago
A discussion on design practices for startups, including best practices for speed and agility, and establishing a strong design culture from the get-go. Moderator: Molly Stevens (Google) Panelists: Braden Kowitz (Google Ventures), Chad Thornton (Uber), Jenna Bilotta (Avocado), Ryan Freitas ( #FORMSF14

FORM SF 2014: Panel – Atoms & Bits

3 years ago
A conversation about industrial design in the digital age. Moderator: Isabelle Olsson (Google[x]) Panelists: Josh Morenstein (Branch), Maaike Evers (Google[x]), Michael Ditullo (Sound United), Mike Simonian (Google[x]), Mitch Heinrich (Google[x]), Victoria Slaker (Ammunition) #FORMSF14

FORM SF 2014: Talk – Innovation & Invention

3 years ago
What is it like to design a product that has never existed before? This talk is about the tension inherent in creating innovative design while simultaneously inventing the future. Speaker: Jenny Arden, Google[x] #FORMSF14