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Chrome Leadership panel – Chrome Dev Summit 2014

4 years ago
The Chrome Leadership Panel is your chance to help direct the platform. Let the Leadership team know where your issues are and how you would like them to be solved. Ask tough questions and get your vo

Performance Panel – Chrome Dev Summit 2014

4 years ago
The Performance panel gives you direct access to the engineers who are leading the performance in Chrome and on the web and gives you the chance to ask the hard questions about performance: Where shou

Future of Apps Panel – Chrome Dev Summit 2014

4 years ago
The Future of Apps Panel gives you the chance to get answers for the hard questions about the direction Google are taking with Web Apps: What is the future of apps on the web? What platform should we

Web Components and Polymer Panel – Chrome Dev Summit 2014

4 years ago
The Web Components and Polymer Panel gives you the chance to talk directly to the Web Components and Polymer engineering teams to get answers for the questions: What is the future of Web Components? H

Coffee with a Googler: Chat with Andrew Brenner the Android Auto Product Manager

4 years ago
Coffee with a Googler with Laurence Moroney. Meet Andrew Brenner, aficionado of all things Android Auto. Andy gives us a peek under the hood of this new and exciting addition to the Android family. Vroom Vroom! Android Auto: G+: Laurence:

Fundamentals of Mobile Web Development – Chrome Dev Summit 2014 (Matt Gaunt)

4 years ago
Matt gives a whirlwind tour of getting started on Web, from our Web Fundamentals guide to jump-starting with the Web Starter Kit, and also cover some of the stunning advancements in DevTools.

Day One Closing Remarks – Chrome Dev Summit 2014 (Sundar Pichai)

4 years ago
Sundar Pichai presents the closing remarks on Day 1 of Chrome Dev Summit.

Polymer: State of the Union – Chrome Dev Summit 2014 (Matt McNulty)

4 years ago
Polymer started as an experiment in pushing the web platform. In the two and a half years since, we’ve helped ship a lot of standards, a developer preview of Polymer, and learned a lot and heard a lot of feedback from developers. Matt will share what we’ve learned, the state of the art of Polymer […]

Spotlight: Pricing to compete with Yogome

4 years ago
See all Spotlight videos at Co-Founder Manolo Díaz explains pricing decisions in a competitive market, and why he doesn’t worry that someone will steal their idea.

Let’s build some apps with Polymer! – Chrome Dev Summit 2014 (Rob Dodson)

4 years ago
This talk will cover what it takes to build a single page app in Polymer. Rob will demonstrate how to quickly scaffold the structure of an application by leveraging Material Design elements, explore best practices around lazy loading elements to keep our app speedy, and also touch upon the tools we can use to debug […]

How I: Used social media and $0 marketing to get 68 million users

4 years ago
Madfinger Games’s Martin Krcek describes how he creates engaging, timely content to build community and attract users (68 million of them). See full playlist at

Easy composition and reuse with Web Components – Chrome Dev Summit 2014 (Dimitri Glazkov)

4 years ago
Dimitri explores the set of enabling technologies that make up Web Components, and describes how these pieces make it easy and fast to build composable components, and make HTML finally earn its keep.