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EdgeConf 4: Installable Web Apps and Permissions

3 years ago
“Installable” web apps are a mess. Better access to native APIs like geofencing, offline, push notifications and alerts requires new APIs and a way of managing user consent. What should ‘installing’ a web app actually mean? With the manifest specification being implemented by Chrome and Firefox right now, how far do this and other new […]

DevBytes: Web Components – Template

3 years ago
Web Components are a set of technologies that changes the way you develop web apps entirely. By making components scoped and reusable in standardized way, your web development will step up to the next level. In this video, you will learn how to work with Template.

HTTP 203: CSS Triggers (S1, Ep1)

3 years ago
How do you know if a CSS property is going to cause you performance problems? Looks like Paul has an answer he’s desperate to tell Jake. Don’t miss Jake’s bizarre revelation about keyboard design! Watch more HTTP 203 here: Post your comments to Paul ( and Jake ( on Twitter. Subscribe to the Google […]

Spotlight: Clara & Jack

3 years ago
Co-founder Anna Gordon talks validating for cheap, and the challenge of being everything in a company. Learn more about the Campus for Mums program at

Spotlight: Treasured

3 years ago
Treasured co-founder Amy Scott talks latency challenges and user testing. Learn more about the Campus for Mums program at

DevBytes: Wearable DataLayer API

3 years ago
Wearables are here, and extending your user experience to wear devices is the first step in your wearable strategy. The new DataLayer Apis for Android make it quick and easy to sync events, data, and images between your handheld and wearable device.

El potencial de BigQuery, analizando nacimientos en Mexico (spanish)

3 years ago
Desarrolladores Google el Show. Análisis de los nacimientos en Mexico 2008-2013. Presentación de +Felipe Hoffa en el Show para SP-LatAm. +Felipe y +Nick presentan el análisis masivo de datos utilizando datos abiertos mediante BigQuery.

Using srcset for responsive images

3 years ago
This 60 second video shows you how to use srcset, a new attribute that enhances the img attribute and allows you to provide different image files depending on the display resolution.

The picture element for art direction

3 years ago
This 2 minute video shows you how to use the new picture element for art direction on responsive sites, allowing you to serve different versions of an image depending on device characteristics.

Root Access: Safely migrating a large web app to a scalable platform, with startup Ninua

3 years ago
If your startup’s web app is getting widespread usage, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that you may have a viable business. The bad news is that you may have to migrate to a more scalable platform, which can be risky if your web app is large. Waleed Abdulla, founder […]

Boosting Developer Productivity with Google Cloud Platform

3 years ago
Google Cloud Platform enables your development team to focus on your product, not on servers or infrastructure. Hear how BetterCloud, Streak, Allthecooks and SMART Technologies bring their products to market faster with Cloud Platform. Learn more at

Root Access: How to build only the features your users will love, with startup Ninua

3 years ago
How do you know which features of your product that users will understand and respond well to? Waleed Abdulla, founder of the startup Ninua, tells us how he incorporated user feedback and iterated on his product 60 times in two months.