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HTTP 203: Pointer Events (S1, Ep2)

3 years ago
Pointer Events (no, not the CSS ones, the other ones!) are set to unite input across devices. Jake has a little bit of news for Paul about them. Plus both share a unique ‘getting dressed’ routine. Watch more HTTP 203 here: Post your comments to Paul ( and Jake ( on Twitter. Subscribe to […]

안드로이드 L 개발자 프리뷰 (L Android developer preview) [Korean]

3 years ago
안드로이드 L 개발자 프리뷰에서 소개된 새로운 핵심 기능들을 소개해 드립니다. (We introduce the L introduced in Android developer preview features new key).

DevBytes: Background events and the DriveEventService

3 years ago
Learn how to use DriveEventService to listen to events, even when your app isn’t running. ChangeEvents notify you when files have changed. CompletionEvents notify you when actions have completed on the server, and allow you to resolve conflicts. Check out the developer guide and samples on for more information. #drive #android #devbytes

Google Play services 6.1

3 years ago
Learn about Google Play services 6.1 in this DevByte from Magnus Hyttsten. Google Play services 6.1 adds Enhanced Ecommerce analytics support from Google Tag Manager and offers new improvements to the Google Drive Android API. With this release, we’re also including a refresh of the Google Fit developer preview, so that you can test your […]

Playtime Europe – Games on Google Play

3 years ago
Learn how Android and Google Play Games enable mobile games to bring players together. Greg discusses how developers are making successful experiences using games services, and how to enable engaging and exciting new game play scenarios whether your game has single player, multiplayer or community-like mechanics. Speaker: Greg Hartrell – Lead Product Manager WATCH MORE: […]

Playtime Europe – Make money on Google Play

3 years ago
Hear the latest on monetization, business models and forms of payment on Google Play, together with some data driven insights and tips that will help optimize your revenue. Speaker: Brahim Elbouchikhi – Product Manager, Google Play Commerce, Search & Discovery WATCH MORE: ABOUT PLAYTIME: Playtime is an event focused on helping app and game […]

Playtime Europe – Build your app for success

3 years ago
Learn top tips that you should consider when designing, developing and distributing a successful app or game and how you can leverage L, Material Design and the Google Play Developer Console. Speaker: Ellie Powers – Product Manager, Google Play Apps WATCH MORE: ABOUT PLAYTIME: Playtime is an event focused on helping app and game […]

Playtime Europe – Mobile momentum & Google Play

3 years ago
An overview of the state of Google Play and the latest Android numbers and trends with Michael Siliski, Director of Product Management for Google Play. ABOUT PLAYTIME: Playtime is an event focused on helping app and game developers grow successful businesses on Google Play. WATCH MORE: DISTRIBUTE & MONETIZE YOUR APPS ON GOOGLE PLAY: […]

Playtime Europe – Go global

3 years ago
Get key insights into APAC and trends of successful apps and games in the region. Leverage these pro tips and best practices to expand your reach to a wider audience. Speaker: Hyunse Chang – Google Play, Apps & Games Korea WATCH MORE: ABOUT PLAYTIME: Playtime is an event focused on helping app and game […]

Playtime Europe – Engage users: Convert installs to active users

3 years ago
Regardless of how you monetize your app, engagement is critical. In this session you will hear best practices that you should follow when building your products that will turn your app into a smart companion for your users. Speaker: Matteo Vallone – Europe, Middle East & Africa Partner Development Manager WATCH MORE: ABOUT PLAYTIME: […]

Playtime Europe – Get discovered & reach more users

3 years ago
Learn what we at Google are doing to drive more traffic to Google Play Store and your apps and games as well as best practices and paid promotions that you can use to drive more installs. Speakers: Shannon Low – Head of Android Apps & Games Business Development, EMEA; Bruce Kerr-Peterson – App Developer Sales, […]

EdgeConf 4: Standards and the Extensible Web Manifesto

3 years ago
The extensible web manifesto promises to change the way the web community approaches standardisation to make it more inclusive and iterative. Do you feel empowered and included? Considering recent notable failures of the standards process, has this now been fixed? What more change needs to happen, and what realistic change can be made?