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Perf Like a Pirate Day

3 years ago
It’s international talk like a pirate day and you know what that means! We’re going to talk perrrrrforrrrrmance at SFHTML5! Make sure to tune back in to our channel at 6:30pm on September 19th to see the event streamed live. We have a great lineup this year and we’ll talk about performance more broadly with […]

Ask the Experts: Web Performance – Critical Rendering Path

3 years ago
Ask and vote for questions at Why is web performance a crucial feature, and how can you make your site render with lightning speed? Ilya Grigorik and Cameron Pittman, the experts from Udacity’s Web Performance training course, developed by Google, are here to answer your questions! For more information and to sign up for […]

Game On! – Achievement Point Pointers

3 years ago
Have you been scoring your achievements appropriately? Don’t know what that means? Wondering what these new game profiles are all about? Check out this video where Todd Kerpelman explains how to make sure your achievements are scored just right, and why you should care. There are also ostriches.

Publicando tu aplicación en Google App Engine (spanish)

3 years ago
Al recorrer esta entrega usted será capaz de publicar en Internet con Google App Engine el código de una aplicación escrita con el runtime de Python.

Android L for Game Devs

3 years ago
Check out what’s new for games in the upcoming Android L release. Learn about new features in the OpenGL graphics and OpenSL Audio APIs and get a small taste of the new Google Play Game Services released after Google I/O.

Registrando tu nueva aplicación en Google App Engine (spanish)

3 years ago
Podrás conocer cada uno de los pasos del proceso de registro de una nueva aplicación y conocer más de parámetros clave como el identificador, el título, las opciones de autenticación y el high replication datastore HRD como paso previo a la publicación.

Google App Engine SDK: Panel de administración local (spanish)

3 years ago
Luego de interactuar con esta lección usted conocerá el propósito y comprenderá el funcionamiento del panel de administración local que viene incluído en el SDK de Google App Engine como herramienta clave durante las fases de desarrollo y pruebas. Código:

Desarrollando con el Google App Engine SDK: Hola Mundo (spanish)

3 years ago
Luego de interactuar con esta lección usted será capaz de tener un proyecto funcional utilizando App Engine ejecutándose en su máquina de manera local. Código:

DesignBytes: Material Design in the Google I/O App

3 years ago
Roman Nurik shares details on the design process for the Google I/O 2014 app. To check out the app’s source code, visit

Tus aplicaciones sobre la plataforma auto-escalable de Google (spanish)

3 years ago
Junto a +David y +Maciek usted será capaz de entender los beneficios de ejecutar una aplicación en la plataforma (PaaS) de Google App Engine de una manera simple y sencilla. Código:

Distribute: Google Analytics Best Practices

3 years ago
Google Analytics Advocate Daniel Waisberg demonstrates how to use data to better test, target, and distribute your product …plus some snooker tips.

Distribute: How we are using BigQuery and Apps Scripts at teowaki

3 years ago
Javier Ramierez, founder of teowaki and Google Developer Expert, demonstrates how BigQuery and Apps Scripts keep teowaki in the know.