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DesignBytes: Intro To Material Design

3 years ago
These days, UI designers need to be thinking about phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, smartwatches, and beyond. In this DesignByte we talk about how Google designers have been working on making cross-platform and multi-screen design easier. We wanted to build a design system that felt at home on every screen, from the smallest watch to the […]

DesignBytes: Paper and Ink: The Materials that Matter

3 years ago
Join Rich Fulcher to learn about the materials of material design. See how virtual paper and ink form the foundation of your tactile user interface and master the rules that govern their behaviour.

Game On! – Frequency Scaling

3 years ago
In the world of mobile computing, battery consumption and thermal regulation are everywhere. Android devices can scale back the amount of power sent to your CPU, reducing it’s performance any time battery, or heat becomes an issue. For game devs out there, this can have a dramatic impact on your frame-rate, if you don’t know […]

Spotlight: Cidadão 10

3 years ago
See all Rio Spotlight videos at Co-Founder Frederico discusses social entrepreneurship and Cidadão10, and how he found success collaborating with the public sector.

Spotlight: inCast

3 years ago
See all Rio Spotlight videos at Founder Vera Kopp discusses how she uses networks to seed and test inCast, her crowdsourcing and payment platform for the entertainment industry.

Spotlight: Doobdoo

3 years ago
See all Rio Spotlight videos at Co-Founders Kotoe Karasawa and Ricardo Figueiredo reveal the importance of offline marketing, what it means to launch a website, and testing, testing, testing.

Spotlight: Neuroforma

3 years ago
See all Rio Spotlight videos at Founder and neuroscientist Rogério Panizzutti discusses how his product NeuroForma uses technology to improve neuroplasticity of the brain.

Spotlight: Rio ao Vivo

3 years ago
See all Rio Spotlight videos at Co-Founder Pedro Paulo shares how Rio au Vivo overcame technical challenges to serve 30 frames a second, sharing real-time surfing, nightlife, and sporting scenes.

ServiceWorker in Chrome (Italian)

3 years ago
Sandro Paganotti ci introduce ai nuovissimi ServiceWorker, un’API che permette ad un’app Javascript di gestire direttamente lato client tutte le richieste di risorse fatte da un utente e con funzionalità di caching integrata, in modo da funzionare anche offline. Tutti i video della Google Developers Live Italia sono raccolti in una playlist

Breaking News at 1000ms with Patrick Hamann

3 years ago
Patrick is a senior client-side engineer at the Guardian in London where – amongst other things – he is helping to build the next generation of their web platform. When not speaking or ranting about performance on twitter he enjoys spending his spare time discovering new food and craft beer. As The Guardian prepare to […]

The Pursuit of 60fps Everywhere with Nat Duca

3 years ago
Nat Duca is an engineer on the Chrome team working to make an always-60fps, jank free mobile web a reality. If you want to move something at 60fps today, you must apply a littany of tricks, especially translateZ and friends. If you make a mistake, off the fast path ye shall go. On the Chrome […]

Memory Management Masterclass with Addy Osmani

3 years ago
Addy is a senior engineer on the Chrome web engineering team, focusing on tools to help improve developer productivity and satisfaction. He works on Polymer – a Web Component library, is the the lead engineer on Yeoman and Web Starter Kit and regularly writes about web application architecture and the front-end. Outside of Google, Addy […]