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Root Access: Safely migrating a large web app to a scalable platform, with startup Ninua

4 years ago
If your startup’s web app is getting widespread usage, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that you may have a viable business. The bad news is that you may have to migrate to a more scalable platform, which can be risky if your web app is large. Waleed Abdulla, founder […]

Boosting Developer Productivity with Google Cloud Platform

4 years ago
Google Cloud Platform enables your development team to focus on your product, not on servers or infrastructure. Hear how BetterCloud, Streak, Allthecooks and SMART Technologies bring their products to market faster with Cloud Platform. Learn more at

Root Access: How to build only the features your users will love, with startup Ninua

4 years ago
How do you know which features of your product that users will understand and respond well to? Waleed Abdulla, founder of the startup Ninua, tells us how he incorporated user feedback and iterated on his product 60 times in two months.

Puppet and Google Compute Engine: a 10 minute video demo

4 years ago
In this short video, you can see how easy it is to provision and manage Compute Engine instances and networking resources with puppet, a popular open source configuration management tool from +Puppet Labs. Follow along with the corresponding repo ( containing all the setup instructions and demo configuration, or learn more about Puppet and GCE […]

Android Design in Action: Google I/O 2014 App

4 years ago
Join Nick Butcher, Roman Nurik and Mike Denny as they discuss various elements of Android Design. This week, they cover the updates to this year’s Google I/O conference app.

Android L Developer Preview [Portuguese]

4 years ago
A versão para desenvolvedor do Android L está a caminho. No primeiro de uma nova série de episódios de DevBytes, Neto Marin irá apresentar as novas funcionalidades para você dar uma olhada. Assine aqui o canal Desenvolvedores Google:

News from the W3C webperf-landia with Ilya Grigorik

4 years ago
Requests getting lost at sea or need better and more careful handling? Error Logging and Beacon APIs will help. Wondering about the network weather? Network Information API is a work in progress. Finally, trying to chart a faster navigation course? Resource Hints should help… We’ll take a quick tour of the latest perf-related specs, their […]

Q & A with all the pirates!

4 years ago
It’s international talk like a pirate day again and you know what that means! We’re going to talk perrrrrforrrrrmance at SFHTML5! We have a great lineup this year and we’ll talk about performance more broadly with four talks; two about Web performance and two about Android performance. This event will be live streamed and recorded […]

Android graphics performance tips with Chet Haase

4 years ago
Animations can be used for good or evil. They can either create rich and compelling experiences that help users understand and use the application, or they can demonstrate just how truly awful the performance of your application is as they stutter and jank all over the screen. “Turn it off! Turn it off!” your users […]

Efficient battery use on mobile with Colt McAnlis

4 years ago
Battery is a sacred resource on mobile; limited in capacity, and hard to understand, this resource can be brutally mis-managed causing lamentations for your users. This talk will cover some troublesome design patterns on mobile devices, and talk about some new tools that can help you track down, and improve, battery usage problems. Colt McAnlis […]

The ServiceWorker is coming, look busy! with Jake Archibald

4 years ago
The network is the web’s bottleneck when it comes to first render. Most native apps use the network too, but the best ones give us something before they even try to reach out across the internet. Well, the ServiceWorker is coming to level the playing field. We’ll look at how you can use ServiceWorker to […]

Perf like a Pirate @SFHTML5

4 years ago
Perf like a pirate