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Scaling WebRTC audio for gaming

4 years ago
Peer-to-Peer is all fun and games until you need to scale. In this talk, we”ll cover p2p architectures and then dive into how is scaling WebRTC conferences to over 50+ attendees through a real-time audio mixing platform.

Building a WebRTC app – LIVE!

4 years ago
Say it ain’t so. We’re going to build a real WebRTC app from start to finish on-stage, live, with no nets. We said it was simple, now we’re going to show you.

WebRTC Update

4 years ago
The Google team will be front n’ present during this event but it’s time to listen up to where Google and the industry is attempting to drive the WebRTC standard. Mobile is a theme for 2014 and Google will share with the group the direction the industry is taking.

A brief history of WebRTC

4 years ago
With the welcome stuff out of the way and before we get into the technical stuff, what are people already doing with WebRTC? There’s some neat stuff out there you may not have seen, we’ll take you on a quick tour of current WebRTC apps. Communications is going to be different in the future for […]

Google I/O 2014 – Security at scale at Google

4 years ago
Speaker(s): Stephan Somogyi Description: For most developers, the security team at Google is a black box. Yet Safe Browsing and its API have been around for years and currently protect over a billion users. We also recently launched the source code to End-To-End, an encryption extension for Chrome, where we’re explicitly calling for community feedback. […]

Google I/O 2014 – Design principles for a better mobile web

4 years ago
Speaker(s): Jennifer Gove Description: Many websites still provide a poor experience on mobile, and so we wanted to develop an in-depth understanding of what differentiates a great and an inferior mobile experience. Our work has resulted in the development of a set of user experience principles for mobile website design. The principles illustrate how to […]

Google I/O 2014 – Developing across Devices – DevTools in 2014

4 years ago
Speaker(s): Paul Bakaus Description: Save and Refresh is dead. Developing for desktop first is out. Let’s open our eyes to what modern cross-device development is like. Get a sneak peek of the next-generation workflow: mobile-driven productivity, addressing top performance issues easy, and staying focused on our code, rather than JS libraries. Watch all Google I/O […]

Google I/O 2014 – Making music mobile with the Web

4 years ago
Speaker(s): Justin Uberti Description: Join us as we record, live and onstage, a custom “Theme for I/O” song using the mobile web. With WebRTC, Web Audio, Dart, and Chrome for Android, Soundtrap built a collaborative music authoring system. We’ll show you how to add real-time communication and audio to your mobile web app. Watch all […]

Google I/O 2014 – Play Games: Evolution of our beloved form of entertainment

4 years ago
Speaker(s): Greg Hartrell Description: Learn how Android and Google Play Games enable mobile games to bring players together. Never before has there been such a diverse audience of people playing video games everywhere. This form of entertainment creates a social fabric that brings us together, and the ubiquity of mobile devices represents an evolution of […]

Google I/O 2014 – Material design: Visual style and imagery

4 years ago
Speaker(s): Christian Robertson, Hannah Cho, Rachel Been, Viktor Persson Description: Formerly titled “Cross-platform visual design” This session will reveal the invisible structures behind the material design system. Designers will show how to use the new color systems, typographic strategies, and the underlying grids that hold it together. They will show how imagery and the new […]

Google I/O 2014 – How 20% engineers built Santa Tracker

4 years ago
Speaker(s): Ankur Kotwal, Chris Broadfoot Description: Built on Google’s developer platform, Santa Tracker lets millions of children and adults track Santa in 34 languages as he delivers presents across the world. The project’s technical leads go behind the scenes to provide insight into the challenges of building a cohesive Google developer platform experience across mobile/desktop […]

Google I/O 2014 – Building great multi-media experiences on Android

4 years ago
Speaker(s): Andy Hung, Eddy Talvala, Glenn Kasten, Lajos Molnar, Oliver Woodman, Rachad Alao Description: Performance and innovative capabilities are essential in building a successful media app. Join the Android media team for a look at new and recent features and how you can use them to optimize performance and create great user experiences. We’ll start […]