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Speak to Go: Explore the world with your voice

3 weeks ago
Try Speak to Go, a Web VR Experiment made for mobile at

WebVR Experiments: Virtual reality on the web for everyone

3 weeks ago
WebVR is an easy new way for developers to build and share VR experiences on the web. We’re launching WebVR Experiments to showcase the amazing experiences developers are building with WebVR. So come and start playing at

AutoDraw: Fast Drawing for Everyone

3 weeks ago
Draw faster with a little help from artists and machine learning in this new drawing tool. Go to to start creating. Thanks to the Gadget Hacks team:

The Developer Show (TL;DR 064)

3 weeks ago
Android Studio previews: Actions on Google: Google Open Source: AudioSet: A Dataset for Audio Event Research: Firebase Cloud Messaging with Android O: Google App Engine flexible from europe-west region: Dynamic Search Ads: April Fools’ Day Google Gnome: Google Cloud Platform expands to Mars: Google Play for […]

Introduction to planetary-scale geospatial analysis with Google Earth Engine

4 weeks ago
Google Earth Engine puts the power of big geospatial data analysis in your hands. This video introduces Earth Engine and demonstrates how it is being used to address planetary challenges. Sign up for Earth Engine: Read our Documentation:

Google Developers Agency Spotlight Presents: [x]cube LABS

4 weeks ago
[x]cube LABS brings together strategy, creativity and technology to deliver innovative solutions for their clients. In this video, learn more about their team, culture and what they’re most excited about: Progressive Web Apps. Developers Agency Program:

Gaming Analytics with Firebase

4 weeks ago
In this talk Abe Haskins dives into the advantages of using Firebase Analytics to report user behaviour in your mobile games. He’ll cover how Firebase Analytics increases your ability to create actionable insights for your games which improve player retention and player satisfaction. He’ll also touch on expanding Firebase’s functionality with Google Cloud’s BigQuery and […]

The Developer Show (TL;DR 063)

4 weeks ago
Android Security 2016 Year in Review: Developer Preview of Android O: Android Native Development Kit r14: Chrome 58 Beta: Schedule Jobs with Cloud Functions for Firebase: Highlights: Android O, Android Security Year in Review, and Chrome 58 beta The Developer Show is where you can stay up to date on […]

Using field masks with Google APIs for partial response (The G Suite Developer Show)

4 weeks ago
When working with Google APIs, developers will likely come across the concept of “field masks” to reduce the amount of data returned in the response payload from an API. Knowing what field masks are and how to use them is a skill all Google Developers should have. In this first of a 2-part video series, […]

Virtual Story Telling through Virtual World Building

1 month ago
We’ll discuss how we’ve gone from cave paintings on walls to immersive virtual worlds and what technology will serve as the platform to enable continuing these stories. We’ll look under the hook for developing on platforms like Improbable’s SpatialOS which allows you to build scalable and persistent worlds in a Virtual environment.

The Developer Show (TL;DR 062)

1 month ago
LinkedIn uses Android Studio: Guetzli: A New Open Source JPEG Encoder: Faster 3D rendering with WebGL 2.0: An Upgrade to SyntaxNet: Distill: Supporting Clarity in Machine Learning: Profiling your Realtime Database Performance: Native Express Video: Highlights: LinkedIn and Android Studio, Distill (Machine Learning), SyntaxNet upgrade The Developer Show […]

Google Developer Day Keynote

1 month ago
Learn how Google is ramping up efforts to help game developers grow their businesses and make Android a great platform for games. From Play store updates optimized for discovery and engagement, to performance upgrades making high fidelity gaming come to life on Android devices, 2017 will be another year full of exciting gaming experiences.