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Hyper Growth of Mobile Gaming on YouTube

1 month ago
A look at Gaming on YouTube and how mobile gaming content is in a state of hyper growth on the platform with an explosive 2016. We’ll do a deep dive into how we are thinking about mobile gaming, streamline the capturing of mobile content and how events like King’s Cup are leading our content initiative.

Top 3 Essentials for Growth with Google

1 month ago
This talk will tell you about the top 3 ways Google is an essential partner for building thriving games businesses. We will touch on the breadth of Google’s knowledge of game discovery and consumption, and will show how Google’s machine learning enables marketers to draw powerful insights on growth and monetization.

Machine Learning, Games and You

1 month ago
What can machine learning actually do for your game? In this talk, I’ll discuss the matches (and mismatches) between research and the realities of publishing games. I’ll introduce TensorFlow — an open source machine learning library — in a game-developer friendly way, and look to the future of where machine learning can help developers create […]

How to Make more Money than the Person Sitting next to You

1 month ago
Google Play Billing gives developers many tools to earn money from their games. Learn three ways how developers are taking advantage of the latest features to grow their business.

Going Further with FlatBuffers

1 month ago
This talk introduces you to some powerful FlatBuffers tools you may not know to exist, such as schema-less FlatBuffers, the object API, GRPC support, in-place mutation, in-place binary search, proto translation and reflection!

Designing a Google Doodle game

1 month ago
How do you make a game for a billion users? Take a quick look into the Google Doodle’s unique set of game design constraints.

Best Practices for Launching Successfully on Google Play

1 month ago
From Early Access to Beta Testing to Pre-Registration, Play provides the best go-to-market programs for launching mobile games. This panel will cover how these programs tie the entire production process together. Featuring: Electronic Arts, Hutch Games, Nix Hydra & Space App Games

Beyond the Install: Building Robust Communities on Mobile

1 month ago
You’ve heard about Influencer Campaigns, eSports, and Social Marketing–Now hear about strategies from the innovative game companies who are building their communities to sustain product growth for the long term. Featuring: Seriously Entertainment, Social Point & SuperEvilMegaCorp

True Indie Stories: Learnings, Challenges and More

1 month ago
Join us for a candid discussion amongst a diverse set of Android Indie Developers as they share honest accounts of launching games on Google Play. Featuring: 505 Games, About Fun, Disruptor Beam, Klei Entertainment & Schell Games

The Google Cast Framework API, for Chrome

1 month ago
Setup for Developing with Cast v3 for Chrome: The new Google Cast Framework API for Chrome simplifies several complex parts of the Google Cast SDK and addresses the major issues identified by developers and content creators. In this video, Sachit Mishra explains how the new framework API reduces the amount of code needed to […]

The Developer Show (Cloud NEXT)

1 month ago
We’ll be back next week with a new TL;DR, but in the meantime, Timothy Jordan picked out some of his favorite keynote sessions, sandboxes, and interviews from Google Cloud NEXT. Highlights: Machine Learning, Vint Cerf & Marc Andreessen, Google Cloud Functions Cloud Next Keynote Livestream Pre-Shows Day 1: Day 2: Keynote highlights Day […]

Unity and AdMob Rewarded Video – Mobile Ads Garage #14

1 month ago
Unity Plugin Repo: Get Started Guide: Rewarded Video Guide: Native Ads Express Guide: SDK Support Forum: While the Mobile Ads SDK has supported rewarded video ads for a while now, publishers have needed to use mediation in their integrations. Now, however, AdMob has launched its own rewarded video demand, which […]