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Google AIY Voice & Vision Kits, Android Things, Firebase Authentication, & More! – TL;DR 109

2 months ago
AIY Projects: Updated kits for 2018 → Android Things Release Candidate: Dev Preview 8 → Protecting WebView with Safe Browsing → Firebase Authentication Updates → DeepVariant Accuracy Improvements → Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL generally available → Dialogflow Enterprise Edition generally available → HashiCorp Vault → This week’s […]

Google I/O 2018 #ShareTheJourney Ire Aderinokun

2 months ago
Meet Ire. She is a web technologies specialist and Nigeria’s first female Google Developer Advocate. #ShareTheJourney with Ire! Ire on Twitter: In this series, we follow 5 attendees of Google I/O 2018. They’ll be vlogging from the start of their journey in their home country through to their arrival at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in […]

Join the TensorFlow Community

2 months ago
Developers from around the world joined us at this years TensorFlow Developer Summit, held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. Watch all the sessions on our new TensorFlow YouTube channel and check out the resources below to learn more about TensorFlow, an open-source machine learning framework for everyone. TensorFlow Dev Summit 2018 […]

Accessible Machine Learning with Tensor2Tensor

2 months ago
In this episode of Coffee with a Googler, Laurence talks with Łukasz Kaiser, a research scientist working on Tensor2Tensor (T2T). T2T is a library dataset that makes machine learning more accessible by putting ML components and best practices onto a single platform. Watch to learn more about the open-source system, including text, translation, and even […]

Google I/O Schedule, TLS in Android P, Chrome 67 DevTools, & More! – TL;DR 108

2 months ago
Google I/O 2018 schedule update → Protecting users with TLS by default in Android P → What’s New In DevTools: Chrome 67 → Kayenta: Automated canary analysis → Cloud Endpoints: A new way to manage API configuration rollout → Version history support for Cloud Firestore Security Rules → Time […]

Probabilistic Machine Learning in TensorFlow

2 months ago
In this episode of Coffee with a Googler, Laurence Moroney sits down with Josh Dillon. Josh works on TensorFlow, Google’s open source library for numerical computation, which is typically used in Machine Learning and AI applications. He discusses working on the Distribution API, which is based on probabilistic programming. Watch this video to find out […]

TensorFlow Dev Summit, D8 dexer in Android Studio 3.1, MobileNetV2 & more! – TL;DR 107

2 months ago
TensorFlow Dev Summit 2018 → Android Studio → Google Fonts Korean support → MobileNetV2 → Cloud Functions for Firebase v1.0 → Kubernetes Engine from GitLab → VPC Flow Logs → This week’s TL;DR is led by Google Developer Advocate Reto Meier. TL;DR is where you can stay up […]

Build real-world games with Google Maps APIs

3 months ago
The Google Maps APIs gaming offering helps you build engaging game worlds that are based on reality. This platform for building real-world games is built on Google Maps and backed by Google infrastructure. We’ve brought the richness of Google Maps to the Unity game engine through an SDK. We turn buildings, roads, and parks into […]

How do Dart and Flutter Work Together?

3 months ago
In this episode, Laurence Moroney (@lmoroney) meets with Emily Fortuna (@bouncingsheep) from the Dart Team at Google to talk about her role as a Chief Meme Officer, as well as a software engineer working on the Dart Language. They geek out over Flutter, and how it can change your mobile development for the better! Oh, […]

Introduction to Custom Actions for the Google Assistant SDK

3 months ago
The Google Assistant SDK lets you embed the Google Assistant into your own device. In addition to all of the natural language understanding of the Google Assistant, you can also build custom actions that will run on your own unique hardware when a user says a particular phrase. Nick Felker also shows you some of […]

TensorRT & TensorFlow 1.7, Android Studio 3.1, Google Cloud Text-to-Speech & More! – TL;DR 106

3 months ago
TensorRT and TensorFlow 1.7 → Android Studio 3.1 → Wear OS by Google → Stackdriver APM and Stackdriver Profiler → Cloud Text-to-Speech → Kubernetes Engine Private Clusters → Today’s TL;DR is led by Google Developer Advocate Timothy Jordan. The TL;DR is where you can stay up to date on […]

Google Summer of Code 2013 Mentor Summit

3 months ago
Every year Google brings together over 300 members of the Open Source Community from all corners of the globe to our headquarters in Mountain View, California. They have an unparalleld opportunity to discuss their efforts in free and open source software, find new and In this video, some participants to share their thoughts on the […]