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Google Developers Agency Spotlight Presents: Raizlabs

1 month ago
Raizlabs is focused on building excellence in software, technology and design. Achieving certified agency status as part of the Google Developer Agency Program has meant access to design reviews as well as close collaboration with Google engineers. This proved particularly fruitful when developing the ambitious app for Six Flags, incorporating map and payment technology, material […]

The Developer Show (TL;DR 054)

1 month ago
Links: The Google Brain team: Introducing Draco: Google Play Developer Console: Google Cloud Key Management Service: Security talks at Google during the RSA Conference: Introducing insights in the Google My Business API: Enhancements to coursework in the Classroom API: Transition to expanded text ads: Highlights: Google Brain, […]

Material Design for Success (CN) (Google Developer Day 2016)

1 month ago
A deep dive into Google’s Material Design language for developers and designers – We’ll review common issues when porting apps from iOS to Android, cross-platform challenges and how Material Design supports success.

What’s New in Android (CN) (Google Developer Day 2016)

1 month ago
Watch this video to find out about new developer features that have been added to the platform in 2016. APIs, functionality, performance – it’s all here.

What’s New in Android Development Tools (CN) (Google Developer Day 2016)

1 month ago
In this session we will provide an in depth tour of the Android development tools and take a closer look at everything new from the last year – along with tips and tricks for getting the most out of them!

Google One-Stop Monetization Solution for Mobile (CN) (Google Developer Day 2016)

1 month ago
Global latest monetization solution for mobile Apps and mobile sites, including native ads, rewarded ads, video ads and plenty of top successful case studies from different categories.

Gaming market opportunity for 2017: Middle East and North Africa (Google Developer Day 2016)

1 month ago
An overview of global growth in mobile gaming, overview of MENA as a mobile gaming region and how to localize for success.

Firebase Analytics (Google Developer Day 2016)

1 month ago
Firebase Analytics is the core of Firebase, that’s why we’ve dedicated this entire talk to it! We want you to grow your business and become more successful by understanding your users and their needs. This deep dive in Firebase Analytics will cover the magic that makes Firebase Analytics so special and cover the incredibly powerful […]

Developing Rock Solid Apps with Firebase (Google Developer Day 2016)

1 month ago
App quality is one of the main factors that drive user retention, and consequently higher revenues. In this session we will be diving into Firebase offerings, namely Firebase Test Lab and Firebase crash reporting which help you stay on top of potential problems and build higher-quality, more successful Apps.

Vulkan, High-Performance 3D Graphics for Android (CN) (Google Developer Day 2016)

1 month ago
Vulkan is now officially available as part of Android 7.0. Learn strategies for working with this complex API and maximizing application performance, based upon the work done by Android early adopters.

Aiya…My app broke again (CN) (Google Developer Day 2016)

1 month ago
Making an app compatible is a high priority for many developers. It is challenging to make an application run consistently across all Android devices and under different constraints around the globe. In this session, we will share best practices to make your app more resilient to platform changes, form-factor differences, and low connectivity environment.

What’s New in the Android Support Library (CN) (Google Developer Day 2016)

1 month ago
Compatibility with older versions of Android is a must-have for most applications. Join us as we walk through recent advances in backwards compatibility, explain important changes, and discuss the future of the support libraries.