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TWC9: New Surface Pro, Worlds Largest Git Repo, P Language, Exiting Vim and more…

10 hours ago
This week on Channel 9, Nikola and Vlad discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:42] Meet the new Surface Pro [Panos Panay] [02:19] The largest Git repo on the planet [Brian Harry] [04:25] Introducing XAML Standard and .NET Standard 2.0 [05:12] Build On Demand (Filter is your Friend… There’s 452 sessions with Media… 🙂 […]

Episode 229: Azure Time Series Insights

18 hours ago
In this episode Thiago Almeida and Romit Girdhar are joined by OP Ravi, Principal Program Manager working on the Azure Time Series Insights service. It is a fully managed analytics, storage, and visualization service that makes it simple to explore and analyze billions of IoT events simultaneously. OP join us to explain what the Time Series Insights service is, it’s […]

Episode 97: Vcsn with Akim Demaille

20 hours ago
Episode 97 of CppCast is live! In this episode Rob and Jason are joined by Akim Demaille to discuss VCSN, a platform for automata and rational expressions, and some of the interesting problems he faced while working on the library. Full show notes available at:

Azure Hybrid Networking 101

1 day ago
In this episode of Azure Friday, Olivier Martin joins Scott Hanselman for the first of a two-part series on hybrid networking in Azure, which is key to connecting existing customer infrastructure into an Azure Virtual Network (vNet). In this episode, Olivier covers the different connection options (VPN and ExpressRoute) and provides a brief overview of […]

Brad Smith Remarks at US Senate Judiciary Subcommittee 5/24/17

1 day ago
Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith testified before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism. The hearing titled “Law Enforcement Access to Data Stored Across Borders: Facilitating Cooperation and Protecting Rights,” occurred on May 24, 2017. Learn more about the hearing and testimonies here:

Cloud at Microsoft (IT Expert roundtable May 2017)

2 days ago
IT Showcase brought together IT Experts from our Cloud at Microsoft course to answer your questions about how Microsoft IT designs, develops, implements, and monitors cloud solutions at Microsoft. In this session, they discuss infrastructure as code, Azure security, and strategies for migrating applications, cloud adoption challenges, Azure architecture, data management in Azure, and much […]

One Dev Question with Raymond Chen – Why are there “Program Files” and “Program Files (x86)” directories?

2 days ago
The ‘One Dev Question with Raymond Chen’ video series is part of the One Dev Minute channel.  In this series, longtime Microsoft developer and semi-official Windows historian Raymond Chen covers a series of questions about Microsoft Windows development, team culture, and/or history.  If you have additional questions for Raymond, please add your questions in the […]

Guarded fabric deployment TPM mode

3 days ago
This video illustrates the deployment process for a guarded fabric using TPM mode.

Microsoft China Event: Introducing the new Surface Pro

3 days ago
We unveiled the next generation of the Surface Pro line, which delivers up to 13.5 hours of battery life and operates as a mobile creative studio, with a vibrant 12.3” PixelSense touch display that supports the Surface Dial and the new Surface Pen—the fastest digital pen ever—which allows you to leverage new inking features in […]

Microsoft China Event: HoloLens in China

3 days ago
Today, we announced that HoloLens is shipping to developers in China. Learn more:

Episode 151: Visual Studio for Mac with Joseph Hill

3 days ago
We talk with Joseph Hill, one of the Xamarin co-founders about Visual Studio for the Mac and how you can do live UX design. Subscribe in any podcast app by searching for "ms dev show"   Subscribe on YouTube ➥: Watch on Channel 9 ➥: Subscribe on iTunes ➥:   Show page […]

Better Azure VM Resiliency with Managed Disks

3 days ago
Managed Disks are an exciting new feature from Azure, designed to help with the availability, manageability, scalability, and performance of virtual machine disks storage within Azure.  This video walks you through the resiliency advantages of using Managed Disks and then gives you an overview of how to migrate your existing VMs to Managed Disks.