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IT Expert Roundtable: Skype for Business at Microsoft (October 2017)

1 day ago
Skype for Business experts from Microsoft discuss client version control, problem management and incident resolution, collaboration with Microsoft Teams, tools for monitoring service availability and quality, network infrastructure issues and call quality, spoofed calls, business continuity and disaster recovery—and more. They share candid insights and best practices about how we manage and support Skype for […]

Identity on Azure Government

2 days ago
In this episode of the Azure Government video series, Steve Michelotti talks with Bernie Ellis from the Azure Government Engineering team about Identity on Azure Government. Bernie starts out by talking about the three different Identity models and the things you need to know for each of the scenarios.  Bernie also discusses available protocols in […]

Pacific Northwest Probability Seminar: Gravitational Allocation to Uniform Points on the Sphere

2 days ago
Given n uniform points on the surface of a two-dimensional sphere, how can we partition the sphere fairly among them? "Fairly" means that each region has the same area. It turns out that if the given points apply a two-dimensional gravity force to the rest of the sphere, then the basins of attraction for the […]

Azure CDN: Dynamic Site Acceleration

4 days ago
Richard Li joins Scott Hanselman to discuss the new Dynamic Site Acceleration (DSA) optimization for Azure CDN, and how it can be used in combination with standard CDN caching features to measurably improve the performance of web pages with dynamic content.  For more information, see: Dynamic Site Acceleration via Azure CDN (docs) Follow @SHanselman Follow […]

Real Sociedad

5 days ago
Real Sociedad is more than a football team. It’s a reference for the city and a community of 90 schools, 1.500 coaches and 12.000 players. Now, technology is empowering them all to achieve their goals on the field and out of the field. Get additional information about Microsoft cloud in sports here:

Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break / s7 e10 / Dr. Nicole Forsgren, CEO, DORA (Part 2)

6 days ago
In this episode, Brad and Dr. Nicole Forsgren (founder and CEO of DORA) talk about how to make tech workplaces more diverse and inclusive – as both leaders and peers. They discuss whether this lack of diversity is a pipeline problem vs. workplace problem, how to be an ally, the importance of offering mentorship and […]

Azure App Service Diagnostic and Troubleshooting Experience

7 days ago
Steve Ernst joins Scott Hanselman to introduce App Service diagnostics, which is the home for diagnosing and troubleshooting problems with your app. This intelligent service was built to diagnose many different problems and suggest targeted solutions for the customer.  For more information, see:  Announcing the general availability of Azure App Service diagnostics (blog) New App […]

Creating the ‘intelligent edge’ with Azure IoT Edge

7 days ago
Chipalo and Olivier discuss Azure IoT Edge, a new service that allows you to deploy cloud intelligence such as machine learning or AI to run on local IoT devices. Go to the IoT Edge product page to learn more and get started.

Episode 173: Machine Learning & Lie Detection with Jennifer Marsman

7 days ago
We talk with Jennifer Marsman about using machine learning to build a lie detector and other cool ML projects. LinkedIn helps you write your resume. And a free chaos engineering book.

The importance of device health

1 week ago
Keeping both customer and Microsoft data secure goes beyond information protection. It ensures connected devices producing data are also protected. This is no easy task for a global enterprise like Microsoft, but Arsenault and team do an exceptional job by focusing on every piece of what he calls a three-legged "security stool" – device health […]

Interview With Kris Nova, Cloud Developer Advocate in Linux and Containers

1 week ago
In this episode of GALs, Golnaz sits down with Kris Nova to learn more about the girl behind the code. Kris Nova has been involved with free and open source software since hacking her parents computer as a child. She spends a lot of time contributing in the Go, Kubernetes, and Container open source spaces, […]

Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break / s7 e9 / Dr. Nicole Forsgren, CEO, DORA

1 week ago
This week Brad meets up with Dr. Nicole Forsgren, the founder and CEO of the consulting group DevOps Research & Assessment (DORA). Brad and Nicole talk about how technology impacts morale and organizational culture, how to discuss the ROI of IT, and how to effectively measure and learn from the data within your organization. To […]