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Episode 181: Windows App Publishing Project with Stefan Wick

2 days ago
We talk with Stefan Wick about the desktop bridge tooling. What is a security.txt file. And how a side project helped me double my salary.

TWC9: Build Registration, Microsoft Startups, 5 Things About Docker, and more

2 days ago
This week on Channel 9, Christina is spending what should be her last week in a cast (fingers crossed!) and is back in Redmond discussing this week’s top developer news: [00:19] Microsoft Build 2018 – Register [00:38] Microsoft revamps its startup programs with $500M commitment and new co-selling program | TechCrunch and Grow, build and […]

Connect real devices to Microsoft IoT Central

3 days ago
In this IoT Show episode, Olivier invited Davide Montanari, a developer in the Microsoft IoT Central team to explain and show how to connect a real device to Microsoft IoT Central, the new IoT SaaS solution.

Deep Learning for Music Generation – The Code

3 days ago
In this episode of the AI show Erika follows up her previous episode by showing the actual code behind training and using the music generation model. This includes the code for both creating the features from the midi file and returning a midi file from the features. She also shows how Keras is used to […]

What’s New in Azure Cosmos DB

3 days ago
Kirill Gavrylyuk returns to Azure Friday to update Scott Hanselman on what’s new in Azure Cosmos DB, such as the Cassandra API for applications that are written for Apache Cassandra, updates to the Azure Table storage API, the Apache Spark Connector, the Graph API, partitioned collections, 99.999% (five 9s) SLA, and more. Dear Cassandra Developers, […]

Shayne Boyer – Docker Tools for Visual Studio

3 days ago
Shayne Boyer (@spboyer) joins us to talk about running .NET Framework applications in Docker, and also gives us a demo of the Docker tooling available in Visual Studio 2017.  [02:35] – Shayne adds Docker support to a WCF application [06:45] – Rich asks about the Docker files added to the project [09:10] – Shayne shows […]

Episode 14 – Caging confidence gremlins with UK Marketing Director Helen Tupper

4 days ago
Fresh from the Female Founders Alliance Champion Awards, Sonia chats with Sage Ke’alohilani Quiamno of Ladies Get Paid about the takeaways from her Salary Negotiation 101 workshop. Then, Colleen interviews Microsoft Commercial Marketing Director for the UK market, Helen Tupper, who talks about managing “squiggly” careers and pursuing passion projects. Our hosts wrap it up […]

Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break / s8 e5 / Terry Myerson, EVP, Windows

4 days ago
Today Brad drives around Redmond with his new boss – Terry Myerson, the EVP of the Windows & Devices Group. Brad asks about the path he took to end up at Microsoft – in particular, what it was like to go from running a startup to having it bought by Bill Gates – followed by […]

#ifdef SURFACE_HUB – one developer’s guide

4 days ago
Gian Paolo Santopaolo, a Windows MVP and developer lead of CollaBoard, stopped by to talk about the Surface Hub and share tools and tips for other developers building big screen experiences. Get his open source components from Github or NuGet SurfaceHub docs CollaBoard Questions, comments, suggestions – comment below or on Twitter #ifdef WINDOWS Nikola Metulev

Microsoft IoT Central intro walkthrough

4 days ago
Olivier had the opportunity to interview Marcello Majonchi who provided a great demo introduction to Microsoft IoT Central, the new IoT SaaS solution that makes it easy to connect, monitor and manage your IoT assets at scale.

Interview With Beatris Mendez Gandica, Program Manager at Microsoft

5 days ago
Get to know Beatris Mendez Gandica ("Bea") during this one-on-one interview where she shares her path to Microsoft, current role, and passion for diversity and inclusion! Bea has had an interest in computers since Microsoft Encarta, which led her to spend countless hours learning different topics. She now spends most of her time on static […]

Peter Marcu – Raspberry Pi and Arm 32

6 days ago
In this episode of On .NET, Peter Marcu (@PeterMarcu‏) joins Rich to talk about how to get started with coding for a Raspberry PI board using .NET Core. He shows us what’s on the board, discusses some of the challenges, and even goes through a few code samples.  [02:54] – Peter describes the components on […]