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Azure Batch Rendering Service

2 weeks ago
Dave Fellows joins Donovan Brown to chat about a new service called Azure Batch Rendering, which is built on the Azure Batch service to provide capabilities for rendering 3D graphics for film and other visual media projects. The service provides pay-per-use licensing of the commercial applications commonly used in this field.   For more information, see:  Azure […]

ASP.NET Monsters #110: Live Unit Testing

2 weeks ago
The new live unit testing capabilities of Visual Studio 2017 are a real timesaver. In this video, we take a poke around at them.

Physics-based Manipulation with and Around People

2 weeks ago
Robots manipulate with super-human speed and dexterity on factory floors. But yet they fail even under moderate amounts of clutter or uncertainty. However, human teleoperators perform remarkable acts of manipulation with the same hardware. My research goal is to bridge the gap between what robotic manipulators can do now and what they are capable of […]

TWC9: 29 New HoloLens Markets, Behind Surface Pro LTE, Lots of Azure, Comic Ray Pyramid and more…

2 weeks ago
This week on Channel 9, Christina and guest host Jeremy Likness discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [02:01] Mixed Reality momentum continues in the Modern Workplace and Microsoft HoloLens expands to 29 new markets [Lorraine Bardeen] [03:08] Behind the design: An engineer’s tour of the new Surface Pro with LTE Advanced [Brandon Records]    [04:20] […]

Light up your Microservices with the Serverless Framework

2 weeks ago
This is the recording of a session I hosted for the "VoxxedDays" conference in Belgrade. The talk is about the Serverless Framework and how it helps pushing the same codebase to Azure Functions, AWS Lambda and other cloud providers. If you have any questions watching the video hit me on Twitter. Thanks Follow me: @daronyondem

Virtual Network Service Endpoints

2 weeks ago
Virtual Network (VNet) service endpoints extend your virtual network private address space and the identity of your VNet to the Azure services, over a direct connection. Endpoints allow you to secure your critical Azure service resources to only your virtual networks. Traffic from your VNet to the Azure service always remains on the Microsoft Azure […]

Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break / s7 e6 / Peggy Johnson, EVP Business Development, Microsoft (Part 2)

2 weeks ago
In part 2 of their highly entertaining discussion, Brad and Peggy Johnson (EVP, Business Development) talk about her transition from engineering to business leadership and what she misses from spending her days coding. Brad also asks about her newly crowned status as “World’s Most Powerful Female Engineer” (via Business Insider), as well as her work […]

What’s New in Azure Cosmos DB’s API for MongoDB

2 weeks ago
Emily Lawton joins Scott Hanselman to discuss what’s new in Azure Cosmos DB’s API for Mongo DB, including new preview features such as support for the aggregation pipeline and unique indexes. They discuss tips and tricks for importing large backups using MongoDB Tools. For more information, see: Azure Cosmos DB: API for MongoDB Azure Cosmos […]

Get Intelligent Insights for Improving Azure SQL Database Performance

2 weeks ago
Veljko Vasic shows Seth Juarez how Azure SQL Database uses built-in intelligence to continuously monitors database usage so that it can detect disruptive events that cause poor performance. Once detected, a detailed analysis is performed generating a diagnostic log with an intelligent assessment of the issue, which consists of a root cause analysis of the database performance […]

Interview with Ross Smith, Director Skype for Good

2 weeks ago
Soumow sits with Ross Smith, Director Skype for Good. Ross is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and blogger. Author of The Practical Guide to Defect Prevention and holds seven patents.He has worked at Microsoft for over 25 years and is a Principal Group Engineering Manager. He is a member of the […]

Microsoft 365 Business: Data protection on mobile devices

2 weeks ago
See how you can protect company data on your mobile devices, including iOS and Android.

Improve Azure SQL Database Performance with Automatic Tuning

3 weeks ago
Veljko Vasic demos the built-in automatic tuning intelligence mechanism in Azure SQL Database to show Seth Juarez how it can automatically tune and improve query performance by dynamically adapting the database to your workload. Automatic tuning in Azure SQL Database might be one of the most important features that you can enable on Azure SQL […]