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Gigamon: Visibility Platform for AWS

2 days ago
Jeremy from Gigamon walks us through the architecture behind their scalable network traffic visibility platform. They use a multi-VPC approach with VPC peering, lightweight agents to aggregate traffic, and Direct Connect or GRE/VXLAN tunnels for a solution that works for both hybrid and cloud-native deployments. Learn more at –

AWS IPC Core Security Q3 2017

1 week ago
Learn more about AWS at – While AWS manages security of the cloud, security in the cloud is the responsibility of the customer. Customers retain control of what security they choose to implement to protect their own content, platform, applications, systems and networks, no differently than they would for applications in an on-site datacenter.

8 Things We Learned Running BuzzFeed on Amazon ECS

1 week ago
Learn more about Amazon EC2 Container Service at – BuzzFeed has over 9 billion content view per month running BuzzFeed, BuzzFeed News, and Tasty. Since 2012, BuzzFeed has run their content infrastructure as containerized microservices running on Amazon EC2 Container Service (Amazon ECS). In this talk from the NYC Loft, Andrew Mulholland, Director of […]

Vanguard: Building Cloud Microservices with an On-Premises System of Record

1 week ago
Building modern microservices in the cloud can be a challenge when your system of record is a relational database that is still on-premises. In this video, Barry P. Sheward, Chief Enterprise Architect at Vanguard will show us how they used change data capture (CDC) to move data from their DB2 database to Amazon RDS and […]

AWS Summit Series 2017 – New York: Amazon EFS Introduces Support for Encryption of Data at Rest

2 weeks ago
Learn more about Amazon Elastic File System at Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) now allows you to encrypt your data at rest using keys managed through AWS Key Management Service (KMS). Encryption and decryption are handled seamlessly, so you don’t have to modify your applications to access your data. When you create a new […]

Real Time Meets Race Time: Toyota Racing in the Cloud

2 weeks ago
Imagine you are a race car driver in the Daytona 500. 20 laps to go. You see smoke and spinning cars ahead. The yellow flag flies. Stay in the race? Or Pit? New tires? Fortunately, you are backed by the Toyota Racing Development (TRD) team. Their cloud-based modeling and analytics systems crunch a real time […]

GoPro: Editing Media on The “Go” with ECS, Elastic Transcoder, and Lifecycle Hooks on AWS

2 weeks ago
On this episode of “This is My Architecture”, GoPro demonstrates how they power their cloud media platform with ECS, SQS, Terraform, Elastic Transcoder, and lifecycle hooks. Learn more at –

Using Performance Insights to Analyze Performance on the Aurora Postgres

2 weeks ago
Learn more at – Watch a step-by-step demonstration of using the Amazon RDS Performance Insights dashboard to analyze performance on an instance of Aurora Postgres. Performance Insights is a database performance dashboard designed to help customers quickly assess performance on their relational database workloads and guide customers as to when and where to take […]

AI Day in Toronto: Introduction to Deep Learning with MXNet Technical Workshop

2 weeks ago
Learn more at – AWS Canada welcomed Guy Ernest, Machine Learning Expert for a technical workshop. He walks through theory of operation and code in a hands-on for common AI problems including handwriting recognition, image recognition, natural language processing, and recommendation engines.

How Globe Telecom does Primary Backups via StorReduce to the AWS Cloud

3 weeks ago
Learn more at – Globe Telecom, a large telecommunications company in the Philippines with over 65 million subscribers, needed a cost-effective and scalable solution for storing primary data backups. Its previous on-premises data domain appliances created expensive hardware silos and a risk of data loss in the event of an ill-timed backup system outage, […]

Moving Forward Faster: How Monash University Automated Data on AWS with Commvault

3 weeks ago
Learn more at Monash University, supporting 70,000+ students across 150 fields with over 1000 total IP professionals, sought to empower its central IT department and enhance organizational efficiency by modernizing its infrastructure. To do so, Monash set an aggressive timeline to move more than 150 terabytes of data from its on-premises datacenter – including […]