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Introduction to AWS for Nonprofits & NGOs

3 months ago
Tens of thousands of nonprofits and NGOs worldwide use Amazon Web Services Organizations to build highly available, scalable websites, host core business and employee-facing systems, and manage donor outreach and fundraising efforts – keeping them mission centric. Learn more:

Verizon: Managed Virtual Network Services

4 months ago
Learn more at – On this episode of This Is My Architecture, you’ll learn about Verizon Enterprise Solutions’ managed virtual network solutions for AWS. We’ll walk through the architecture that enables enterprises to provision, automate and orchestrate SD-WAN and other virtual network services for customers that want end-to-end connectivity to the cloud. We’ll cover […]

Creating AR/VR Experiences | Ep 1: Intro to Amazon Sumerian

4 months ago
To see all upcoming episodes and past broadcasts, visit – To learn more about Amazon Sumerian, visit Consumers are desiring more immersive experiences, but developing such experiences can be challenging and costly. Amazon Sumerian is designed to strip away this complexity by making it easier, faster, and less expensive to develop and deploy […]

Sigstr’s Tale of Building Customer Trust and Winning Business through Security with Threat Stack

4 months ago
Learn more about the AWS Partner Webinar Series at – Sigstr, an email signature marketing company, turned to Threat Stack on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to secure its SaaS platform and growing customer base. Join the upcoming webinar to better understand what it takes to secure and grow a modern SaaS organization.

Build a .NET Chatbot | Build a Session Extension & Use Option Pattern

4 months ago
Learn more about all upcoming live coding episodes or catch up on past recordings at – Continue building your .NET Chatbot with Tara Walker and the AWS Tech Bytes series. In this episode, we create the BotMessages data class and collection and add this data model to both our Controller and bind each of […]

Accelerate Decision Making with Real-Time Analytics on AWS

4 months ago
Learn more about the AWS Partner Webinar Series at – In this webinar, you’ll learn about AWS real-time analytic solutions, including Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, Kinesis Data Firehose, and Kinesis Data Analytics. You’ll also hear about real-time solutions from APN Partners, Databricks, MemSQL, and Zoomdata that complement or integrate with Amazon Kinesis services.

Accelerate or Incubate? Making the Right Choice

4 months ago
Join AWS for Live Streaming on Twitch at – AWS Startup Day – San Francisco 2018: Danielle D’Agostaro, Alchemist Accelerator. The good news is entrepreneurs just starting out have more choice than ever when it comes to incubators and accelerators. The bad news relates to the good. With all those seeming options, how are […]

Making a Difference Every Day. Meet Peter Moore – Managing Director, AWS Global Public Sector APJ

4 months ago
Find AWS careers at – How does each employee get their voice heard and what does it mean to be making a difference every day with our customers? Hear it from Peter Moore, Regional Managing Director at AWS Global Public Sector team, responsible for APAC and Japan. Learn more about the roles available at […]

Scaling FICO Customer Communication Services with Amazon Polly Text-to-Speech

4 months ago
Learn more about Amazon Polly at – FICO Customer Communication Services (CSS) team focuses on providing automated voice, text and email communications to help organizations with fraud detection and customer service. Learn how they use Amazon Polly Text-to-Speech to power a range of voice applications to improve the customer experience.

Transform Your Organization with Real Real-Time Monitoring

4 months ago
Learn more about the AWS Partner Webinar Series at – Acquia, a Drupal web experience provider, faced a common growing pain: with its expanding customer base and AWS workloads came numerous monitoring systems and scattered data from disparate sources and teams. The company knew it needed better insight into its customers’ resources and quicker […]

AWS Summit SF 2018: IoT Building Blocks: From Edge Devices to Analytics in the Cloud (SRV304)

4 months ago
AWS IoT is a set of fully managed services spanning the edge to the cloud that enables you to sense and act locally on devices, store data and manage devices in the cloud, and perform sophisticated analytics to derive useful insights. In this session, we explore features and functions of AWS IoT services. First, we […]

AWS Summit San Francisco 2018 – AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority

4 months ago
Introducing AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority, a managed private CA service to securely manage the lifecycle of your private certificates. Learn more at –