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Developing Android apps online course (updated!)

2 days ago
This is the trailer for the Developing Android apps online course, created by Google and Udacity. Learn Android fundamentals and develop an Android app with Google experts, using a blend of theory and practice that help you build great apps the right way. Learn best practices for building Android apps using Android 7.0 while keeping […]

Introducing the Play Billing Library – Developer Preview #1

2 weeks ago
We are pleased to provide this Play Billing Library developer preview to help simplify the development process, allowing you to focus your efforts on implementing logic specifics to your app, such as displaying in-app products and purchasing items. This library includes several classes and features for you to use when integrating your Android apps with […]

Kotlin: Android Support Announced at Google I/O

2 weeks ago
Visit these sites for more information: Kotlin website –, Kotlin and Android documentation – Android announced full support for the Kotlin language at Google I/O along with an increased commitment to both the Java programming language and C++. We interviewed key stakeholders involved with the decision from both Google and Jetbrains to help […]

Android Developer Story: Lifull improves user experience and engagement on Google Play

3 weeks ago
Lifull Home’s is a Japanese real estate sale and rental search platform across the web, mobile, and an app. Watch Lifull Home’s explain how it focuses on a user-first approach to improve user experience. Learn how they use reviews, in-app A/B testing, and other features to increase engagement on Google Play. Learn more about ratings […]

Indie Games Festival 2017 KR

1 month ago
On 22nd~23rd April, at Daehakro Hongik Art Center in Seoul, we hosted the finale event of the second Google Play Indie Games Festival 2017 which grew in scale: 63% increase in the submissions and 220% increase in public participations. The Top 20 finalists selected from nearly 404 submissions, showcased their games to an excited room […]

Android Fireside Chat (Google I/O ’17)

1 month ago
This session was an open Q&A between the audience (including an audience queried before the event) and the Android platform team, which included engineers from the Android framework, runtime, media, graphics, and other teams. A problem with the microphones caused some of the initial questions from the audience to be inaudible in the recording. These […]

Android TV: How to Engage More Users and Earn More Revenue (Google I/O ’17)

1 month ago
Learn about strategies and techniques for monetization and increasing engagement on Android TV. Hear how new features such as the Google Assistant, recommendations, subscriptions, and more can help seamlessly drive users to your app content, to help you build a happy and engaged user base. Watch more Android talks at I/O ’17 here: See […]

Android Wear UI Development Best Practice (Google I/O ’17)

1 month ago
We have made significant updates to the Android Wear UI framework since launch to best support Material Design for Android Wear. We will cover why we deprecated a number of UI classes, how we are integrating this with the Android mobile support library and what developers should use going forward. In addition, we will go […]

How to Enable Contextual App Experiences (Google I/O ’17)

1 month ago
It’s important to understand user context and their interactions with the world around them. Who or what they’re near can power magical user experiences. The Awareness and Nearby APIs enable your application to understand context and power contextual experiences. This session will provide you with an overview of these APIs, examples of some of the […]

Life is Great and Everything Will Be Ok, Kotlin is Here (Google I/O ’17)

1 month ago
Using Kotlin for Android development has grown in popularity over the past few years and is now officially supported by Google. If you are not already using Kotlin you might be wondering why and how to adopt it. In the first part of this talk, Jake will cover advancing the usage and design patterns of […]

Android Animations Spring to Life (Google I/O ’17)

1 month ago
Learn how to create richer, more dynamic animations for your applications. This session will cover a new physics-based animation library that provides a set of APIs for building animations that dynamically react to user input. Watch more Android talks at I/O ’17 here: See all the talks from Google I/O ’17 here: Subscribe […]

Android Sensors & Location: What’s New & Best Practices (Google I/O ’17)

1 month ago
Location services on Android empowers developers to create personalized and contextual experiences in their apps based on location information. In this session, we’ll show some best practices for using Android location services while optimizing for performance and user experience. You will also learn about background location limits in the Android O release as well as […]