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What’s new at Google – Playtime San Francisco 2017

4 days ago
In the Playtime San Francisco, hear product news and announcements from Google Play, including the Play Console and Play Store, and from across Google, including Android, immersive technology and new form factors. Speakers: Purnima Kochikar, Director, Apps and Games Business Development Vineet Buch, Product Management Director, Google Play Matt Henderson, Group Product Manager, Google Play […]

Introducing Android KTX: Even Sweeter Kotlin Development for Android

2 weeks ago
To make Android development with Kotlin more clear, pleasant and idiomatic when working with framework classes, we created Android KTX – A set of extension functions that covers, some of the most used classes in Android like View, SharedPreferences, Canvas, Animator and others. Check out the following links to find out more about Android KTX: […]

Android Developer Story: Big Fish Games successful prelaunch with open beta

3 weeks ago
Learn how Big Fish Games uses open beta and other tools in the Google Play Console to gather player feedback and get their games ready for launch. Download Cooking Craze by Big Fish Games: View more Android Developer Stories here: Subscribe to the Android Developers channel here: #story #game #androiddeveloperstory #featured #googleplay […]

Android Developer Story: Indie game developers find success on Google Play (Taiwan)

4 weeks ago
Hear from indie game developers Rocky Hong, Yu-Le Lin at Uwan, and Brian Lee at Sigono, and learn about their experiences and journeys as indie developers in Taiwan. Discover their stories and how they found success on Google Play. View more Android Developer Stories here: Subscribe to the Android Developers channel here: #Indie […]

Keyframe Animations with ConstraintLayout and ConstraintSet

2 months ago
Sean McQuillan (@objcode) covers building complex animations using ConstraintLayout and ConstraintSet. By specifying your animations via keyframes, it is easy to fluidly animate complex scenes without a lot of code. Animations make your app look polished, improve engagement, and are fun to build. With ConstraintLayout it’s easy to build complex animations involving several views at […]

GDD India Android Live Streams on Dec 1-2

3 months ago
GDD India is happening on December 1-2, 2017, and you can watch all of the Android sessions LIVE! Check out sessions on Architecture Components, Android Oreo, TensorFlow Lite, Kotlin + Testing, Instant Apps, Android Studio, and more. December 1: December 2:

APK Analyzer: An Android Tool Time Deep Dive

3 months ago
This is an updated version of this video. Wojtek Kaliciński introduces the APK Analyzer in Android Studio 2.2. The APK Analyzer gives developers insight into the contents of a release APK, including raw and download file sizes, Android resource and assets previews and a DEX file browser showing package, class and method names and reference […]

What’s New in the Android 8.1 Developer Preview

3 months ago
Dan Galpin highlights many of the the changes in the Android 8.1 Developer Preview, now available to developers on supported devices. Android 8.1 contains a targeted set of enhancements, including optimizations for Android Go and a new Neural Networks API. There are also many smaller enhancements, including WallpaperColors, changes to the Autofill Framework, and a […]

Account Transfer API for Android Apps

3 months ago
Sean McQuillan covers the Account Transfer API for Android developers. This feature allows developers to move user accounts to user’s new phone. Android users upgrade devices regularly and optimizing this flow will improve your retention numbers – and keep your users happy! Account Transfer API: Sample code: And to learn more about Account […]

Improving Retention for Android Apps

3 months ago
Sean McQuillan covers Google Sign-In, Smart Lock, Autofill Framework, and Auto Backup for Android developers. These features allow app developers to improve their retention and user experience. Android users upgrade devices regularly and providing an optimized sign in and data transfer to their new device will help you improve your retention numbers – and keep […]

Architecture Components: LiveData and Lifecycle

3 months ago
LiveData is part of the Lifecycle library which was designed to help you solve common Android Lifecycle challenges and to make your apps more maintainable and testable. LiveData is a lifecycle-aware observable. LiveData makes it easy to keep what’s showing on screen in sync with the data. Benefits include: * Lifecycle awareness: LiveData works well […]

Android Developer Story: Touchten – Finding success in a local market

3 months ago
Touchten Games is an Indonesian mobile game developer and winner of the Google Play Indonesia Games Contest. In this video, Roki and Anton, co-founders of the company, share their success story and experience building for the local market. Get the game from the Google Play store: Subscribe to the Android Developers channel here: […]