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Scroll View Parallax Effect! (Pt 1 | Swift 4 in Xcode)

4 days ago
Design + Code by Meng To (Sponsored) – Today I show you how to create you very own parallax effect inside of a scroll view. Today we look into getting it all mostly working, but I wanna take this project further and make it work on the images inside of the views and what […]

Bootcamp Success Rate & Average Salary | DevMountain Vlog #5

4 weeks ago
The final day. We talk to Andrew and learn about the success rate of DevMountain and the Pay that can be had by a graduate. We also discuss a bit about why you should go to a bootcamp rather than getting a normal CS degree. Enjoy! 😀 Music by Andrew ApplePie

Capstone Projects | DevMountain Vlog #4

1 month ago
Today I ask what a capstone project is, and interview the students doing them. Enjoy!

Other Programs Offered & Why I’m Here | DevMountain Vlog #3

1 month ago
Today at DevMountain we learned how to programmatically create classes for objects & add object to tableViews. We also learned the proper way to organize files. I also go over why I’m here. DevMountain – ~Social Stuff~ Twitter – Website –

Small Campus Tour | DevMountain Vlog 2

1 month ago
Today I continue journey at DevMountain in SLC! Enjoy! 😀 DevMountain sent me out on this trip for the week, but I’m not getting paid for it. Just food & board, so all thoughts expressed are my own. :]

This was Plane Awesome! | DevMountain Vlog #1

1 month ago
Let me know what you think about today’s vlog! If you have questions about DevMountain as well, let me know! DevMountain – Music – Vexento

Let’s make a Drop Down Menu! (Swift 4 in Xcode 9)

1 month ago
DevMountain (Sponsor) – Today we dive deep into making our very own drop down menus from scratch, using Swift 4 in Xcode! Enjoy! 😀 Project Files – Song – Vexento | Potato Cream ~Social Stuff~ Website – Twitter –

Getting Started w/ FireStore! (Swift 4 in Xcode | Firebase)

2 months ago
DevMountain (Sponsor) – Today we’re gonna dive into FireStore and learn how to write & read data & just learn how FireStore works. Enjoy! CocoaPods – FireStore Docs – My app TAG. is on Product Hunt! If you could upvote it, I’d greatly appreciate it! 😀 – ~Social Stuff~ Website – […]

How to Create Charges! (Stripe | Swift 4 in Xcode)

2 months ago
DevMountain (Sponsor) – Missed Part 1? – Today we dive into Part 2 of Stripe & learn how to create charges! Stripe Documentation – ~Social Stuff~ Email – Twitter –

What is Realm? (Part 2 : Swift 4 in Xcode)

2 months ago
DevMountain (Sponsor) – Today we learn about querying & loading our Realm Data into Realm, as well as what Realm is exactly. Enjoy! 😀 Part 1 – ~Social Stuff~ Email – Twitter –

Getting Started w/ Realm Mobile Database! (Pt. 1 : Firebase)

2 months ago
Today we dive into Realm Mobile Database. It’s a highly requested tutorial on a very good alternative to Core Data. Today we get started with just the basics, but we’ll dive more and more into it in the coming parts. Enjoy! 😀 Realm Swift – GoogleService-Info.plis error answer – UpVote to make the person’s […]

Getting Started with Stripe! (Swift 3 in Xcode : Part 1)

3 months ago
MadGiga k400 (sponsor) – 20% Off with the coupon code : “MadgigaK400off” – Today we dive into Stripe and get started with creating an interface that works in conjunction with Heroku to connect us with Stripe. This is the first part of just setting everything up & connecting customers. ~Links Used~ Heroku – […]