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What is Realm? (Part 2 : Swift 4 in Xcode)

2 days ago
DevMountain (Sponsor) – Today we learn about querying & loading our Realm Data into Realm, as well as what Realm is exactly. Enjoy! 😀 Part 1 – ~Social Stuff~ Email – Twitter –

Getting Started w/ Realm Mobile Database! (Pt. 1 : Firebase)

7 days ago
Today we dive into Realm Mobile Database. It’s a highly requested tutorial on a very good alternative to Core Data. Today we get started with just the basics, but we’ll dive more and more into it in the coming parts. Enjoy! 😀 Realm Swift – GoogleService-Info.plis error answer – UpVote to make the person’s […]

Getting Started with Stripe! (Swift 3 in Xcode : Part 1)

2 months ago
MadGiga k400 (sponsor) – 20% Off with the coupon code : “MadgigaK400off” – Today we dive into Stripe and get started with creating an interface that works in conjunction with Heroku to connect us with Stripe. This is the first part of just setting everything up & connecting customers. ~Links Used~ Heroku – […]

TAG. Promo Video!

2 months ago
Download TAG. – You guys have shared your (100s of) apps, and now it’s time to share my dream app with you. I’ve worked on this app for the last 1.5 years, and I can’t believe it’s actually out to the public. This is available to everyone for free! Please let me know what […]

Design Basics! (Color, Corners, Shadows : Swift in Xcode)

3 months ago
Massdrop’s Sennheiser 6XX [Sponsored] – Today we dive into the basics of design and learn how to take a button (or any view really) and apply a different color, corner radius, and shadows onto it! Enjoy! 😀 ~Social Stuff~ Twitter – @archetapp Email – Donate (Thank you!) –

ARKit Basics! (Placing Objects : Swift 4 in Xcode 9)

3 months ago
Massdrop [Sponsored] – Today we jump into ARKit and learn how to place objects around your physical environment by simply tapping on the screen. ARKit is flipping amazing, and I hope to do more with it soon! 😀 ~Social Stuff~ Twitter – @archetapp Email –

Getting Directions! (MapKit | Swift 3 in Xcode)

5 months ago
Today we dive into MapKit some more, and we learn how to get directions from your location to another. Code4Startup (Sponsored) – I haven’t been around on YouTube lately because of a lot of projects/personal things I really need to get done. If you want to keep up with me on a daily basis, […]

Design Textfields! (TextFieldEffects : Swift 3 in Xcode)

7 months ago
Today we explore a framework that let’s you add some cool designs & effects to your boring textFields. The whole process is dead simple, and it can really take your app to the next level. Enjoy! TextFieldEffects by raulriera! – CocoaPods – End Human Trafficking! – ~Social Stuff! Twitter – @archetapp Instagram […]

MicRig Review! – An Amazing Idea That Needs a Little Work.

8 months ago
MicRig ($40) – ~Social Stuff~ Twitter – @archetapp instagram – archetapp

Auto-Resizing Table View Cells! (Swift 3 in Xcode)

8 months ago
Today we go over how to make a table view automatically resize to fit the contents of whatever is inside of it. Enjoy! ~Social Stuff~ Twitter – @archetapp Instagram – @archetapp

Play Local GIFs! (Swift 3 in Xcode)

9 months ago
Today we look at another framework that makes playing local GIFs inside of your project REALLY simple and easy. Enjoy! SwiftGif – The proper way to pronounce GIF! – ~Social Stuff~ Twitter – @archetapp Instagram – @archetapp

Customize Alert Views! (PCLBlurEffectAlert | Swift 3 in Xcode)

9 months ago
Today we start a new series where we look at some cool frameworks to make your apps just that much easier to make and much cooler. For the first video, we dive into how to customize your alert views using PCLBlurEffectAlert! Hoping that this series just leads to us finding some really awesome framework gems […]