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Deploying a Java Application on Azure Kubernetes Service with Cosmos DB

4 days ago
Bitnami was recently invited to speak at a few Azure Meetups and we took that as an opportunity to just demonstrate something cool. We love our partnership with Microsoft and are doing tons of great things together on Azure, AKS, Helm and in the Azure Marketplace. Inspired by that work we wanted to showcase a […]

Bitnami Stacksmith

3 weeks ago
Bitnami Stacksmith simplifies the migration of traditional applications by automating the manual tasks required to package, deploy and maintain software stacks for all major container and cloud platforms. Now your company can leverage the automation platform that powers thousands of package builds and updates for the Amazon, Azure, Google and Oracle cloud marketplaces to ensure […]

Configuring your AWS account to work with Bitnami Stacksmith

1 month ago
In this video, you will learn how to register your AWS account with Stacksmith. After doing this, you will be able to package your applications.

Bitnami Stacksmith

1 month ago
Visit for more information.

Introduction to Kubeless

1 month ago
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Introduction to Kubeapps

1 month ago
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Get Started With Bitnami Blueprints On VMware VRealize Automation

2 months ago
VMware vRealize Automation is a platform that helps IT companies to accelerate the complete and effective delivery of IT services. In this video, learn how to configure and deploy a Bitnami Blueprint on the VMware vRealize Automation platform.

Obtaining application credentials on Azure

3 months ago
Learn how to obtain the credentials of those applications deployed using the Azure Management Console. More information:

Deploy Composr to Google Cloud Platform

4 months ago
Try Bitnami Composr Now: