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Adding SSH Key for Google Cloud Console

2 days ago
For the How-to Tutorial of how to add a SSH Key for Google Cloud Console:

Take the Fastest Path to Node.Js Application Development with Bitnami & AWS Lightsail

2 days ago
Looking for the fastest way to create Node.js development environments? Not sure if Node.js is right for you? With one-click solutions like AWS Lightsail and Bitnami’s ready-to-run Node.js application, exploring the fastest growing development environment has never been easier. Node.js has become a preferred development stack for many developers internationally. Bitnami applications and AWS Lightsail […]

Access phpMyAdmin with an SSH client on Windows

4 days ago
For the How-to Tutorial of how to accesss phpMyAdmin with an SSH Client on Windows:

Kubeless on OpenShift

2 weeks ago
Try Kubeless here:

Going Serverless with Kubeless In Google Container Engine (GKE)

3 weeks ago
Serverless computing has given back loads of time and money to developers whose focus is to create new, popular and disruptive applications. Without serverless computing, developers would still be spending most of their time on infrastructure rather than building new features to improve their users’ experience. With the move to containers and increased market share […]

Demo of Kubernetes Cabin, Mobile App for Kubernetes

1 month ago
Watch this demo of Cabin, a mobile application to help manage your Kubernetes clusters. Other features include: – Add k8s clusters with token or basic auth authentication. – Swipe left to edit or delete entities – Swipe down to refresh lists – Mark Nodes as unschedulable – Put Nodes in Maintenance mode – Remove and […]

Upgrade Your Code Review Experience with Review Board

1 month ago
Why You Should Watch: Code review has become an important part of the software development process. It’s how we keep our code quality high, our products stable, and our teams informed. However, there’s more to products than just code — documentation and UI designs need review, as well. With an increasing amount of items to […]

Cloud Native Apps SF- Serverless in a Cloud-Native World

1 month ago
Learn from Mark Stemm, Senior Software Engineer at Sysdig and Rick Spencer, VP of Engineering at Bitnami. Join our Meetup:

12 Minutes with Kubeless (Kubernetes Native Serverless)

2 months ago
A demonstration of writing serverless functions with Kubeless using the Minikube development environment on your desktop. 00:00 – Intro 01:11 – Basic Kubeless commands 02:40 – Explore the Deployment in the Kubernetes Dashboard 04:00 – Getting the ip address from Minikube 04:27 – Running the function 05:40 – Running the function with $ kubeless function […]

Building Open Source Communities at Rock the Open Source Meetup

2 months ago
Building and maintaining a community is a big aspect of working on Open Source. In this talk, I will highlight the different aspects of communities such as governance and communication. I’ll explain some of the processes and tools used by projects and how you can use these to participate in an Open Source community.

How to Make your Life Easier with Continuous Integration

2 months ago
This talk will cover the definition of concepts such as continuous integration, its cons and pros, and how CI/CD should be implemented with TravisCI, with examples of good and bad practices. Afterwards, a demo with a brief example of releasing a C++ project to GitHub will be shown.

How to deploy your Open Source projects

2 months ago
After this talk, you will be able to deploy your Open Source projects and make them public. The classic way to deploy a project is to use a platform like AWS or Google Cloud. However, there are other ways to publish your projects. Discover some powerful tools and rock the Open Source!