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How to Launch a Bitnami Application in the Huawei Enterprise Cloud

5 days ago
We’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of launching a Bitnami application into the Huawei Enterprise Cloud through the Huawei Enterprise Cloud Marketplace.

Deploying Applications on Kubernetes in the Oracle Cloud with Bitnami

5 days ago
As Kubernetes continues to lead the container orchestration market, Bitnami strives to continue its mission to make software easier and awesome. That includes making the, sometimes stressful, transition to Kubernetes and containers as simple as possible for the open source community. In this webinar, Sebastien Goasguen, Bitnami’s Director of Cloud Technologies and author of the […]

Running Monocular on OpenShift

2 weeks ago
Monocular, is an open source search and discovery front-end for Helm Chart repositories. You can see it in action over at, but running it in your own cluster gives you a neat way to create and manage Helm Chart installations inside your cluster. Let’s take a look at running it on an OpenShift cluster.

Application development with Visual Studio Code and Kubernetes

3 weeks ago
Visual Studio Code (or VSCode) is a open source and cross platform text editor by Microsoft. In this video we take a look at the Docker, Kubernetes and Helm extensions for Visual Studio Code for use during the development life cycle of an application.

Kubeless Demo

4 weeks ago
Introduction to Kubeless, a Kubernetes-native serverless framework.

Managing Production Deployments on Kubernetes with GitLab and Bitnami

1 month ago
As Kubernetes grows to be the market leader for container orchestration, Bitnami finds more motivation to make it easier for our users to deploy their favorite open source applications on Kubernetes in production. In this webinar, Bitnami and GitLab will demystify the complexities of launching containers by demonstrating a few tools to make the usage […]

Monocular Demo by Bitnami

1 month ago
Quick tour of Kubeapps and Monocular, an open source UI for Helm. Try it out at

Marrying Content & Commerce to Offer Emotional Shopping w/ Shopware

2 months ago
As shoppers become more savvy in online shopping, consumers’ and shop owners’ expectations of an eCommerce platform change rapidly. Taking shoppers on a journey, inspiring them, telling them stories and appealing to their imagination are no longer nice-to-have features but, they have become 100% necessary in order to increase conversion rates and maximize success in […]

What the Helm is Monocular? Ft. Core Contributors from the Helm & Monocular Projects

3 months ago
Our engineers at Bitnami and friends at Deis have been working collaboratively in order to make it easy to deploy your favorite open source applications on Kubernetes with a single command. For those wanting to find an easy way to get started with containers, this webinar will teach you about the benefits and ease of […]

Bitnami Launchpad for Open Telekom Cloud

3 months ago
How to launch Bitnami’s open source applications using the Bitnami Launchpad for Open Telekom Cloud.

Self-host an Open Source Slack-alternative Using Mattermostft. Microsoft Azure

3 months ago
Our upcoming webinar features Mattermost Team Edition, an open source, self-hosted Slack-alternative under the MIT license. Many and most workplace chat applications come with limitations. Mattermost Team Edition provides flexibility with a customizable and configurable workplace messaging application for companies, while still upholding the features of most popular chat applications, like archiving, search, slash commands, […]