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Laravel for beginners – 3 – Routing, Controllers, and Blade Templates

6 days ago
This video covers the three important components of Laravel, being routes, controllers, and blade templates. After this video, you’ll have a good idea of how to begin building your web app on Laravel, however it is recommended to watch further into this course in order to take full advantage of Laravel. Website: Twitter:

Laravel for beginners – 2 – How everything works

1 month ago
This video focuses on finding your way around Laravel’s source code, with a brief explanation of what each file does. Docs: Website: Twitter:

Laravel for beginners – 1 – What even is MVC?

1 month ago
Part one of a short course about Laravel. Subscribe to follow along with this course. Twitter:

I got the new MacBook Pro!

3 months ago
Scrimba: Twitter:

Learning REACT on a 10 hour flight

3 months ago
I attempted to learn React on a flight from LA back home to London. Website: Twitter:

Dropping out of School – Six Months Later

4 months ago
I dropped out of school back in September of 2016. Here’s where I am 6 months later. Website: Twitter:

Living in Los Angeles

4 months ago
I’ll be living in Los Angeles and creating daily content. Here’s what’s going on. I’ll have an update in the next couple of days about making tutorials. Website: Twitter:

Motivation and Why I Stopped Making Content

4 months ago
A little bit about motivation, and why I decided to stop making content. Twitter:

Is Bootstrap still ‘relevant’ in 2017?

5 months ago
Bootstrap is great for prototyping, but personally, I find little value in it for production. *Yes, I forgot the s in Bootstrap. Daily videos are hard work… Twitter: Music by Andrew Applepie:

Day One: Starting Out [Entrepreneurship, Startups, and Development]

5 months ago
London is a pretty loud city. Twitter:

How to get your first job as a freelancer

6 months ago
Many of you have emailed and told me about the struggle you’ve gone through to get your first job on freelancing platforms like UpWork and Freelancer with no ratings. This video is about all about the techniques that I used to get my first few jobs Twitter:
Simple Material Design Ripple Effect [CSS/JS]

Simple Material Design Ripple Effect [CSS/JS]

7 months ago
This is just a short video in which you’ll learn how to really quickly implement the ripple effect from the Material Design spec. Twitter: