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May CoreOS Meetup: Intro to Tectonic- Rithu Leena John

4 days ago
05/11/2017 CoreOS Meetup Rithu Leena John, Software Engineer

May CoreOS Meetup: Kubeception- Dalton Hubble

5 days ago
05/11/2017 CoreOS Meetup Dalton Hubble, Software Engineer

Kubernetes CI CD Pipeline using Quay App Registry

1 month ago
The CoreOS Quay App Registry improves the foundation for Kubernetes build and deployment pipelines. This is an example of the end-to-end build and deployment pipeline. Learn more at

Monday Welcome to Tectonic Summit

1 month ago
Tectonic Summit 2016 Brian ‘Redbeard’ Harrington Head of Infrastructure, CoreOS

Leading by example: CoreOS in the Kubernetes community

1 month ago
At the Kubernetes Zone in Austin, CoreOS leads a workshop and takes part in an expert panel discussion of the Kubernetes project. Thought leaders reflect on the values and defining principles of the Kubernetes community, and how those have led to an open, inclusive, and growing project.

A Fireside Chat: Monitoring Kubernetes in the Enteprrise

4 months ago
At CoreOS Tectonic Summit 2016, the enterprise Kubernetes event, Loris Degioanni, CEO of Sysdig, sat down to discuss monitoring Kubernetes in the enterprise with Brian Aznar, Director of Engineering at Major League Soccer.

The Future of OpenStack + Kubernetes

4 months ago
At CoreOS Tectonic Summit, Donnie Berkholz, Research Director, Development, DevOps & IT Ops, led a discussion about the future of OpenStack + Kubernetes between Jonathan Bryce, executive director of OpenStack Foundation, Jonathan Donaldson, VP of Data Center Group at Intel and Mike Saparov, VP of Engineering at CoreOS.

State of Kubernetes Adoption – User and Vendor Predictions for 2017

4 months ago
At CoreOS Tectonic Summit 2016, Zac Smith, CEO and Founder of Packet, led a panel on Kubernetes User and Vendor Predictions for 2017. The panelists included: -Rudi Chiarito, Sr. Infrastructure Engineer, Clarifai -Raj Dutt, CEO, Grafana Labs -Attila Maczak, Software Architect, Namely -Jake Moshenko, Product Manager, Quay, CoreOS -Andrew Randall, CEO, Tigera

What is Cloud Native Panel

4 months ago
At CoreOS Tectonic Summit 2016, the enterprise Kubernetes event, Dan Kohn, executive director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), leads a panel of experts on CNCF technologies. Panelists include Sarah Novotny, Kubernetes Community Lead, Jonathan Boulle, Container Lead at CoreOS and Prometheus Representative, Priyanka Sharma, Founder of WakaTime and OpenTracing Representative, and Kiyoto Tamura, […]

A Fireside Chat: From Implementation to Production

4 months ago
At CoreOS Tectonic Summit, the enterprise Kubernetes event, Mike Vizard of IT Business Edge, sat down with Nishi Davidson, Director of Cloud Architecture & Engineering at SAP to discuss the total cost of ownership of Kubernetes.