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Run and Manage Applications on Tectonic

1 week ago
In the first installment of our “Enterprise Kubernetes How-To Series” with Tectonic, Josh Wood explains how to use the Tectonic console to simplify Kubernetes deployments. Try tectonic, enterprise Kubernetes in 15 min or less here:

CoreOS Tectonic: Easily Run Kubernetes with Enterprise-Readiness on Amazon Web Services

3 weeks ago
Many organizations want to adopt Kubernetes to scale and maximize application resources but need an enterprise-ready platform to simplify installation and ongoing management. CoreOS Tectonic helps businesses adopt Kubernetes for workloads at any scale with automated operations and accelerated deployment times. It also helps businesses take advantage of built-in AWS features through seamless integration with […]

How Ticketmaster is Ensuring Market Success with Containers and Kubernetes

1 month ago
More than ever, it has become imperative that today’s fast-moving enterprises modernize their IT infrastructure and operations and improve their capacity to meet demand. For many companies, accomplishing this goal means containerizing products and applications and managing those containers with Kubernetes, the container orchestration platform. Ticketmaster is one such company.

Installing Kubernetes on Bare Metal with Tectonic

2 months ago
This video is a step by step guide that shows how to install a Tectonic Kubernetes cluster on a bare metal environment.

Storage with Kubernetes on AWS

4 months ago
Containers may be great for running stateless applications, but what about stateful applications? Kubernetes, the open-source platform for managing containers at scale, contains various technologies to provide persistent storage for stateful applications. This allows users to manage their stateful applications and gain all of the benefits of a containerized infrastructure. Join us as we discuss […]

Demo: Introduction to CoreOS Tectonic

4 months ago
CoreOS Tectonic is an enterprise-ready Kubernetes platform that provides automated operations, enables portability across private and public cloud providers, and is always upstream open source Kubernetes.

CoreOS Fest 2017 Wrap Up

4 months ago
Thank you to everyone who helped make CoreOS Fest 2017 such a success, including our sponsors, speakers, attendees, and the greater open source community. See you next year!