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Kotlin Tutorial

4 days ago
Get the Code Here : Best Kotlin Book : Donate on Patreon : Kotlin is a fantastic language that improves greatly upon Java and at the same time can use all Java libraries and frameworks. It provides both the power of OOP and functional programming. It is quickly becoming the language of […]

Swift 3 Tutorial

4 weeks ago
Get the Code Here : Best Swift 3 Book : Support My Videos : You guys asked for a Learn Swift 3 in One Video tutorial and here it is! All of the time stamps are here to help you find what you need. 01:13 Intro 03:01 Data Types 05:24 Casting 06:28 […]

The TALOS Principle Live Stream C5

4 weeks ago
In this Live Stream I beat the whole C5 level of The TALOS Principle! I beat the levels Time Flies, Time Crawls, Up Close and Jammed and Dumbwaiter. I’ll be taking a break after tomorrows Learn Swift in One Video tutorial. When I return I will be making a ton of games using Unity. I’ll […]

Best Cheap 3D Printer and D&D Terrain

4 weeks ago
3D Printer : D&D Terrain 3D Files : Tonight will be my first Maker Monday! I’ll talk about the inexpensive 3D printers I tested. I’ll review my favorite. Then I’ll show you how to make Cheap D&D Terrain using a 3D Printer and even paint the terrain. Everything will be done live as […]

King of New York Board Game

1 month ago
King of New York Game : Tonight I’m trying something completely different for Random Live Stream Friday. I’ll be reviewing the King of New York board game. I’ll show how to play it. Then I play live with 4 other people in a Live Stream. I’m doing my best to make original, new content […]

The TALOS Principle C4

1 month ago
In this Live Stream of The TALOS Principle I completely beat the Dynamite C4 level. This includes The Armory, Stables and Throne Room. Tomorrow I’ll have my next Random Live Stream Friday at 7PM EST! I’ll be doing something I have never done before and it will either be very fun or a complete disaster. […]

F# Tutorial

1 month ago
Get the Code Here : Best F# Book : Support my videos on Patreon : In this video I will cover the core syntax of the F# language in one video. This is basically a 300 page book on F# in one video. Here are time stamps to all the main parts, […]

The TALOS Principle C3 & C4

1 month ago
Tonight I taking on the hardest levels so far in The TALOS Principle being C3 & C4. I’m very close to getting to the Tower! I’m going to need some help at 7PM EST. Thank you to everyone that joined me live. MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL SCHEDULE 8PM EST Monday : Maker Monday Live Stream 7PM […]

The TALOS Principle C3

1 month ago
The next Live Stream is at 7PM EST / New York Time on Tuesday Tonight I take on the hardest level so far in The TALOS Principle. There are so many things going on that I have to start drawing maps! Starting next Monday I will be changing Monday to Maker Monday! All the streams […]

Beyond Burger

1 month ago
Get $5 for Free from Amazon : Where to Buy the Beyond Burger : Tonight is the first Random Live Stream Friday at 6PM EST! These are going to be the weird videos that people request that just don’t fit in any place else. They will focus on no reoccurring topic and will […]

The TALOS Principle Live Stream C2

1 month ago
Random Live Stream Friday will be tomorrow at 6PM EST / New York Time In this Live Stream I beat every puzzle in the C2 level of The TALOS Principle. This time we have a new platform tool which mixes up the puzzles and introduces a new level of complexity. I actually loved these puzzles. […]

Elixir Tutorial

1 month ago
Get The Code Here : Best Elixir Book : Install Elixir : In this tutorial I will cover the core syntax of the Elixir language in one video. I list below a rough overview of what is covered with time stamps so you can easily jump to what interests you. You can […]