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The Dev Show – Episode 002

3 weeks ago
In this episode we’ll be talking about Laracon 2017, AR Kit, Games to help you become a better developer, and a few other cool things. You can find the links and resources in this video below: Laracon Us Live Stream – Laravel US live stream tickets are on sale – Unsplash – Free Stock […]

The Dev Show – Episode 001

1 month ago
In this episode we will be talking about some Laravel stuff, VueJS, HTML/CSS/Javascript Libraries, and some other random cool stuff. Check out all the links discussed in this video below: Laravel Laravel Zero – Create your Own console applications. New Version – has a new version of their site released. MonicaHQ […]

Vlog 005 – 5 Tips to Getting More Sales on Codecanyon

3 months ago
In this video I’ll share with you my top 5 tips on getting more sales on Codecanyon, which include: 1. Make a Nice Cover Image for Your Product 2. Make Sure to Have a Nice Functioning Demo 3. Add Real Data to Your Live Demo, Instead of Dummy Data 4. Add Some Good Information on […]

Laravel F-Bar

4 months ago In this video I’ll show you can use Laravel F-Bar to quickly and easily manage your Laravel Forge servers. Link below:

Vlog 004 – Submitting a Product to CodeCanyon

5 months ago
In this video we’ll go through the process of submitting a product on CodeCanyon. You can check out the geekshop script here: This product was built using Laravel and Voyager In this video I will give you a demo of the GeekShop product and I will then show you the process of […]

Vlog 003 – Continual Learning

6 months ago
In this video blog I talk about how we are continually learning as developers and how grateful we should feel that everyday we are bettering ourselves and bettering our career. Here are the links to the resources that I talked about in this video: CodeSchool Team Treehouse Laracasts DevDojo

Vlog 002 – Preventing Burnout

6 months ago
In this video I talk briefly about burnout and how important it is to recharge your batteries every so often so that way you can be more productive and excited about all the stuff you’re working on.

05 – The Voyager Bread System

6 months ago
In this video I’ll be showing you how to use the BREAD system in voyager to easily add Browse, Read, Edit, Add, and Delete views to any data type.

Vlog 001 – Don’t worry about the tools, focus on the project

6 months ago
This is my first attempt at doing a video blog. I still need some practice, so this is my first attempt. Each week I want to talk about a subject related to development or design. Feel free to give me some suggestions about other topics in the comments. Thanks 🙂
04 – The Voyager Menu Builder

04 – The Voyager Menu Builder

7 months ago
In this video I’ll be showing you how to use the Voyager menu builder to build out menus for your Laravel app.
03 – Configurations & Routing in Voyager

03 – Configurations & Routing in Voyager

7 months ago
In this video I’ll show you how to modify some of the Voyager Configurations and how the routing system works.
02 – Installing Voyager

02 – Installing Voyager

8 months ago
In this video I’ll show you how easy it is to install the Laravel Voyager Admin package. Checkout the repo here: