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Docker allows you to package an application with all of its dependencies into a standardized unit for software development.

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Docker Government Summit 2018: Lockheed Martin Case Study

4 months ago
Featured Speaker: Arjuna Rivera, Lockheed Martin i2 Labs Lead Case Study: #bigwhale: An Unexpected Journey @Lockheed Martin 2017 was a banner year for change and disruption at Lockheed Martin. Our Enterprise IT started the migration to cloud and with it implemented a containerization strategy with Docker. As innovation accelerates and customer needs rapidly evolve, Lockheed […]

Docker Government Summit 2018: JIDO Case Study

4 months ago
Featured speaker: Leonel Garciga, CTO of JIDO This case study discusses Secure DevOps for Governance at JIDO (Joint Improvised Threat Defeat Organization)

Docker Government Summit 2018: Automating Security and Compliance via a new standard-of-standards

4 months ago
Featured Speakers: David Waltermire, NIST Security Automation Architect Anil Karmel, C2 Labs Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Weiss, Docker Solutions Engineer Security and Compliance is largely a manual paper-based exercise conducted with a myriad of tools, technologies and human labor in spreadsheets and documents. NIST’s Open Security Controls Assessment Language (OSCAL) standardizes how security controls are […]

Docker Government Summit 2018: Cyber Engineering with Containers

4 months ago
Featured Speaker: Zac Staples, Fathom5 Maritime Cybersecurity Two of the largest challenges in deploying government software are meeting cybersecurity and compliance requirements and then securely supporting the software over its lifecycle to deploy new features and correct bugs. Learn how containers play an ever-increasing role in solving these two key challenges to ensure your government […]

Docker Government Summit 2018: Love and Agony of Containers in Government

4 months ago
Featured Speaker: Aidan Feldman, Innovation Engineer at 18F This talk chronicles the love story of two star-crossed protagonists, containers and bureaucrats. Root for the pair as they muddle their way through the trials and tribulations of procurement, compliance, and answering the question of “so a container is a VM, right?” Can regulation and policy be […]

Docker Government Summit 2018: Fireside Chat

4 months ago
Hosted by Nick Sinai, Partner at Insight Ventures featuring David Shive, GSA CIO In this fireside chat, Nick Sinai and David Shive discuss how the strategies outlined White House IT Modernization Report have become both technology and workforce modernization initiatives within GSA IT.

Docker Government Summit 2018: Keynote Address

4 months ago
Featuring Banjot Chanana, Docker Head of Enterprise Product Government IT priorities today are driven by the need for better customer service and engagement and fiscal responsibility. These goals reflect the goals of IT modernization to leverage best practices and technology from the private sector and apply them to government organizations in a way that supports […]

Build & Manage Your Entire App Portfolio with Docker & Microsoft Azure

4 months ago
Thirty-seven billion Docker containers have been downloaded to build and deploy applications by businesses of all sizes because of their cross-platform, multi-cloud portability. Enterprises are using the Docker Enterprise Edition container platform to add application and infrastructure security and improve end-to-end application lifecycle management. In this webinar, we will demonstrate the Docker Enterprise Edition container […]

Building a Globally-Consistent Software Supply Chain Across Sites

4 months ago
Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) 2.0 helps multi-national corporations build a consistent, secure supply chain across distributed sites. This video demonstrates how organizations can use image caching and image mirroring for maintaining a secure chain of custody for containerized applications.

Securing the Kubernetes Software Pipeline with Docker EE 2.0

4 months ago
Docker Enterprise Edition 2.0 delivers a set of capabilities that help organizations build a secure software supply chain. By leveraging image signing, image scanning and policy-based image promotions, organizations can validate, authenticate, and approve applications before they’re deployed with either Swarm or Kubernetes.

Defining Secure Application Zones in Docker EE 2.0

4 months ago
Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) 2.0 provides a simple way to define logical and physical boundaries for both Swarm and Kubernetes projects. By being able to create secure application zones within a single cluster, organizations can scale more effectively avoid cluster sprawl.

Secure Cluster Management for Kubernetes in Docker EE 2.0

4 months ago
Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) 2.0 helps organizations operationalize Kubernetes quickly and securely by simplifying day-to-day management tasks like building and maintaining secure clusters. In this video, we demonstrate how easy it is to get started with Kubernetes with Docker EE 2.0.