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10 months ago
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Easy overview: Taffy CSS framework

11 months ago
Just a quick overview and demo of Taffy. Taffy: www.taffy.logancarlile23.com/ Easy starter: github.com/cresencio/easy-starter

Github Basics

1 year ago
In this video you will learn the basics of using git with the GitHub desktop app. At the end we create a simple “Hello World” website. After watching this video you will know how to publish a site to GitHub Pages. Example: easydevtuts.github.io/test-repo/

Live Learning – Grav CMS

1 year ago
This will be a quick review of the Grav CMS. getgrav.org

Live stream testing (ignore)

1 year ago
Tweaking settings and stuff. Intentionally left out audio. Did a few emmet examples and set up a bootstrap 101 page.

Static website to WordPress theme – 7

1 year ago
In part 7 we add the footer navigation menu and apply some css to our new HTML.

Static website to WordPress theme – 6

1 year ago
In this video we add filter function so that we can add the .current class to our current page item in the menu. WordPress topics mentioned: – add_filter()