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Balancing identity & privacy: building tools to help users – GitHub Universe 2017

1 month ago
Presented by Lindsey Bieda, GitHub. In an age where oversharing information is the norm, users need to be increasingly aware of what they make public to an internet that never forgets. In this talk, we’ll take a look at identity on the web and what users and sites can do to help protect personal information. […]

Extending with GitHub: easy integrations with Probot – GitHub Universe 2017

1 month ago
Presented by Jamie Jones, GitHub. GitHub has a rich API available for developers and consumers alike, but it can be a bit daunting to build a full fledged integration. This talk will center on using Probot to accelerate the process, and best practices related to this. It will also touch on some existing Probot apps […]

Having an invisible disease at GitHub – GitHub Universe 2017

1 month ago
Presented by Jamie Strusz, GitHub. Invisible diseases (mental health conditions, neurologic disease, rheumatic disease, etc.) are harder to identify, vary widely, and are often misunderstood and stigmatized. As someone with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease, I’m personally familiar with how my working conditions, the attitudes of my colleagues, and my ability to disclose has affected the […]

Building CS50 with GitHub – GitHub Universe 2017

1 month ago
Presented by David Malan, Harvard University. CS50 is Harvard University’s largest course and edX’s largest MOOC. For years, the course relied on homegrown tools to manage students’ homework submissions and teaching assistants’ grading workflows. The course eventually migrated those tools to the cloud, leveraging IaaS but still reinventing too many wheels. The course has since […]

Fostering open source culture for healthier minds – GitHub Universe 2017

1 month ago
Presented by Amy Dickens, GitHub Campus Expert. Taking time out is difficult; but coming back to work can be much harder. In a world where technology is constantly evolving, it is understandable that developers who need to take time off may experience huge amounts of anxiety about what they might face on their return. In […]

Caring For Your Fellow Developers – GitHub Universe 2017

1 month ago
Presented by Trent Willis, Netflix. “Move Fast and Break Things”, “Get Shit Done”, “Disrupt”. These are mantras of the tech and design industry. They praise speed and hard work but overlook a core element: people. When building software, we devote hundreds of hours to planning, organizing, building, and launching, but we often only spend a […]

How legal Hubbers GitHub – GitHub Universe 2017

1 month ago
Presented by Meena Polich & Brooke Roundy, GitHub. To most, GitHub is a platform by engineers, for engineers. The truth is, anyone can be a developer. Our legal team has embraced using GitHub to pioneer innovative legal practices for our business. We’re going to give you an overview and brief demo on why and how […]

Building, scaling, and selling GitHub integrations – GitHub Universe 2017

1 month ago
Presented by Kyle Daigle, GitHub. GitHub has a vibrant ecosystem of developer tools that our customers use every day. When the API launched 8 years ago, a few small integrations started to build businesses on top of GitHub’s Platform. Today, there are thousands of tools that build on-top of GitHub to provide unique features and […]

Quickly Build a Collaborative CMS Powered by the GitHub API – GitHub Universe 2017

1 month ago
Presented by David Stolarsky, The New York Times. At The New York Times we have built an entire CMS in which the only stateful layer is the GitHub API. This vastly simplifies our infrastructure setup and maintenance, and gives us powerful primitives on which to build a collaborative content editing system used by writers, designers, […]

The emotionally fit leader – GitHub Universe 2017

1 month ago
Presented by Dr. Emily Anhalt. The tech industry is realizing more and more that in order for a company to grow, employees must grow as individuals. Humans are emotional beings, and we bring our humanity with us to work every single day. This translates into the product that is being made, which is felt by […]

Tracking And Automating Software Infrastructure With GitHub – GitHub Universe 2017

1 month ago
Presented by John Arthorne, Shopify. Our company was steadily growing the number of production services, to the point where we had several hundred running web applications, most of which had poorly defined ownership and ad-hoc infrastructure. These applications had a patchwork of tools such as build and deployment automation, monitoring, alerting, and load testing, but […]

Tree-sitter: a new parsing system for programming tools – GitHub Universe 2017

2 months ago
Presented by Max Brunsfeld, GitHub. Developer tools that support multiple languages generally have very limited regex-based code-analysis capabilities. Tree-sitter is a new parsing system that aims to change this paradigm. We’re in the process of integrating Tree-sitter into both and Atom, which will allow us to analyze code accurately and in real-time, paving the […]