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Developer Student Club Leads – Indonesia Summit Highlights

3 months ago
Check out the highlights from the Developer Student Clubs (DSC) Summit in Bali, Indonesia on March 3 – 4, 2018! Sixty DSC Leads from 60 universities across Indonesia participated and were trained on Android, Web, Machine Learning, Design Thinking, leadership, and more. They will now be training students at their universities on mobile and web […]

GTXiLib, MongoDB Atlas on GCP, Chrome 66 Beta & More! – TL;DR 105

3 months ago
Funding 15,000 web and Android scholarships in Africa → GTXiLib → MongoDB Atlas availability on GCP → Chrome 66 Beta → Protect and control your GCP services and data → Firebase Realtime Database supports Google Stackdriver Alerts → Firebase for Game Developers → Today’s TL;DR is led by […]

Pre-launch Best Practices (GDC 2018)

3 months ago
Learn about new product announcements, tools and opportunities for game developers to build high quality, engaging experiences for a growing global audience. Then at (25:40) we do a deep dive in to Google Play Instant highlighting early launch partners and future plans to expand the audience. Watch the other talks here → Subscribe to […]

What is Flutter?

3 months ago
What is Flutter? In this episode of Coffee with a Googler, Laurence Moroney (@lmoroney) meets with Eric Seidel (@_eseidel) to learn all about it! Hear about how Eric tore the basics of the web to pieces to learn what works and what doesn’t, and how this brought about Flutter — Google’s mobile UI framework for […]

Announcing the TensorFlow YouTube Channel!

3 months ago
The TensorFlow YouTube channel is here! Subscribe to the channel ( to be notified about all their latest videos, as well as the TensorFlow Dev Summit being livestreamed on March 30th. They have a great lineup of shows that cover the wide range of things you can do with Tensorflow. See the lineup below: • […]

Hamilton app built with Flutter and featured on iOS and Android (Flutter Developer Story)

3 months ago
Get started with Flutter at Hamilton is one of the most talked about and best loved Broadway musicals today, and they wanted to deliver a high-quality native app on both iOS and Android. See how Hamilton and Posse, a NY-based development agency, created the Hamilton app and launched it on both iOS and Android […]

Open Sourcing Resonance Audio, Game-server Hosting on Kubernetes & More! – TL;DR 104

3 months ago
Build Actions for Your Community → Open Sourcing Resonance Audio → Remote Config REST API → Game-server hosting on Kubernetes → Cloud Shell from any terminal → Hyperparameter tuning on Google Cloud Platform → Today’s TL;DR is led by Google Developer Advocate Timothy Jordan. The TL;DR is where you […]

Google Developer Day at GDC 2018 Livestream

3 months ago
Google Developer Day will be full of announcements and best practices to help developers build incredible games. Starting with a keynote, we’ll then dive in to three main themed sessions including innovation & new platforms, pre-launch best practices, and ways to optimize your games post-launch. Each session will include several mini-talks from different Google teams […]

Actions on Google, Android P Developer Preview, New in Chrome 65 & More! – TL;DR 103

3 months ago
Actions on Google → Android P Developer Preview → Android Things Developer Preview → New in Chrome 65 → Firebase Crashlytics → Google Cloud Platform CLI → Today’s TL;DR is led by Google Developer Advocate Timothy Jordan. The TL;DR is where you can stay up to date on all […]

Flutter Beta 1, Hangouts Chat platform and API & More – TL;DR 102

4 months ago
Flutter Beta 1 → Hangouts Chat platform and API → Improving Stability → Cloud Datastore → Cloud Billing Catalog API → This TL;DR is led by Android Developer Advocate Dan Galpin. TL;DR is where you can stay up to date on all the latest Google Developer news, straight from the […]

Making progress (bars) with Slides Add-ons (The G Suite Dev Show)

4 months ago
Slides Add-ons allow developers to either extend the existing functionality of Google Slides, add some of the features from *their* app(s) into Slides, or both! Whether you’re attending a presentation or delivering one, sometimes it’s good to know how far along you are. In this DevByte video, Google engineers Grant Timmerman & Wesley Chun get […]

ARCore 1.0, Updates to Google Lens, Dart 2 & More – TL;DR101

4 months ago
Links: ARCore 1.0 and updates to Google Lens → Dart 2: Optimized for Client-Side Development → Managing Compute Engine instances → Cloud IoT Core → Mobile Speed Scorecard and Impact Calculator → This TL;DR is led by Firebase Developer Advocate Jen Person. You can usually catch Jen on the Firebase […]