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IBM: A Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

1 day ago
Business leaders are not just ‘doing business.’ They’re knitting together the whole fabric of civilization. Its harmony, pattern, design and mechanism are due to their clear thinking, ingenuity, progressiveness, imagination and character. For this reason, business leaders must be equally interested and proficient in all of the elements which go to make up a civilization […]

Narrating investment stress testing results with Natural Language Generation using Arria

3 days ago
Compute stress test results on a financial investment portfolio using cloud services and give the results a voice using Arria NLG. Use the following ( Github to build the application

Microservice Builder innovates through Design Thinking

4 days ago
Tech enthusiast and host Kelly Cameron sits down with Adriel Estrada, offering manager for IBM WebSphere Application Server, at the IBM Austin Design Studio to discuss the benefits of Design Thinking and how IBM built it into Microservice Builder. Learn more:

IBM Blockchain: The Blockchain Built for Business

7 days ago
The IBM Blockchain is reinventing fundamental business interactions across industries. It fosters a new generation of transactional applications that establish trust, accountability and transparency—from tomatoes to diamonds to shipments and more. Learn more at Subscribe to the IBM YouTube Channel: Learn more about IBM:

IBM Data Refinery: Blend Data from Multiple Sources

7 days ago
With IBM Data Refinery, you can blend data from multiple sources such as local files, IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud data, or IBM Cloudant data, and join those data sets to publish a refined and shaped data set. Find more videos in the IBM Data Refinery Learning Center at

IBM Blockchain: From Farm to Table

7 days ago
IBM Blockchain is the blockchain built for business. It lets you track a tomato from farm, to pot, to jar, to table, and serve with confidence that it’s safe. Learn more at Subscribe to the IBM YouTube Channel: Learn more about IBM:

IBM Code Day – Feb 14, 2018 – Bangalore India – Seema Kumar

1 week ago
Join Seema Kumar, leader of the Developer Ecosystem Group in India, at the 2018 IBM Code Day in Bangalore, India

IBM UrbanCode Deploy: New features for version 6.2.7

1 week ago
The IBM UrbanCode Deploy blueprint designer contains new features for version 6.2.7. –It supports more file types, such as Python, Ruby, and Bash. –New package support splits resources into sharable functional areas, creating a collection of deployment configuration files instead of one monolithic blueprint. –Resources are now cross-referenced between tabs and color-coded to indicate definitions […]

How to set up a web app with Security Groups, Load Balancer & CDN

1 week ago
IBM Cloud Network services, including Load Balancer, Security Groups, and CDN make it easy to build cloud-native applications with greater security, performance, and resiliency. In this demo, you’ll learn how you can use these services to create a simple three-tiered web app in a matter of clicks. To learn more, visit: For questions, contact […]

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots vs. humans

2 weeks ago
In this demo, see how a human worker and a RPA bot stack up as they complete a repetitive account opening process. Learn more about IBM Robotic Process Automation at

IBM Code Day – Feb 14, 2018 – Bangalore India

2 weeks ago
Join Willi Tejada, IBM Chief Developer Advocate, IBM Digital Business Group at the 2018 IBM Code Day in Bangalore, India. Learn more about the event at Register today, seating is limited.

IBM Cloud Private: Apps

2 weeks ago
Bring all your apps to life on a cloud that runs on premises, with IBM Cloud Private. The IBM Cloud. The cloud for business. Yours. Learn more at Subscribe to the IBM YouTube Channel: Learn more about IBM: