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Jakarta EE and EE4J with Ivar Grimstad @ivar_grimstad

5 days ago
Ivar gives some insights on the new EE4J Projects, which resulted from the migration of Java Platform, Enterprise Edition to the Eclipse Foundation. He also explains how to contribute to the projects. Key links: Project: How to contribute GitHub: Mailing list:

Java 10 Hidden Jems Nicolai Parlog @nipafx

5 days ago
Nicolai Parlog demonstrate the application class-data sharing API in Java 10 It allows you to reduce launch times, response time outliers, and, if you run several JVMs on the same machine, memory footprint. Improve Launch Times On Java 10 With Application Class-Data Sharing Nicolai Parlog (@nipafx)


2 weeks ago
This video is about JShell

When DevOps Becomes Waterfall with @HoardingInfo

2 weeks ago
Chris Riley is DevOps industry analyst and Editor Few will argue that shipping better code faster is a bad thing. That is why DevOps principles are adopted at a rapid pace. But will DevOps suffer the same fate as it’s predecessors ITSM, Agile, Waterfall? He talks about the future of DevOps, and the challenges […]

Microprofile with Emily Jiang

1 month ago
How to build configurable, resilient, monitorable Java Microservices? Eclipse MicroProfile ( is the answer. Eclipse MicroProfile has rapidly become a rich set of technologies essential for writing configurable, fault tolerant, secure and production-ready Java Microservices. Emily’s Presentation:

Getting Started with JDBC

2 months ago
Learn how to connect to the Oracle database using JDBC. First, provision an Oracle database instance on premises or on the Cloud. Second, download the Oracle JDBC jar and the connection pool (UCP.jar). Third: get the sample code from Github; update the database credentials; build and run! It’s that easy! Link to learn more:

Java 9 and 10 Performance with @javaperftuning and @josephbottinger

2 months ago
Kirk Pepperdine and Joe Ottinger discuss how Java performance is much better in Java 9 and 10. G1GC

Web Native with Vaadin – @amahdy7

3 months ago
AMahdy Abdelaziz (@amahdy7) talks about Vaadin, a web-native platform and how it’s becoming possible to build applications that rival native apps in usability and functionality, while still maintaining the best parts of Web – low friction and simple sharing. More at

Becoming a Speaker with @Melissa_Suggs4, @heathervc and @NoriSangeeta

3 months ago
Melissa (@Melissa_Suggs4), Sangeeta Nori (@NoriSangeeta), and Heather Vancura (@heathervc) discuss topics to present, career change, build your network and more

Panel with Java Experts

3 months ago
Venkat @venkat_s, Ivar @ivar_grimstad, Jonathan @JoroRoss, Mercedes @itrjwyss, Heather @heathervc, Ed @edburns, Mary @mgrygles give advice on how developers can manage their careers and create opportunities for further advancement by participating in collaborative activities such as open-source development projects and participation the Java Community Process and adoption efforts. In this session you will learn practical […]

Groovy Podcast

3 months ago
Baruch Sadogursky @jbaruch, Ken Kousen @kenkousen, and Andres Almiray @aalmiray talk about Groovy, Groovy use cases and much more. Groovy Podcast homepage:

Java 9 and 10 with Mohamed Taman @_tamanm

3 months ago
Java Champion Mohamed Taman discuss the features of Java 9 and Java 10 and how to best benefit from them. He just published a new self-paced, practical guide titled “Geeting started with clean code Java SE 9”