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Stop using the staging server with Chloe Condon and Raziel Tabib

4 days ago
Raziel and Chloe discuss why containers unlock the key to ephemeral testing environments that eliminate huge feedback bottlenecks and cripple development. The old staging methodology is broken for modern development. In fact, the staging server is left over from when we built monolithic applications. Find out why microservice architectures are driving ephemeral testing environments & […]

Continuous Delivery with Jenkins’ New Declarative Pipeline & Artifactory with @hrmpw

1 week ago
Jenkins Pipeline has been updated with a new Declarative Pipeline syntax and all new documentation. With the upcoming introduction of Blue Ocean and the Pipeline Editor it will soon be easier to create Pipelines in Jenkins than the traditional Freestyle jobs. This means that all of the power and flexibility provided by Pipeline and Jenkinsfiles […]

NoSQL, no Limits, lots of Fun!

2 weeks ago
Big data has taken the world by storm, fueled by NoSQL servers. And the most important servers are Java-based. Many are open source. Java projects of all sizes can benefit from this set of technologies. What is noSQL database? JNoSQL a new Java EE API (17:59) Demonstration (18:40) Learn more about JNoSQL project at

You got your Browser in my Virtual Machine! Impersonating Javascript environments in the Java VM

2 weeks ago
Ean Schuessler – @brainfoodies Sharing validation logic and system state management between client and server is a very common need. Learn how sophisticated browser programming models can help you bridge the gap between your JavaScript and Java codebases.

Making Database Changes a Tier one Artifact with @robertreeves

3 weeks ago
Robert Reeves advocates is a CTO at @Datical, Database release software. Robert discusses the role of DBA and how they are involved in DevOps release cycles.

Graal with Scott Lynn and @heathervc

3 weeks ago
Graal is a high-performance multi-language interpreter, optimizer and runtime that is used by companies like Twitter to get the most performance out of their code. Don’t be limited by corporate requirements that were created 5,10, or 25 years ago.  Find out how Graal is the “Holy Grail” for DevOps.  It simplifies development for developers, allows […]

Microservices, Spring Boot and Java

5 months ago
Eberhard Wolff (@ewolff ) explains microservices and shows a demo about Spring boot, Maven and Application Container Cloud Service