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DevOps from Admin and Developer Views with @jldeen and @jkc137

5 days ago
Jessica Deen @jldeen and Jennelle Crothers @jkc137 discuss the challenges in the deployment of software using DevOps . They talk about the trends but also how the changes affect the role of admins and developer, and how they collaborate better

Run JavaScript on JVM with Nashorn

1 week ago
How can you use the same code for multiple applications? For any of your isomorphic applications, you can use the same code using Nashorn, a JavaScript engine that enables developers to deploy JavaScript code on the JVM.

Women in IT: Networking, Opensource and More

2 weeks ago
Yolande Poirier @Java and Soo Choi @soosiechoi discuss some of the challenges women face in the IT field. For example, the challenges when networking at events. Soo Choi explains that “the code of conduct for open source projects have made it safe for people to contribute”

A Quick Intro to Falcon with Philip Reames – Lightning Talk

2 weeks ago
Philip talks about Falcon, a new Just-in-time compiler (JIT) for the Zing VM. The goal is to replace C2. It is built around LLVM

sjava Demo with Tom Bousso – Lightning Talk

2 weeks ago
Tom gives a demo on a static expression that he called S Expression. He also uses macro, a compile time function, which takes and return a token.

Kotlin Coroutines Reloaded with Roman Elizarov

2 weeks ago
Support for coroutines shipped in Kotlin 1.1 in a massively redesigned form versus the original plan show by Andrey Breslav on JVMLS 2016. This talk assumes familiarity with previous year’s presentation (only a short overview is given) and focuses on challenges that were encountered during the implementation of the original vision on Kotlin coroutines (a […]

Reducing Object Adaptation with Remi Forax

2 weeks ago
Usually when a dynamic language want to expose its own objects to the Java world (the other way around is trivial because a dynamic language can generate an invokedynamic while Java can not (yet!)), the language runtimes use wrappers/proxies/mirrors to expose those objects as Java objects, this can be costly in term of performance and […]

Pattern Matching with Brian Goetz @BrianGoetz

2 weeks ago
This talk highlights the pain points that need to be solved in order to implement the pattern matching in Java and proposes ways to solve those different issues. I’ve already an implementation that works and I hope to be able to demonstrate the use of value types under the hood for performance without leaking them […]

Continuations & Filters with Ron Pressler @pressron – Lightning Talk

2 weeks ago
Ron discussed the addition of Continuations & Filters to the Java Virtual Machine. Servers have a large number of concurrent open connections. They spend a long time just waiting for I/O from databases and other services

Lightweight Relations with Michael Steindorfer @loopingoptimism

2 weeks ago
Graphs or many-to-many relations occur naturally in application areas such as compilers, runtimes of programming languages, or static analyses of object-oriented software. On the Java Virtual Machine, relations are not natively language-supported; rather the standard libraries of programming languages like Java, Scala and Clojure either provide implementations of multi-maps, or the map and set APIs […]

Vectors and Values with Vladimir Ivanov @iwan0www and Ian Graves

2 weeks ago
There have been a number of recent advancements in bringing first-class vector (or SIMD) support in the JVM and Java. The OpenJDK Project Valhalla proposes new value type support for the JVM that enables to more easily specify vector value types with less overhead. The talk covers new developments on the road to Java Vectors […]

Minimal Values Under the Hood with Bjorn Vardal @bvaardal and Frédéric Parain

2 weeks ago
To provide a path towards earlier community involvement and feedback from early adopters, the Valhalla Value Types project is working on an experimental initial implementation step. The intent is to explore a subset of JVM changes that would be required to support Value Types, without exposing them through the Java language compiler. Through a clever […]