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Diamond: Core Library Improvements in Java 9

3 weeks ago
The Java Core Libraries are mature, well-understood and loved, but don’t you always run into corner cases where they don’t work so well? Richard discusses key updates and improvements in Java 9: – REPL – JShell as well as collection factories – Improvements to Streams and Collectors – Improvements to Optional Data Type Full presentation: […]

Quantum Computing with @johanvos and @JavaFXpert

4 weeks ago
The buzz about quantum computing has been rapidly increasing lately, and a growing number of developers have been looking into the subject. Concepts developers typically find challenging after a cursory investigation of quantum computing include: superpositions of quantum bits (qubits), quantum gates, quantum entanglement (Einstein’s “spooky actions at a distance”), and the relevance of Schrödinger’s […]

Women in Java with @reginatb38, @DuchessFounder and @ypoirier

1 month ago
Women in Java with @reginatb38, @DuchessFounder and @ypoirier. Linda van der Pal and Regina Ten Bruggencate discuss programs and initiatives to encourage more women to stay and join the IT field. They are both running the Duchess organization, a global organization for women in Java technology, currently with 550 members in over 60 countries. Duchess […]


1 month ago

Chatbot with @steveonjava, @jbaruch, and @gAmUssA

1 month ago
They compare and contrast the experience of implementing voice user interface for the two market leader voice activated assistants. Both are extendable, both have Java APIs, but which is better? Presentation:

Graal Runtime with @christhalinger and @ypoirier

2 months ago
Twitter is a massively distributed system with thousands of machines running thousands of JVMs. In any similar big system a small change in performance and CPU utilization is multiplied thousandfold and results in big savings. Electricity costs, cooling costs, and possibly reduction of server farm size. One way to improve Java performance and reduce CPU […]

Akka Framework with @mckeeh3 and @ypoirier

2 months ago
Hugh gives an overview of Akka platform, a toolkit for building highly concurrent, distributed, and resilient message-driven applications for Java and Scala More info:

Serverless and New Open Source Fn Platform with @treeder and @ypoirier

2 months ago
Serverless and New Open Source Fn Platform with Travis Reeder Serverless computing is one of the hottest trends in computing right now due to it’s simplicity and cost efficiency. But the most well-known serverless platforms are either proprietary or difficult to incorporate into existing platforms. Fortunately, the open source Fn Project ( was recently launched […]

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps using Java with @johanvos and @ypoirier

2 months ago
Johan Vos discusses two solutions Gluon and GluonLink, which allow developers to create and connect mobile devices to any cloud infrastructure including Oracle Cloud. Gluon: Serverless Functions with Gluon CloudLink and Fn Project: View story at Twitter: @johanvos and @GluonHQ

Shenandoah Garbage Collector with @shipilev and @ypoirier

2 months ago
Aleksey Shipilev explains the use cases for Shenandoah e.g. large heaps storing lots of live data, the failure to adhere to a generational hypothesis, fragmentation due to old objects coming and going, exacerbate the issues even more. OpenJDK GCs managed to solve the first large part of the puzzle, concurrent marking — the ability to […]

Java Community Keynote

4 months ago
The full Java Community Keynote session from Thursday morning at JavaOne 2017 in San Francisco.

Java Community Keynote Highlights

4 months ago
Highlights from the Thursday morning Community keynote at JavaOne 2017 in San Francisco.