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Trends in the JVM with @JohnRose00

3 weeks ago
JVM Architect John Rose talks about the new trends and projects related to the JVM Many Technical Initiatives on the JVM (10:17) Six trends to watch (in the JVM technology) (11:02) Can a JVM be “readable” (15:37) Graal (28:17) Project Metropolis (29:33) Value Types – Project Valhalla (31:30) Parametric Polymorphism (35:28) Project Amber (37:54) Presentation: […]

How to Launch a Grass-Roots DevOps Transformation in an Enterprise

2 months ago
Change can be slow when you work for a large and traditional enterprise. Deep coupling between applications, legacy processes, platforms, and red tape can make it difficult for DevOps to really take root. But this doesn’t mean that you should give up hope! Scott Finney and Nathan Kicklighter explain how they launched a Grass-Roots DevOps […]

About DevOps Trends, DevOps Theory vs. Practice, Data Driven Decisions

2 months ago
Leonid Igolnik @ligolnik Product Development Executive and Angel Investor, Corey Quinn @QuinnyPig Editor, / Advisor to ReactiveOps and Baruch Sadogursky @jbaruch Head of Developer Relations About DevOps Trends, DevOps Theory vs. Practice, Data Driven Decisions DevOps Theory vs. Practice Setting up your DevOps team to success with data 14.5: Trends in DevOps space at […]

Managing artifacts cross multiple Kubernetes clusters with Alena Prokharchyk

2 months ago
Managing artifacts cross multiple Kubernetes clusters with Alena Prokharchyk With Kubernetes being widely adopted by larger organizations, grows the demand for secure artifact management.

Jakarta EE and EE4J with Ivar Grimstad @ivar_grimstad

2 months ago
Ivar gives some insights on the new EE4J Projects, which resulted from the migration of Java Platform, Enterprise Edition to the Eclipse Foundation. He also explains how to contribute to the projects. Key links: Project: How to contribute GitHub: Mailing list:

Java 10 Hidden Jems Nicolai Parlog @nipafx

2 months ago
Nicolai Parlog demonstrate the application class-data sharing API in Java 10 It allows you to reduce launch times, response time outliers, and, if you run several JVMs on the same machine, memory footprint. Improve Launch Times On Java 10 With Application Class-Data Sharing Nicolai Parlog (@nipafx)

Effective Identity and Access Management Architecture @sebi2706 and @ixchelruiz

2 months ago
Sebastien Blanc @sebi2706 and Ixchel Ruiz @ixchelruiz Sebastien and Ixchel authenticate and propagating the user’s identity accross your different applications and services. And this has to happen while keeping a maximum security level without degrading the user experience: he doesn’t want to sign up over and over ton hese crazy registration’s forms, he doesn’t want […]

Getting SaaS an on-premise software development with Ray Chen

2 months ago
Ray Chen – Director, VMware Build Systems Engineering Getting SaaS an on-premise software development to productively co-exist SaaS and DevOps are the brave new world of software engineering. However, many companies like VMware are going to be developing and delivering traditional on-premise software for years to come. Ray talks about fundamental requirements of both, how […]

Virtual Reality in Java

2 months ago
Erik Pronk JDriven @erikjpronk and Alexander Chatzizacharias CGI went on a challenging adventure to discover the possibilities of coding VR applications in Java Their presentation:,_is_it_possible_-praesentation.pdf

Refactoring to Java 10

2 months ago
Reinier Zwitserloot @surial and Roel Spilker @rspilker discuss how to refactor and migrate to Java 10 and project Lombok Project Lombok is a java library that automatically plugs into your editor and build tools, spicing up your java. Never write another getter or equals method again. Early access to future java features such as val, […]


2 months ago
This video is about JShell

When DevOps Becomes Waterfall with @HoardingInfo

2 months ago
Chris Riley is DevOps industry analyst and Editor Few will argue that shipping better code faster is a bad thing. That is why DevOps principles are adopted at a rapid pace. But will DevOps suffer the same fate as it’s predecessors ITSM, Agile, Waterfall? He talks about the future of DevOps, and the challenges […]