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3 days ago
Code, Life, Anything, Maybe he can help!

3 Ways to Rapidly Export Assets in Photoshop CC

3 months ago
The Sound seems quite bad sorry. Photoshop Tips and Tricks.

Windows: Sync IDE/Code Editor w/Google Drive

3 months ago
[ Download Links Below ] This is a handy Utility that’s quite interesting I stumbled on it across a random blog. Download Links Below: You can use DropBox, OneDrive, ASUS storage, whatever you want it’s neat. I was showing Jetbrains PhpStorm, I’d be hard pressed to find a better IDE than it! – Favorite IDE: […]

Best Cinema4D Tutorial for Beginners

5 months ago
Cinema4d Beginner Tutorial / C4D Beginner Tutorial. Newbies gather and Learn the Cinema4D Essential Basics. Cinemda4D is a very user-friendly 3D Application easier than most others. This video about the TOTAL BASICS, covering MUST KNOW hotkeys and how to use the MAIN AREA. Get ready to use the application and Kick Butt!

How to Turn MySQL Strict Mode OFF

5 months ago

Illustrator 2017 – SVG For Web, It’s HOT!

6 months ago
SVG’s are awesome and can do so much more than static images, they are much smaller in size and you can make some awesome sprites from them. You can customize and colorize them and do plenty. @LINK – github.com/JREAM/svg-combiner — Autobuild script to combine SVG’s into one file (Sprite) and make backup PNG’s @ (You […]

Learn Node By Example – Part 11 – Preparing User Creating with BCrypt and Validator

10 months ago
We’ll use the bcryptjs and validator packages to prepare for our user saving. We have to update the name fields in our templates as well to get the correct posts. We end with an error, so next flash messages are needed to help us figure out what went wrong! GitHub: github.com/JREAM/learn-node-by-example

Learn Node By Example – Part 10 – Logging w/Log Rotation & Two Templates

10 months ago
We setup Log Rotation rather than standard logging using Node’s built in FileSystem (“fs”), Im using Node 6.9.5. We use another tool to make the logging rotate, after that we setup the two templates for account_delete and account_reactivate. GitHub: github.com/JREAM/learn-node-by-example

Learn Node By Example – Part 9 – Sessions & Tidy

10 months ago
This is a long video, learn the hard way and we’ll appreciate more packages later! We start by adding express-session which is middleware that attaches to the route’s ‘req’ variable appearing as ‘req.session’. We then create middleware to prevent unlogged in users from accessing the dashboard. A bit of time is consumed tidying of some […]

Learn Node By Example – Part 6 – Save to MongoDB with Mongoose

10 months ago
Here we will test our Mongo Connection using Node Mongoose and send some data it’s way to ensure our connection is working. GitHub: github.com/JREAM/learn-node-by-example

Learn Node By Example – Part 8 – Organize Files

10 months ago
We will clean the directory with a folder and modules not needed. Then we will add the missing logout GET route. Lastly add a middleware folder for the future. I want to declutter a little bit before we dive in deeper. GitHub: github.com/JREAM/learn-node-by-example

Learn Node By Example – Part 7 – Prepare Forms for Users

10 months ago
Add forms for the user to login, register, and forgot password. We also create the routes. GitHub: github.com/JREAM/learn-node-by-example