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Imad Elyafi: Migrating Pinterest profiles to React | JSConf Budapest 2017

2 weeks ago
We all have been in situation when we were in one platform and had to move to another. While it’s relatively easy to build a new web app in React, migrating a service that’s constantly changing and used by millions of people is a much more complicated challenge. It’s like changing the engines of an […]

Don Burks: MVC – What a web app and a Mozart Violin Concerto have in common | JSConf Budapest 2017

2 weeks ago
If I told you that a Mozart Violin Concerto and an MVC web app shared architectural similarities, you would probably scoff. You’d start laughing if I said that Mozart and the developer who built the web app had nearly identical approaches. However, in this talk which compares actual code and musical examples, you’ll see how […]

Anna Migas: Make your animations perform well | JSConf Budapest 2017

2 weeks ago
Animations have been around the web for some time already; badly implemented can be deadly to the website’s performance and the user’s delight. Let’s learn together how the browser renders our page, to know where to look for optimisations and what are the best techniques to get our animations smooth and fast. jsconfbp.com/speakers/anna-migas/

Opher Vishnia: Web Animation: from Disney to SASS | JSConf Budapest 2017

2 weeks ago
Staggered animation, also known as Follow through or Overlapping motion is one of the 12 principles of classical animation as defined by Disney. It’s a way of giving life to an object with some planning and minimal effort. In this talk I will present several ways of implementing this – with native CSS animations using […]

Trent Willis: Caring For Your Fellow Developers | JSConf Budapest 2017

2 weeks ago
“Move Fast & Break Things”, “Get Shit Done”, “Disrupt”. These are mantras of the tech and design industry. They praise speed and hard work but overlook a core element: people. Let’s talk about how we can proactively care for our teammates with the same passion we use when caring for our code. jsconfbp.com/speakers/trent-willis/

JSConf.Asia 2016 – A look back

4 weeks ago
Want to join us in January? Get your tickets for JSConf.Asia 2018 at events.pouchnation.com/event/jsconfasia2018 This video is look back at Southeast Asia’s largest web developer conferences at the Capitol Theatre in Singapore. A big thank you goes out to everybody involved in making this video! It’s been such fun 🙂 You can find out more […]

Impressions of JSConf EU 2017

2 months ago
This was 2017. JSConf EU 2018 is happening June 2nd + 3rd in Berlin, Germany 2018.jsconf.eu/

CSSconf EU 2017 – Mood Film

2 months ago
See impressions of CSSconf EU 2017 – a one-day, one-track community conference dedicated to everyone who loves and writes CSS, taking place in Berlin, Germany. ———————————— Next years conference is going to be Friday, June 1st 2018! Subscribe to updates here: 2018.cssconf.eu/

Chen Shay: You don’t need AMP for that | JSConf EU 2017

5 months ago
But it makes things so nice and easy 🙂 AMP at its heart is a JavaScript library for building super fast static web pages. Being purely web tech based, we can understand how it works and take the best ideas and use them in non-AMP projects. This talk will dig into the nitty gritty details […]