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David Bryant: Enabling New Web Experiences – JSConf.Asia 2018

1 day ago
Speech, mixed reality and machine learning are all the rage. How do we incorporate these emerging technologies into today’s web and provide enriching opportunities for creators and compelling experiences for users? How do we make those experiences buildable and deployable at scale to everyone, everywhere? Come hear how Mozilla blends established core web components like […]

István Szmozsánszky “Flaki”: Honey, I Shrunk The Scripts — The Secret Life Of … – JSConf.Asia 2018

4 days ago
In 2015 I published an article on JavaScript’s “World Domination”. Back then, a bit more than two years ago, in this 6000-word beast JavaScript on hardware was almost like an afterthought, a footnote on the last page and a bit. But even then, the writing was already on the wall — it was only a […]

Shirley Wu & Nadieh Bremer: Datasketch|es – A Year Of Exotic Data Visualizations – JSConf.Asia 2018

1 week ago
Data sketches is a collaboration between Nadieh Bremer and Shirley Wu, where we choose a topic and visualize it by the end of the month, and write about our process. In this talk, we will share our favorite months of data, sketches, and code: what made them our favorites, the mistakes we made along the […]

Chen Hui Jing: When East Meets West: Web Typography And How It Can Inspire … – JSConf.Asia 2018

1 week ago
This talk traces the parallel history of western and eastern typography from handwriting to the internet age, setting the context for how the web is a brand new medium for typesetting. CSS allows us to implement advanced typographic features and multi-directional layouts, that not only benefits internationalisation, but opens up a myriad of options for […]

Wilson Mendes: Micro Frontend – A Microservice Architecture From … – JSConf.Asia 2018

2 weeks ago
Are you working with a big Frontend application and you are facing some problems in your project? Do you want migrate your frontend from another framework or library and don’t know how? Don’t you know how to manage different layers of complexity in your application or share these components between applications? In this talk, I […]

Irina Shestak: Storytelling With Performance Observers – JSConf.Asia 2018

2 weeks ago
Chances are that if you work in software, you spend time building applications. Between features, deadlines and bug fixes, it’s easy to move performance to be “”nice to have””. But what do you do when user interactions drop off, and users start complaining? Instead of having a traditional, reactive approach to performance — what if […]

JSConf.Asia 2018 Day 3 – Live

3 weeks ago
From the Capitol Theatre in Singapore on the 27th of January 2018 Full Program at: 2018.jsconf.asia License: For reuse of this video under a more permissive license please get in touch with us. The speakers retain the copyright for their performances.

Imad Elyafi: Migrating Pinterest profiles to React | JSConf Budapest 2017

3 months ago
We all have been in situation when we were in one platform and had to move to another. While it’s relatively easy to build a new web app in React, migrating a service that’s constantly changing and used by millions of people is a much more complicated challenge. It’s like changing the engines of an […]

Kacper Sokołowski: You use Content Security Policy, don’t you? | JSConf Budapest 2017

3 months ago
Everyone know that security is important right? The biggest companies like Facebook and Google spend tons of money on bug bounty programs to ensure that their products are secure. But is there a way that we can make our website prone to some of the most popular attacks? There is one security mechanism which can […]

Don Burks: MVC – What a web app and a Mozart Violin Concerto have in common | JSConf Budapest 2017

3 months ago
If I told you that a Mozart Violin Concerto and an MVC web app shared architectural similarities, you would probably scoff. You’d start laughing if I said that Mozart and the developer who built the web app had nearly identical approaches. However, in this talk which compares actual code and musical examples, you’ll see how […]

Anna Migas: Make your animations perform well | JSConf Budapest 2017

3 months ago
Animations have been around the web for some time already; badly implemented can be deadly to the website’s performance and the user’s delight. Let’s learn together how the browser renders our page, to know where to look for optimisations and what are the best techniques to get our animations smooth and fast. jsconfbp.com/speakers/anna-migas/

Sandrina Pereira: How can Javascript improve your CSS mixins | JSConf Budapest 2017

3 months ago
Open a new window of possibilities to CSS: Faster compilation time, advanced logic, better styles scalability with Unit Testing and more. How can we use Javascript in order expand the potential of CSS? Why not bring Unit Testing to the table? PostCSS exposes a new world of possibilities for CSS with Javascript. Let’s have a […]