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T’Challa’s Spear from Black Panther

4 days ago
Darrell Maloney from the YouTube Channel Broken Nerd has something really special for us on the release day of Black Panther: A 3d printed replica prop of T-Challa’s Spear! Check out his entire process in this video. More from Broken Nerd:

The Search For A Slim Wallet

7 days ago
I absolutely hate having a fat wallet. I carry it in my front pocket because I also can’t stand sitting on an un even rump. in my search for the ultimate slim wallet, I considered that maybe i should just make one. This one has all that I need, which isn’t much. Though I did […]

3d Chocolate valentines

2 weeks ago
There just isn’t much better for valentines day than making something sweet for your sweetie. Here’s how to make some chocolate sculptures and shapes, extremely easily. Perfect for someone who is more comfortable building cabinets than creampuffs.

Skillbuilder: Design for CNC Joinery

2 weeks ago
Dogbones! T-Bones! Sniglets! If you’ve ever done any amount CNC design for wood joinery, you know that the rounded inside corners left behind by the router bit can be a struggle. But there are three different types of fillets you can use have them join up nice and square. Learn how to design them in […]

Simple Repair and Upgrade of Cheap Furniture

3 weeks ago
Like many people, I didn’t splurge on some of my home furnishings. When they started to fall apart, I was faced with a decision: fix it or trash it. So, I fixed it! This is a great beginner project, or something you can do in your kitchen without any power tools at all. Music:

Extra-Fancy Gaff Tape Dispenser

1 month ago
A while back, Laura Kampf made this dispenser for duct tape out of steel that looked like one of those cheap plastic disposable scotch tape dispensers. I loved that thing and wanted my own, but I wanted mine to look like one of those classy desktop tape dispensers. Laura’s Video:–dWEpNIc ———————————————————— Visit us on […]

MU Spacebot Educational Robot Review

1 month ago
The MU Spacebot is a robot kit that can recognize faces, play music, talk, and play! Caleb builds one and puts it through it’s paces.

Livestream-Interactive Confetti Cannon

2 months ago
Have you ever wanted to give your live stream audience control over a confetti cannon? Probably not, because you are a sensible person. But in case you aren’t this is the project for you. We’re going to use an Adafruit Feather Huzzah and Blynk to turn the controls of an air cannon over to the […]

The Prusa i3 mk 3: Tomorrow’s 3d Printing Technology Today

2 months ago
The Prusa team few out a beta unit of their brand new printer to our shootout earlier this year, just to participate in the test. And while it didn’t score the highest in our results, it is still a printer packed with technology that we’re really excited about.

The Best CNC Router for 2018: The CNC Routerparts Benchtop

3 months ago
The CNC Routerparts Benchtop Model might not be the biggest CNC Router you can buy, but it’s among the best. Perfect for small shops ready to do real work, plus it’s easily scale-able to whatever size you’ll need. ———————————————————— Visit us on the web! Go to a Maker Faire! Subscribe to the Magazine! […]

Make Live: Motion Control Camera Slider

3 months ago
In November’s episode of Make: Live, we’re building a motion control camera slider to allow us to capture timelapses with a moving camera. It’s completely self contained and is based on Adafruit’s Feather microcontroller platform. Get the parts for this project: Complete instructions:

The Best 3D Printer for 2018: The Raise 3d N2

3 months ago
The Raise 3d N2 tied for first place in our annual 3d printer & digital fabrication shootout with the Prusa i3 Mk2S. Find out why in this video! ———————————————————— Visit us on the web! Go to a Maker Faire! Subscribe to the Magazine! Twitch.TV: Follow us on Twitter: Instagram: […]