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Adam Savage’s Maker Faire Q&A

4 days ago
Adam Savage followed his annual speech at Maker Faire with a lengthy Q&A Session.

Adam Savage’s Maker Faire “Sunday Sermon”

4 days ago
As part of Maker Faire, Adam Savage gives a speech on Sunday. this year was a blistering take on how making can help democratize disparities of income and opportunity. Q&A Section:

12 Foot Wide CNC’d Window Art

5 days ago
My father’s house needed some art. I thought it would be the perfect use for some CNC’d plywood. music by RSF:

Make a Bottle Opener Fidget Spinner

1 week ago
Fidget spinners are fun to make! Here’s one that has a handy feature built in.

How To Make The “No Tools” Fidget Spinner

1 week ago
A fun way to explore the fidget spinner craze, without too much investment of time or money, is to make the “no tools” fidget spinner. This simple fidget spinner is comprised of a central bearing, some heavy nuts of various sizes, and zip ties. That’s it.

Youtuber’s Guide to Maker Faire To Bay Area

2 weeks ago
Register here! Find the whole blog post here:

Quick and dirty raspberry pi retro console from an old tv

2 weeks ago
See the full article here: Many people see the incredible game systems built by people like Ben Heck, with custom formed plastics and complex electrical setups, and feel like they cannot build anything as awesome as that. I hope this project shows you that you can put together something cool with minimal skills and […]

One Car Workshop: Live Edge Walnut Goblet with Captive Ring

3 weeks ago
When I first got my lathe, Peter Brown (of Shop Time) sent me a box of interesting scrap wood to practice on. The one that caught my eye was a big chunk of live-edge walnut (i.e. with the bark still attached). This video is a story about how I nearly ruined it. Music: “Rattan” by […]

Weekend Project: Raspberry Pi Weather Station

3 weeks ago
This project uses a Raspberry Pi and the Pi Sense hat to collect and aggregate weather data in your local area. Read more about this project:

Giant Mechanical Iris! Cut on a CNC Router Parts PRO60120

4 weeks ago
Full story with pictures and files: I’ve been wanting to build this project for so long, I can barely believe I’ve finally done it. CNC Router Parts stepped up to partner with us to make this happen. It was a fun project and a great way too show off their PRO60120 machine. Be sure […]

Crafted Workshop: End Grain Cutting Board with CNC Inlay

1 month ago
In this project, Johnny Brooke from Crafted Workshop will show you how to build an end grain cutting board with a twist!

Make: Live- Tricolor Twinkle Lights

1 month ago
This is the archive of Make: Live episode 04, where we build a LED-lit mason jar powered by the Adafruit Trinket. Full project instructions: All parts are available at ———————————————————— Visit us on the web! Go to a Maker Faire! Subscribe to the Magazine! Twitch.TV: Follow us on Twitter: […]