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AKS cluster upgrades and managed K8s

16 hours ago
Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team sat down with Gabe Monroy a principal PM on the Azure Compute team. Gabe shows off new functionality to auto upgrade Kuberneties clusters as part of the relaunch of AKS. Post any questions, topic ideas or general conversation here in the comments OR online on […]

Gaming and Disability Boot Camp: A Discussion with Warfighter Engaged

1 day ago
Warfighter Engaged is a charity the, originally specializing with veterans, helps people with disabilities get back into gaming via custom control set ups. In this panel, comprised of two wounded veteran gamers, an engineer, an occupational therapist and the founder of the charity, they discuss everything from how gaming has been a part of their […]

Azure IoT Hub

2 days ago
Olivier Bloch joins Scott Hanselman to discuss Azure IoT and how it is more than just about connecting IoT devices and sending telemetry to the Cloud. They also talk about Azure IoT device topics such as twins, provisioning, and lifecycle management. For more information, see: Azure IoT Hub Azure IoT MXChip starter kit Azure IoT Developer […]

Paint 3D Tutorial with Art Director Alberto Cerriteno

3 days ago
Watch art director, Alberto Cerriteno, to learn how to create your own space character in Paint 3D: Creative monster inspiration from Julien Canavezes.

TWC9: Always On, Visual Studio 2017 15.5, Channel 9 on YouTube, DNR #1500 and more…

4 days ago
This week on Channel 9, Christina and guest host Paige Bailey discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:47] Always Connected PCs enable a new culture of work [Terry Myerson] [02:40] Visual Studio 2017 Version 15.5, Visual Studio for Mac Released [John Montgomery], Extend your desktop application with Windows 10 features using the new Visual […]

AI for Earth B-roll

5 days ago
This broadcast quality footage, intended for journalists, shows footage of how Microsoft AI can be used to address climate change.

Azure Availability Zones

5 days ago
Raj Ganapathy joins Scott Hanselman to discuss the new addition to Azure’s resiliency offerings – Availability Zones. Azure Availability Zones are fault-isolated locations within an Azure region to help protect customers applications and data from datacenter-level failures with independent power, network, and cooling. For more information, see:  Introducing Azure Availability Zones for resiliency and high availability […]

Database DevOps with Redgate ReadyRoll

6 days ago
In this first of two episodes, Robert is joined by Steve Jones to discuss how you can use the Redgate Data Tools that are included in Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 to extend DevOps practices to SQL Server and Azure SQL databases. In this episode, Steve demonstrates the migrations-based approach used by ReadyRoll, which generates numerically ordered SQL […]

Azure Security Center, Suspicious processes and JIT access

7 days ago
Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team shares some of the coolest demos from his recent Microsoft Ignite talk to help manage your infrastructure in an easier way.  In this episode he covers Azure security center enhancements, tracking suspicious processes with AI and Just-In-Time (JIT) access. Post any questions, topic […]

.NET Foundation’s Summer Hackfest with Jon Galloway

7 days ago
In this episode of On .NET, Jon Galloway joins us to talk about the .NET Foundation’s Summer Hackfest. [00:30] – Jon shares some of the goals of the .NET Foundation [03:13] – Jon talks about the .NET Summer Hackfest [10:25] – Shout out to Tarun for being awesome! [10:40] – Jon tells us what went […]

Open Service Broker for Azure

7 days ago
In this episode, Sean McKenna shows Scott Hanselman the Open Service Broker for Azure, an easy way to connect applications running in platforms like Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry to some of the most popular Azure services, using a standard, multi-cloud API. For more information, see: Open Service Broker API (org site) Open Service Broker for Azure […]

Microsoft Outlook: Basics and beyond

7 days ago
Make the most of Outlook! We show you best practices for managing your email and calendar efficiently, including switching views in calendar and email, scheduling meetings and conference rooms, and categorizing your appointments with colors. Learn how to assign permissions to a delegate and share your calendar with others. Even Outlook veterans may learn a […]