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Office 365 Update: November 2017

2 weeks ago
Welcome of the Office 365 update for November of 2017. This video covers topics including the Ignite conference, intelligent communications announcements, updates, LinkedIn integration, and more. Be sure to check out the companion blog at for the transcript, which includes links to more information on each topic.

Microsoft President Brad Smith On Cybersecurity and a Digital Geneva Convention

2 weeks ago
Microsoft President Brad Smith gives a speech at the United Nations in Geneva on the state of cybersecurity, the shared responsibility to protect people in times of cyber warfare, and the need for a Digital Geneva Convention.

Security expert roundtable: advanced threat protection at Microsoft (October 2017)

2 weeks ago
Security experts from Microsoft discuss phishing, malware protection, threat intelligence, and more. They share candid insights and best practices about using Advanced Threat Protection in Azure, Windows 10, and Office 365 to combat sophisticated cyberattacks from advanced adversaries and to protect company data. These questions — and more — are discussed during this session: [01:30] […]

Track and remediate potential database vulnerabilities with SQL Vulnerability Assessment

2 weeks ago
This week’s episode of Data Exposed welcomes Ronit Reger to the show! Ronit is a Senior PM on the SQL product team focusing on SQL security and data privacy, and today she is in the studio to talk about the hottest new feature to come out of the security group â€" SQL Vulnerability Assessment. Vulnerability […]

Azure DDoS Protection Service

2 weeks ago
JR Mayberry joins Scott Hanselman to discuss protecting applications on Azure from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks with the Azure DDoS Protection service. Azure resources now have access to the same DDoS Protection technology that protects other Microsoft online services, such as Xbox Live and Office 365. For more information, see: Azure DDoS Protection […]

Balancing security in the midst of a digital transformation

2 weeks ago
In the Securing our enterprise series, Arsenault will share a very curious but practical analogy on how he and his team are balancing information protection, device health, identity management, and data telemetry with risk management during these exciting times. This six-part series will deep dive into every aspect of enterprise security here at Microsoft and […]

Episode 172: Technically Wrong with Sara Wachter-Boettcher

2 weeks ago
We talk with Sara Wachter-Boettcher, author of Technically Wrong, about real examples of software mistakes that are biased and alienate users. 15 underutilized features of .NET. And Google is shipping the new pixel phone without Android.

Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break / s7 e7 / Mauricio Guerra, CISO, Dow Chemical

2 weeks ago
This week Brad drives around with Mauricio Guerra (CISO of Dow Chemical) to talk about the huge steps this 120-year-old company has made to modernize and protect itself. They also discuss good and bad ways to educate company leadership about the value of digital security, and the similarities between blind dates and security software POCs. […]

Interview with Sumit Chauhan, Corporate Vice President, Office Organization

2 weeks ago
Sumit heads up the engineering for Microsoft’s flagship Office products: Word and PowerPoint across all platforms. She is also responsible for new and upcoming investments in the authoring and storytelling space with Sway as well as reimaging the authoring experience in Word and PowerPoint powered by Intelligent services and investments in Inking and 3D. Prior […]

Azure Batch Rendering Service

2 weeks ago
Dave Fellows joins Donovan Brown to chat about a new service called Azure Batch Rendering, which is built on the Azure Batch service to provide capabilities for rendering 3D graphics for film and other visual media projects. The service provides pay-per-use licensing of the commercial applications commonly used in this field.   For more information, see:  Azure […]

ASP.NET Monsters #110: Live Unit Testing

2 weeks ago
The new live unit testing capabilities of Visual Studio 2017 are a real timesaver. In this video, we take a poke around at them.

Physics-based Manipulation with and Around People

3 weeks ago
Robots manipulate with super-human speed and dexterity on factory floors. But yet they fail even under moderate amounts of clutter or uncertainty. However, human teleoperators perform remarkable acts of manipulation with the same hardware. My research goal is to bridge the gap between what robotic manipulators can do now and what they are capable of […]