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Protecting People from Algorithms (and Vice Versa)

5 days ago
Computing technologies today have made it much easier to gather personal data. Algorithms are constantly analyzing such personal information and making consequential decisions on people. The extensive use of algorithms imposes the risks of algorithms mistreating people such as privacy violation or unfair discrimination. There is also a risk of people mistreating algorithms. For example, […]

Ignite Talks-James Vlahos

6 days ago
Botness is a two-day gathering in NYC on November 4-5, 2016 at NYU/ITP. We’ll discuss all things bots: startups, tools, bots for work and play, discovery, and engagement. We will work together to shape the evolving technologies to support innovation and open collaboration. See more on this video at

Aerial Informatics and Robotics Platform

1 week ago
The video shows a simulation of the quadrotor flight in a sub-urban environment. The visuals depict how the camera mounted on the quadrotor perceives the world. See more on the project: Read the blog post:

All-Frequency Precomputed Radiance Transfer for Glossy Objects

2 weeks ago
We introduce a method based on precomputed radiance transfer (PRT) that allows interactive rendering of glossy surfaces and includes shadowing effects from dynamic, “all-frequency” lighting. Specifically, source lighting is represented by a cube map at resolution nL = 6 × 32 × 32. We present a novel PRT formulation which factors glossy BRDFs into purely […]

Silhouette Clipping

2 weeks ago
Approximating detailed models with coarse, texture-mapped meshes results in polygonal silhouettes. To eliminate this artifact, we introduce silhouette clipping, a framework for efficiently clipping the rendering of coarse geometry to the exact silhouette of the original model. The coarse mesh is obtained using progressive hulls, a novel representation with the nesting property required for proper […]

Discontinuity Edge Overdraw

2 weeks ago
Aliasing is an important problem when rendering triangle meshes. Efficient antialiasing techniques such as mipmapping greatly improve the filtering of textures defined over a mesh. A major component of the remaining aliasing occurs along discontinuity edges such as silhouettes, creases, and material boundaries. Framebuffer supersampling is a simple remedy, but 2×2 supersampling leaves behind significant […]

Texture Mapping Progressive Meshes

2 weeks ago
Given an arbitrary mesh, we present a method to construct a progressive mesh (PM) such that all meshes in the PM sequence share a common texture parametrization. Our method considers two important goals simultaneously. It minimizes texture stretch (small texture distances mapped onto large surface distances) to balance sampling rates over all locations and directions […]

Signal-Specialized Parametrization

2 weeks ago
We create a surface parametrization to store a given surface signal into a texture image. Our goal is to minimize signal approximation error — the difference between the original surface signal and its reconstruction from the sampled texture. We derive a signal-stretch parametrization metric based on a Taylor expansion of signal error. For fast evaluation, […]

Precomputed Radiance Transfer for Real-Time Rendering

2 weeks ago
We present a new, real-time method for rendering diffuse and glossy objects in low-frequency lighting environments that captures soft shadows, interreflections, and caustics. As a preprocess, a novel global transport simulator creates functions over the object’s surface representing transfer of arbitrary, low-frequency incident lighting into transferred radiance which includes global effects like shadows and interreflections […]

Bi-Scale Radiance Transfer

2 weeks ago
Radiance transfer represents how generic source lighting is shadowed and scattered by an object to produce view-dependent appearance. We generalize by rendering transfer at two scales. A macro-scale is coarsely sampled over an object’s surface, providing global effects like shadows cast from an arm onto a body. A meso-scale is finely sampled over a small […]

Clustered Principal Components for Precomputed Radiance Transfer

2 weeks ago
We compress storage and accelerate performance of precomputed radiance transfer (PRT), which captures the way an object shadows, scatters, and reflects light. PRT records over many surface points a transfer matrix. At run-time, this matrix transforms a vector of spherical harmonic coefficients representing distant, low-frequency source lighting into exiting radiance. Per-point transfer matrices form a […]

Iso-charts: Stretch-driven Mesh Parameterization Using Spectral Analysis

2 weeks ago
We describe a fully automatic method, called iso-charts, to create texture atlases on arbitrary meshes. It is the first to consider stretch not only when parameterizing charts, but also when forming charts. The output atlas bounds stretch by a user-specified constant, allowing the user to balance the number of charts against their stretch. Our approach […]