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ISCA 2018 Lightning Talk: Project Brainwave

3 days ago
Lightning talk for the ISCA 2018 paper “A Configurable Cloud-Scale DNN Processor for Real-Time AI”. See more at

Not Lost in Translation with Arul Menezes

4 days ago
Menezes talks about how the advent of deep learning has enabled exciting advances in machine translation, including applications for people with disabilities, and gives us an inside look at the recent “human parity” milestone at Microsoft Research, where machines translated a news dataset from Chinese to English with the same accuracy and quality as a […]

Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists

7 days ago
This talk discards hand-wavy pop-science metaphors and answers a simple question: from a computer science perspective, how can a quantum computer outperform a classical computer? Attendees will learn the following: – Representing computation with basic linear algebra (matrices and vectors) – The computational workings of qbits, superposition, and quantum logic gates – Solving the Deutsch […]

Code in the Classroom with Dr. Peli de Halleux

2 weeks ago
If you’ve ever wondered if you could find the perfect combination of computer scientist… and MacGyver, look no further than Dr. Peli de Halleux, Principal Research Software Design Engineer at Microsoft Research. A key member of the MSR RiSE team, Peli is part of the MakeCode initiative that brings physical computing to classrooms around the […]

FPGAs in Microsoft’s Intelligent Cloud

2 weeks ago
Microsoft is leading the industry’s datacenter transformation by using programmable hardware: First to prove the value of FPGAs for cloud computing, first to deploy them at cloud scale, and, with Bing, first to use them to accelerate enterprise-level applications. Learn more at

Acquiring and Aggregating Information in Societal Contexts

3 weeks ago
The modern world is full of algorithms that use data to make decisions. The data often come from people; the predictions or decisions often affect people. Yet classically, the study of e.g. learning algorithms does not take into account the behavior or priorities of these participants. So: how does this “societal context” impact the understanding […]

Connected Self-Ownership and Implications for Online Networks and Privacy Rights

3 weeks ago
This talk explores the concept of the connected self-owner, which takes account of the metaphysical significance of relations among persons for persons’ capacities to be owners. This concept of the self-owner conflicts with the traditional, libertarian understanding of the self as atomistic or essentially separable from all others. I argue that the atomistic self cannot […]

Chakra: from Script to Optimized Code

3 weeks ago
By some accounts, JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world. Yet, it’s also not a language that was designed with fast performance in mind. The Chakra team embarked on a journey to make JavaScript fast in IE9 and the Chakra runtime can today power everything from tiny scripts on a page to […]

Incentivizing Societal Contributions for and via Machine Learning

4 weeks ago
Machine learning (ML) and automatic algorithmic decision making have started to play central and crucial roles in our daily lives. At the same time, more and more data used to train ML algorithms are now collected through crowdsourcing or other forms of participatory computation involving people. With people being both the source and the ultimate […]

AI, Machine Learning, and the Reasoning Machine with Dr. Geoff Gordon

4 weeks ago
Dr. Gordon gives us a brief history of AI, including his assessment of why we might see a break in the weather-pattern of AI winters, talks about how collaboration is essential to innovation in machine learning, shares his vision of the mindset it takes to tackle the biggest questions in AI, and reveals his life-long […]

Haptic Controllers: How Microsoft is making virtual reality tangible

4 weeks ago
Researchers at Microsoft strive to advance perhaps one of the most challenging areas of research and development in virtual reality. Mike Sinclair showcases four haptic controllers and discusses their goal to realize and deliver truly immersive and convincing tactile experiences to users in VR. See more at

Distill and transfer learning for robust multitask RL

1 month ago
Most deep reinforcement learning algorithms are data inefficient in complex and rich environments, limiting their applicability to many scenarios. One direction for improving data efficiency is multitask learning with shared neural network parameters, where efficiency may be improved through transfer across related tasks. In practice, however, this is not usually observed, because gradients from different […]