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Resilience and Security in Cyber-Physical Systems: Self-Driving Cars and Smart Devices

3 days ago
The future will be defined by autonomous computer systems that are tightly integrated with the environment, also known as Cyber-Physical systems (CPS). Resilience and security become extremely important in these systems, as a single error or security attack can have catastrophic consequences. In this talk, I will consider the resilience and security challenges of CPS, […]

Robust, Visual-Inertial State Estimation: from Frame-based to Event-based Cameras

1 week ago
I will present the main algorithms to achieve robust, 6-DOF, state estimation for mobile robots using passive sensing. Since cameras alone are not robust enough to high-speed motion and high-dynamic range scenes, I will describe how IMUs and event-based cameras can be fused with visual information to achieve higher accuracy and robustness. I will, therefore, […]

What 151,000,000 Calories Burned in a Single VR Game Says About the Future of Exercise

1 week ago
In April of 2016, an early VR title called Audioshield was released on Steam, the largest PC gaming community in the world. According to Steam stats, gamers have played more than 693,000 hours of Audioshield since its release. A research project at San Francisco State University found that the calorie burn of players in Audioshield […]

Overcoming language barriers using MAUI

1 week ago
The Mobile Assistance Using Infrastructure (MAUI) project enables a new class of CPU- and data-intensive applications that seamlessly augment the cognitive abilities of users by exploiting speech recognition, NLP, vision, machine learning, and augmented reality. it overcomes the energy limitations of handhelds by leveraging nearby computing infrastructure. This demo, recorded in July of 2009, is […]

Azure’s Computing Power Accelerates Data Science at The Turing Institute

2 weeks ago
Chanuki Seresinhe and Suzy Moat of The Turing Institute share their experience using Azure to measure aspects of the world that humans have been aware of, but have no data on. See more on this video at

Ethnography for Artificial Intelligence

2 weeks ago
An introduction to ethnography for Artificial Intelligence as well as conversational analysis and its relevance to AI. See more on this video at

Tech Showcase: Cortana, Your Personal Assistant

3 weeks ago
From ferry schedules to dinner reservations, Cortana is the digital assistant designed to help people get things done. Cortana will eventually be everywhere people need assistance—on the phone, PC, Xbox One, and other places like the home and car. Cortana is part of the Microsoft portfolio of intelligent products and services, and current research is […]

Tech Showcase: Customizing Speech Recognition for Higher Accuracy Transcriptions

3 weeks ago
Understanding the land cover types and locations within specific regions enables effective environmental conservation. With sufficiently high spatial and temporal resolution, scientists and planners can identify which natural resources are at risk and the level of risk. This information helps inform decisions about how and where to focus conservation efforts. Current land cover products don’t […]

Tech Showcase: Custom Vision Service

3 weeks ago
This demo shows how Custom Vision Service can be applied to many AI vision applications. For example, if a client needs to build a custom image classifier, they can submit a few images of objects, and a model is deployed at the touch of a button. Microsoft Office is also using Custom Vision Service to […]

Tech Showcase: Project Malmo – Experimentation Platform for the Next Generation of AI Research

3 weeks ago
Project Malmo is an open source AI experimentation platform that supports fundamental AI research. With the platform, Microsoft provides an experimentation environment in which promising approaches can be systematically and easily compared, and that fosters collaboration between researchers. Project Malmo is built on top of Minecraft, which is particularly appealing due to its design; open-ended, […]

Mining Input Grammars for Security Testing

3 weeks ago
Knowing which part of a program processes which parts of an input can reveal the structure of the input as well as the structure of the program. In a URL “”, for instance, the protocol “http”, the host “”, and the path “path” would be handled by different functions and stored in different variables. Given […]

Cloudberry for Interactive Big Queries and TextDB for Cloud-Based Text Analytics

3 weeks ago
This talk will give an overview of our research projects. Cloudberry is a middleware solution to support interactive exploration and visualization on large data sets (“responsive big queries”). Using the Apache AsterixDB as its backend database, it uses novel techniques of view caching, incremental computation, and query slicing to support sub-second analytical queries on huge […]