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Extending DevOps to the database continuous integration

5 days ago
Microsoft MVP Steve Jones and Redgate’s Arneh Eskandari show how Redgate’s Database DevOps solution works to improve your database development and deployment processes. Learn how to: • Version control your databases to track and understand changes • Include your database in your Continuous Integration process to get quick feedback • Automate your database deployment process […]

4 DevOps principles for your cross platform database team

1 week ago
You’re aware of the benefits of DevOps – more frequent, reliable, and secure releases to name a few. But for many, the database is often a bottleneck. When combined with teams working across multiple platforms, the ability to extend DevOps practices to the database can seem daunting. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the Database DevOps […]

Minimizing the impact of data breaches in dev and test databases

2 weeks ago
In this webinar, Microsoft Data Platform MVP Steve Jones will discuss strategies for reducing your attack surface area, how to put in place reliable and repeatable processes for SQL Server, and why pseudonymization is fast becoming a best practice for securing personal data in dev and test environments. You’ll learn how to protect data across […]

Data privacy & protection: A logical extension to DevOps

3 weeks ago
As a data professional you are likely responsible, in some part, for ensuring that your organization meets their data privacy and protection obligations. You are also familiar with the positive impact that standardizing your Database DevOps processes has for ensuring greater productivity and increased speed of delivery. But are you also considering data privacy and […]

The three biggest challenges of SQL Server monitoring

3 weeks ago
Microsoft MVP Grant Fritchey and Redgate’s James King exclusively reveal the three biggest challenges SQL Server professionals face when monitoring their estates. Grant and James go through the top three challenges reported by respondents to our 2018 State of SQL Server Monitoring industry survey, look into the details of the problems faced, and discuss what […]

6 Principles of the GDPR and SQL Provision

4 weeks ago
Data is an expensive business asset, and organizations have a personal and legal requirement to protect it from external and internal misuse. With the GDPR enforcement date looming, organizations are focusing on understanding their entire data estate and ensuring it is properly secured without impacting down their ability to respond to business demands. However there […]

Extending DevOps to the database: branching and merging

1 month ago
Microsoft MVP Grant Fritchey and Redgate’s Arneh Eskandari show you how Redgate’s Database DevOps solution works to improve your database development and deployment processes. This webinar focuses on branching and merging with Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) as part of a DevOps approach to database development. We’ll also show how Redgate tools plug into VSTS […]

Don’t miss Redgate’s SQL Privacy Summit – 18 May 2018

1 month ago
With the GDPR approaching fast, if you’re a data professional, you’ve got to be ready to prove you’re protecting sensitive data. Take the first step towards ensuring ongoing protection for SQL Server – register for Redgate’s SQL Privacy Summit, which takes place in London on 18 May 2018. Register now at

Keep sensitive data secure as it moves through your SQL Server estate

1 month ago
Ensuring the ongoing protection of personally-identifiable information is mandatory in today’s business, enabling you to guard against data breaches and comply with regulation such as the GDPR, HIPAA and SOX. In this webinar, Chris Unwin, will show you how to implement a consistent and repeatable process designed with privacy in mind up front. You will […]

SQL Clone – How to create a database clone

2 months ago
SQL Clone provisions database copies in seconds using MB of storage. Once you’ve prepared your database image, you can start creating multiple clone. Watch Steve Jones create, edit and delete full database clones in seconds. Find out more and download a 14 day free trial at

SQL Provision Demo

2 months ago
SQL Provision supports a database DevOps approach while keeping compliance central to the process. With the virtual cloning technology in SQL Clone, databases can be created in seconds using just MB of storage, allowing for isolated development and testing. Sensitive data can be anonymized or replaced with realistic data using Data Masker, to ensure data […]

How to create an Image from a database using SQL Clone

2 months ago
SQL Clone provisions database copies in seconds using MB of storage. This video walks through how to create an image from a database, ready for cloning. Find out more and download a 14 day free trial at