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3 – Using Embedded Maven in Eclipse

4 weeks ago
Maven is one of the most popular Java build tools. Its is used to manage dependencies of java projects and build deployable units. We will use embedded maven in eclipse in our course. We will do the following things to test our embedded maven installation: – Create a new Eclipse workspace – Download a new […]

2 – Installing Eclipse IDE

4 weeks ago
Eclipse is the most popular open source Java IDE. Git Repository – github.com/in28minutes/getting-started-in-5-steps ### Prerequisites – Java JDK 8 ### Installation 1. Search google for “download eclipse” and choose the first result. The direct link is www.eclipse.org/downloads/eclipse-packages/. 2. Choose the right Operation System. 3. We recommend to choose “Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers”. Choose […]

1 – Installing Java JDK

4 weeks ago
Git Repository – github.com/in28minutes/getting-started-in-5-steps ## Java – Most popular language – github.com/in28minutes/getting-started-in-5-steps#Java ### Prerequisites – None ### Installation 1. Search for “install java jdk” on google. 2. Choose the first link. You should go to the oracle site. The direct link is www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html 3. Select the Java Platform JDK Link. 4. Accept the license agreement. […]

4 – Troubleshooting Java, Eclipse and Maven

4 weeks ago
Troubleshooting Java, Eclipse and Maven Git Repository – github.com/in28minutes/getting-started-in-5-steps In Windows, use Windows – Preferences for Preferences. – Things you would need to understand – You should use a JDK with Eclipse – [ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:3.2:compile (default-compile) on project in28minutes-multi-module-model: Compilation failure [ERROR] No compiler is provided in this environment. Perhaps you […]

0 – Overview – Installation Java, Eclipse and Maven

4 weeks ago
How to install and get started with Java, Eclipse, Maven in 5 easy steps Git Repository – github.com/in28minutes/getting-started-in-5-steps

How to make best use of our 30+ Git Repositories ?

1 month ago
Learn about the 30+ Git repositories we maintain and learn how to make best use of them. github.com/in28minutes?tab=repositories

Spring MVC Course For Beginners – Great Reviews

2 months ago
Our Spring MVC Course has great reviews. A selection of them are presented in this video. Spring MVC Course : www.udemy.com/spring-mvc-tutorial-for-beginners-step-by-step/?couponCode=SPRNGMVC-WEB-1 Java Interview Course : www.udemy.com/java-interview-questions-and-answers/?couponCode=JAVA_INTER_WEB1 Spring Boot Course : www.udemy.com/spring-boot-tutorial-for-beginners/?couponCode=SPRING-BOOT2-WEBSITE

Learn and Win Coupons for 10 Awesome Courses

2 months ago
Win Free Coupons For our Courses Now! For Questions Contact us @ in28minutes@gmail.com Youtube : www.youtube.com/user/rithustutorials Udemy : www.udemy.com/user/in28minutes/ Website : wwww.in28minutes.com TEMPLATE ~~~~~~~~ I’m doing a few courses on in28Minutes. And They are awesome! I’m doing these 3 courses – Spring, Spring MVC and JUnit. Here’s a way you can learn too.. Watch this […]

Re Skill – IT Program – 2017

2 months ago
Reskill is a program to enable IT employees to get in touch with latest trends. Develop cloud native applicaitions using microservices and modern development practices. Contact us @ in28minutes@gmail.com Youtube : www.youtube.com/user/rithustutorials Udemy : www.udemy.com/user/in28minutes/ Website : wwww.in28minutes.com

Eclipse Quick Start

3 months ago
Eclipse Quick Start. Quick Tutorial on Eclipse. Installing Tools PDF : github.com/in28minutes/SpringIn28Minutes/blob/master/InstallationGuide-JavaEclipseAndMaven_v2.pdf Video : www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLPjCZ5n_SM

JUnit Quick Start

3 months ago
JUnit Quick Start GitHub : github.com/in28minutes/JUnitin28Minutes Example Code: gist.github.com/in28minutes/05d058949ebe220b9d4df3ed747067e3 * What is JUnit? * What is Unit Testing? * Test Annotation * Running JUnit * Fundamental Principle – No Failure = Success * Basic Assert methods – assertEquals, assertTrue and assertFalse methods * Before After annotations * BeforeClass AfterClass annotations * Testing Exceptions * Test […]

Java Learning Roadmap and Trends – May 2017

3 months ago
A high level discussion on the industry trends – What should you learn next? – What we are doing at in28Minutes to adapt? github.com/in28minutes/in28Minutes-Course-Roadmap