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Meet Elizabeth: Treehouse Guest Teacher Coordinator

2 weeks ago
Elizabeth Kozup is a Guest Teacher Coordinator at Treehouse. She sources subject matter experts to teach courses at Treehouse, oversees contract negotiations, and project manages all of the guest created content at Treehouse. She also loves cats, books, and coffee! If you’re interested in Guest Teaching a course at Treehouse, get in touch at this […]

React vs. Angular vs. Vue

3 weeks ago
You’ve heard of React and Angular… and there’s this new thing called Vue? But you don’t have time to learn all three. So, how do you choose? 00:12 Making a Decision 00:57 React vs. Angular vs. Vue 04:05 Ease of Learning 04:27 Tooling Support 04:49 Performance 05:02 Conclusion Join Treehouse today and start your free […]

CareerPath by Treehouse

4 weeks ago
Your future developer talent is already at your company. Get started at or by contacting Current employees have deep domain knowledge about your products and services. They have established relationships with your customers. And they are already invested in your companies future. So how do you turn them into developers? With the Treehouse […]

Join the Techdegree Summer Party!

1 month ago
The Treehouse Front End Techdegree is new and improved! Now with 9 projects to add to your portfolio, you can complete the Techdegree and start a new career in as little as 9 weeks! Join the Waiting List here: The Techdegree Summer Party starts July 9th and continues throughout July with live office hours […]

Meet Haley: Treehouse Techdegree Success Coordinator

2 months ago
Haley Ward is a Front End Developer who changed careers when she started learning from Treehouse with the Front End Techdegree in September 2017. She finished the Techdegree in January 2018 and started working for Treehouse as a Student Success Specialist on the Front End Techdegree in March of this year 🙂 Read Haley’s Medium […]

What is Apple Planning for WWDC 2018?

2 months ago
The Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) is June 4th to June 8th. It’s when Apple showcases its new software and technologies for software developers. The big news at WWDC this year?…. is that there probably won’t be any, anything we don’t already know that is. What we can hope for though is Apple’s next One […]

Why Should You Learn Ruby?

2 months ago
Learn Ruby at Treehouse: Ruby is a dynamic, object-oriented, general purpose programming language designed for productivity and fun. The designers of the Ruby language chose to make things simpler and more pleasant for the programmer. Because Ruby was designed to be simple and comprehensible, it can be a pleasure to use. If you compare […]

Treehouse Disrupts Tech Education

2 months ago
Anyone from any background can learn tech skills with Treehouse. Join over 800,000 students who have learned to code with Treehouse today and start your free trial! Learn how to build websites and apps, write code, or start a business at Treehouse. Learn from over 1,000 videos created by our expert teachers on web […]

What You Need to Know to be a Backend Developer in 2018

3 months ago
Get started on your journey as a Backend Developer at Treehouse: There are generally two parts to any web application: the front end, or client side, and the back end, or server side. The front end consists of the web pages you see and interact with in your browser. Those pages are usually designed […]

How to Make an Android App for Beginners

3 months ago
Android development can be a great way to turn your idea into reality or start a promising career as an app developer… and getting started is probably easier than you think. These days Android Development is done with a tool called Android Studio. Android Studio is kind of like the Microsoft Word of writing Android […]

Treehouse for Business

3 months ago
Discover a more efficient way to train your teams with tech-centered topics to advance business goals and career paths. We take proven learning methods combined with hands-on interactive courses and deliver a training experience that works at a fraction of the price of traditional methods. Get started here:

Beginner’s Guide to JavaScript

3 months ago
JavaScript is the most popular and versatile programming language in the world. But learning JavaScript nowadays (like any new technology) can be challenging, especially if it’s the first programming language you learn. Episode Schedule: Examples of Things Made with JavaScript Write JavaScript Now • Working with Data • Storing & Tracking information with Variables • […]