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Replication | Live Training | Unreal Engine

5 days ago
Announce Post: forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?139935 Ryan Gerleve, Sr Engine Programmer at Epic Games, dropped in to break down and explain UE4’s replication. Be ready for some high-level insight and some quick examples about how Epic Games gets multiplayer running. Project not included in this one, we just modified a First-Person & Third-Person template. [00:00:00] Intro [00:00:25] Example […]

Filmic Tonemapper | Feature Highlight | Unreal Engine

1 week ago
Announce Post: forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?139698 In the 4.15 build of Unreal Engine, there were updates to the filmic tonemapper to have it match the Academy Color Encoding System (ACES) by default. This tonemapper also enables the engine to target multiple display types including HDR displays and bloom settings have been updated to provide a more physically correct […]

Robo Recall Sequencer Cinematics | Live Training | Unreal Engine

1 week ago
Announce Post: forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?139468 Robo Recall is a spectacle of VR innovation, but it also has fun cinematic moments that are driven by UE4’s Sequencer. Grayson Edge is joining us for this stream to open up and explain how you too can design your cinematics for AAA quality. Come on by the stream to learn all […]

Destructible Editor Features & Guide | Live Training | Unreal Engine

2 weeks ago
Announce Post: forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?138815 Tim Hobson is back and ready for action! This time around he’s busting down walls and chewing bubblegum, and he’s all out of bubblegum! Get ready to watch and learn, as Tim Hobson uses destructible assets to explore and explain the best techniques behind breaking stuff. For more information on Destructible Meshes, […]

GDC Preview | News | Unreal Engine

2 weeks ago
Announce Post: forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?137459 Join Chance Ivey and Jess Hider as they talk through all things Unreal Engine that are happening at this year’s GDC! Big news, talks, announcements and much more are in store for this exciting preview of things to come at the Game Developer’s Conference! [00:00:00] Intro [00:02:40] GDC Talk Announcements [00:06:00] Booth […]

The Future of Audio in Unreal Engine | GDC 2017 | Unreal Engine

2 weeks ago
Aaron McLeran, Senior Audio Programmer, Epic Games gives a technical presentation of the new multiplatform Unreal Audio Engine. Starting with a brief architectural description and walkthrough of the old audio engine and its varied technical challenges, he’ll outline the core design pillars of the new audio renderer. He’ll then give several demos of the audio […]

Interactive 2D Fluid Simulations in Unreal | GDC 2017 | Unreal Engine

2 weeks ago
Join Epic Games for a look at creating interactive 2D fluid simulations to add a new level of physical realism – or just fantastical effects – to your environments! In this demo by Sam Dieter, Sr. Technical Writer at Epic Games, we will utilize Render Targets alongside UE4’s powerful Blueprint visual scripting system to develop […]

True Photorealism in Real-Time | GDC 2017 | Unreal Engine

2 weeks ago
Have you ever wondered how to achieve true photorealism in real-time? This talk by Min Oh, Technical Artist – Associate at Epic Games, delves into the world of high quality look development in Unreal Engine 4. Using an automotive product scene and our library of freely available custom shaders, we show you how to bring […]

Making Physics-Based Mayhem | GDC 2017 | Unreal Engine

2 weeks ago
Would your PC or console game be more fun if you could fling about huge groups of ragdoll-simulated characters? (The answer is probably yes.) In this video, Alan Noon, Sr. DevRel Technical Artist at Epic Games, explores how UE4’s new Immediate Mode Physics enables developers to add more physics-based mayhem to their worlds than ever […]

Content-Driven Multipass Rendering in UE4 | GDC 2017 | Unreal Engine

2 weeks ago
With the ability to script drawing to render targets through Blueprints, content creators can now create and prototype advanced rendering techniques that would have previously required a graphics programmer. This opens the floodgates to many possibilities such as custom fluid simulation, surface deformation, and caustics rendering, for starters. This GDC 2017 talk gives an overview […]

Making Robo Recall Cinematics with Sequencer | GDC 2017 | Unreal Engine

2 weeks ago
Join us for a live demonstration of Sequencer, Unreal Engine’s cinematic tool, as Wes Bunn, Sr. Technical Writer, Epic Games, breaks down and edits the intro cinematic from our latest VR game, Robo Recall, before a live audience at GDC. In this demo, we take a look at how you can use Sequencer to create […]

Conan Exiles Mod Editor | News | Unreal Engine

2 weeks ago
Announce Post: forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?137026 Conan Exiles was just released to early access and is already providing an awesome Mod Editor right in the Epic Games launcher! Funcom’s Community Manager, Andy Benditt, will be joining us to show off the game, mess with the mod tools and conquer the Epic Games livestream studio. You can download it […]