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Summer UE4jam Results | Project Highlight | Unreal Engine

2 days ago
After our jam teams worked tirelessly on over 120 game submissions, we’ve played them all and announce the winners of the Summer UE4Jam. Find out who won and to see all the fantastic games that you, our community, created in mere days! [00:00:17] News [00:00:40] Community Spotlight [00:04:52] Summer UE4jam Results [00:41:50] Outro NEWS Marketplace […]

Exploring Code Principles | Community Led Training | Unreal Engine

6 days ago
Peter Newton takes up the mantle for our second community led training stream. He explains the Single Responsibility Principle, why it’s useful, and how to apply it to your own Blueprint projects! Announcement Post: forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?149913 twitter.com/PeterLNewton peterlnewton.com/

Phonetica | E3 College Game Competition Interview

7 days ago
Epic’s Daniel Kayser talks to the ESA’s Dan Hewitt about this year’s College Game Competition before speaking to Ringling College graduate Trent Sivek (Game Art, ’17), whose UE4 game, Phonetica, took top honors.

4.17 Preview | Feature Highlight | Unreal Engine

1 week ago
4.17 is about to be released and our lovely Technical Director, Mike Fricker, once again joined the livestream to give us an in-depth overview of what features you can expect to see soon. There are many new features, so be ready to buckle in and learn all about the brand new updates! [00:00:19] News [00:01:56] […]

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night | E3 2017 Developer Interview

2 weeks ago
We catch up with legendary designer Koji Igarashi to discuss the latest on the highly-anticipated Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night during E3 2017.

Creating a Dynamic UMG System | Community Led Training | Unreal Engine

2 weeks ago
Announcement Post: forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?149347 We kick off our new community led training sessions! Celeste demonstrates how to use UMG to create a dynamic UI system. She walks through making buttons and content from an array of actors, updating said array, and ultimately how to display information about those actors. twitter.com/CatherineCel twitter.com/PandaDevStudios

observer E3 2017 Interview

2 weeks ago
Epic’s Daniel Kayser chats with Aspyr’s Jonathan Miller about the eerily enticing world of observer during E3 2017.

Developing Beyond Finalist Announcement 2017 | Unreal Engine

2 weeks ago
Meet the semi-finalists and finalists for this years Developing Beyond (developingbeyond.com/) competition announced at Develop Conference.

Laser League E3 2017 Interview

2 weeks ago
Find out what the exhilarating, future contact sport Laser League is all about in this E3 2017 interview.

Redout by 34BigThings | E3 2017 Developer Interview

2 weeks ago
We caught up with 505 Games’ Alberto Torgano during E3 2017 to get the latest details on the fast-paced racer Redout.

System Shock by Night Dive Studios | E3 2017 Developer Interview

3 weeks ago
We chat with Game Director Jason Fader about the return of System Shock and the role UE4 is playing in bringing this highly-anticipated reboot to life.

Sprint Vector by Survios | E3 2017 Developer Interview

3 weeks ago
We hit the floor at E3 2017 to find out all about Sprint Vector from Survios Design Director Mike McTyre.