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Lighting with Unreal Engine Masterclass | Unreal Dev Day Montreal 2017

3 months ago
The session by Lead Artist Jerome Platteaux will focus on the different ways to light a project in Unreal Engine and covers the basics of Physically Based Rendering and how to choose between the forward and the deferred render. The session also explains Baked Lighting with Lightmass, Dynamic lighting and Image based lighting while highlighting […]

UE4 Performance and Profiling | Unreal Dev Day Montreal 2017

3 months ago
This session by Sr. Dev Rel Tech Artist Zak Parrish explores performance concerns for shipping games, focusing on how to track down problem areas on both the CPU and GPU. Learn how to set up a test environment and how to employ the necessary tools to identify key performance problems as well as some guidelines […]

4.18 Preview | Feature Highlight | Unreal Engine Livestream

3 months ago
The release of 4.18 is just around the corner with fantastic updates to volumetric lightmaps, the clothing tool, the revamped Physics Asset Editor, Media Framework 3.0 and even improved support for both Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit. Nick and James join the livestream to discuss these changes and talk about what else is in store […]

Media Framework 4.18 Preview | Live Training | Unreal Engine Livestream

4 months ago
In this livestream, Epic’s Wes Bunn walks us through some of the changes that are coming to the Media Framework tools in the 4.18 release, which you can start to experiment with using the 4.18 Preview 2 build available now from the Epic Games Launcher. We take a look at the media creation process, media […]

#EpicFriday Sep 2017 Sizzle Reel | Unreal Engine

4 months ago
Join us in celebrating #EpicFriday as we showcase amazing community projects built in UE4! From one person teams to large studios, Unreal Engine is helping developers across the world realise their projects on Mobile, VR, PC and Console. Are you working on an Unreal Project? Tag us with @UnrealEngine or use #ue4 or #EpicFriday on […]

Introduction to Alembic | Live Training | Unreal Engine

4 months ago
In this live training stream Epic Games Senior Technical Writer Sam Deiter will show you how to bring complex pre-rendered simulations into Unreal Engine 4 using the Alembic data format. Whether you are importing a cloth simulation from 3ds Max or a fluid simulation from Blender, Sam goes over the ins and outs of using […]

Optimizing Your Game | Live Training | Unreal Engine Livestream

4 months ago
When developing any type of project in UE4, trying to maintain a target framerate of 30, 60 or even 90 FPS without sacrificing the quality of the visuals can be a real challenge. Epic Games’ Sam Deiter shares some tips and tricks that you can use to make sure your UE4 projects maintain the framerate […]

Directive Games Reveals The Machines | Apple Special Event 2017 | Unreal Engine

4 months ago
Directive Games shows their Unreal Engine 4-powered augmented reality multiplayer game, The Machines, at the Apple Special Event on September 12, 2017. The Machines is launching with the release of iOS 11 this month. Download Unreal at unrealengine.com.

The Chainsmokers Paris.VR | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine

4 months ago
As part of the 2017 Sony Music #LostInMusic series, Grammy-winning duo The Chainsmokers wanted to create a special VR experience their fans could really relate to. We met with creative agency Ralph and leading games and interactive entertainment studio Kuju to learn more. Get started with Unreal Engine for free at unrealengine.com.

Steam Integration and Friends List Access | Community Led Training | Unreal Engine

4 months ago
Getting your game working with Steam is frequently an important part of one’s development cycle. Cedric will begin with a walkthrough on how to integrate the Steam SDK, and once that’s ready to go, he’ll dive into exposing your friends list to UMG. twitter.com/exifrexi cedric-neukirchen.com/ Announcement Post forums.unrealengine.com/unreal-engine/events/1348881

Blender to Unreal Engine 4 | Live Training | Unreal Engine

4 months ago
The Blender dream team strikes again! Tom, Mike, and Kevin return to discuss a variety of topics in Blender. Tom shows how to import animations and retarget them to take advantage of Marketplace animations using Rigify. Kevin chats a bit about Epic’s use of Blender in our recent Fortnite Cinematic trailer. Lastly, we get a […]

Animation & Physics Updates in 4.17 | Feature Highlight | Unreal Engine

5 months ago
Many improvements to our animation and physics pipelines have been made with the latest Unreal Engine release. Benn Gallagher and Lina Halper chat about clothing, live editing of animation Blueprints, and more. [00:00:00] Intro/News [00:03:41] Community Spotlight [00:08:05] Animation & Physics Updates [01:01:08] Outro NEWS August NVIDIA Edge Winners Announced www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog/nvidia-edge-program-winners—august-2017 Getting Started with UE4 […]