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Connected Mobile Apps with Microsoft Azure

4 weeks ago
James Montemagno shows you how to use Microsoft Azure App Service and your existing .NET skills to easily add powerful web services and essential mobile capabilities to your Xamarin apps. Whether you’re a new mobile developer or an experienced enterprise team lead, Microsoft’s Azure App Service and Xamarin give you everything you need to build […]

Building Your First iOS App with Xamarin for Visual Studio

1 month ago
Anything you can do in Objective-C or Swift and XCode, you can do in C# with Xamarin for Visual Studio. Chris Van Wyk, Xamarin University mobile expert, shows how you can use your .NET skills to build fully native iOS apps — completely in C#. In this webinar, you will: • Explore Xamarin for Visual […]

Introduction to Xamarin for Visual Studio 2017

1 month ago
James Montemagno walks you through how Xamarin for Visual Studio 2017 makes it even easier to deliver fully native Android, iOS, and UWP apps from a single C# codebase. You’ll learn what’s new, including: the Xamarin Inspector and Profiler, new language features in C# 7, and how Visual Studio 2017 streamlines mobile development for .NET […]

Building Your First Android App with Xamarin for Visual Studio

1 month ago
.NET developers everywhere can easily add native mobile developer to their resume with Xamarin for Visual Studio. Judy McNeil, Xamarin University mobile expert, shows you how to build your first Android app — completely in C# — with Xamarin.Android and Visual Studio. In the webinar, you will: • Explore the Xamarin.Android project templates installed with […]

Building Your First Xamarin.Forms App with Xamarin for Visual Studio

2 months ago
Adrian Stevens, Xamarin University mobile expert, shows you how to build your first Xamarin.Forms app with Xamarin for Visual Studio. With Xamarin.Forms, you’re able to get maximum code reuse to quickly build fully native apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. Learn how to share C# code to define the UI and business logic, enabling you […]

Intro to Xamarin for Visual Studio: Native iOS, Android, and Windows Apps in C#

2 months ago
Xamarin’s James Montemagno shows you how to use the power of C# and the .NET framework to create, debug, test, and deploy fully native Android, iOS, and Windows apps. With Xamarin for Visual Studio, you use the language and IDE you know and love to get to market fast, sharing one codebase across all platforms. […]

Next Generation Code Push and More | Mobile Center for React Native Developers

2 months ago
Ryan J. Salva and Parashuram N show you how Mobile Center combines the power of CodePush with the lifecycle and cloud services you need to ship high quality apps faster. Whether you’re distributing to your team, sharing with clients, or deploying to public app stores, Mobile Center simplifies continuous integration, testing, and distribution, and allows […]

Get More from Your App Testing with Mobile Center

2 months ago
Justin Raczak shows why automated mobile testing apps is critical, but only one part of the mobile quality equation. To exceed mobile users’ expectations and win their loyalty, you need to test on the devices they’re using, not just a few popular models. Mobile Center gives you automated testing at scale, allowing you to test […]

Mobile Center Analytics | Insights Your Users Won’t Tell You

2 months ago
Ela Malani and Karl Piteira show how you can win and keep your mobile users’ loyalty, constantly improving your apps and shipping new features they’ll love. Mobile Center Crashes and Analytics gives you the immediate crash reports and user behavior data you need to understand their responses to features, triage production issues, and prioritize your […]

Continuous Delivery | Building a Development Pipeline in Mobile Center

2 months ago
Simina Pasat and Joshua Weber show how Mobile Center simplifies your entire mobile development pipeline, from build to distribution, to let you focus on building better apps for your customers. Mobile Center builds your app after every code check-in, streamlines your team’s workflow, and automatically tests and distributes passing builds to your distribution groups. During […]

Mobile Center for Xamarin Developers

2 months ago
James Montemagno shows how, as a Xamarin developer, you can fully automate your Android and iOS release pipeline, including builds, tests, and beta distribution. You’ll also explore how to integrate the Mobile Center SDK to track how your apps and users behave in the wild. During the webinar, you’ll learn how to: • Build your […]

Nuvem and Xamarin

2 months ago
Nuvem Tecnologia makes big data possible for rural farmers with AgroSIG, which modernizes complex agricultural processes for farmers throughout Brazil, centralizing farm data and eliminating inaccurate paper reporting. Using Xamarin for Visual Studio and Microsoft Azure, their tablet-based apps integrate with farm ERP and have an easy-to-use UI that allows any farm worker to be […]