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Building Your First Intelligent App with Xamarin and Microsoft Cognitive Services

5 months ago
René Ruppert shows you how to easily integrate the power of three different Azure Cognitive Services into a Xamarin application. Given that nobody can decipher René’s handwriting, he’s going to use the power of Azure to turn it into clear text and use that as input for further processing. During this session, you will: • […]

Xamarin University Presents: Ship Better Apps with Visual Studio App Center

6 months ago
Mark Smith shows you how to automate your app development pipeline with Visual Studio App Center. You’ll walk through how to connect your app to App Center and start improving your development process and your apps immediately. Jam-packed with step-by-step demos, this session has something for everyone, from app development beginners to seasoned pros who’ve […]

Get the Most Out of iOS 11 with Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin

7 months ago
Craig Dunn shows what’s new in iOS 11 and how to take advantage of the latest updates – from drag-and-drop for iPad to machine learning and more – 100% in .NET and Visual Studio. Whether you’re building new or updating existing Xamarin.iOS apps, you’ll see how to implement new frameworks, APIs, and UI features, walk-through […]

Get the Most out of Android 8 Oreo with Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin Webinar

7 months ago
Tom Opgenorth dives into what’s new in Android 8 Oreo and shows how to add the latest features – like Picture-in-picture, notification channels, downloadable fonts, and more – to your apps, 100% in .NET and Visual Studio. Whether you’re building new or updating existing Xamarin.Android apps, you’ll get the step-by-step demos, code samples, and expert […]

Build Better Games with Unity and Microsoft Azure

8 months ago
David Antognoli shows you how to take your Unity games to the next level with powerful cloud services. He’ll walk through how to connect your apps to Microsoft Azure, adding compelling features that users love, like leaderboards and heatmaps, and demo how new Unity and Visual Studio 2017 features improve your development process and your […]

Exploring UrhoSharp 3D with Xamarin Workbooks

10 months ago
Charles Petzold shows you how to build a 3D app from the ground up with UrhoSharp and Xamarin Workbooks. UrhoSharp is a powerful, high performance 3D graphics engine suitable for games, animation, and data visualization. UrhoSharp and Xamarin Workbooks give developers a streamlined way to get started with 3D graphics programming quickly. Regardless whether you’re […]

Desktop Developer’s Guide to Mobile with Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin

11 months ago
Mark Smith shows how to apply your existing desktop development skills, knowledge, and code to mobile development. With Microsoft’s mobile tools and cloud services, you can start delivering native user experiences without learning new languages. Mark compares desktop and mobile UI/UX and share best practices for porting existing desktop apps to Android, iOS, and UWP. […]

Developer’s Intro to Azure Machine Learning

1 year ago
Azure Machine Learning makes it easy for developers to incorporate intelligence and predictive analytics into their apps. Jason teaches core Machine Learning concepts and shows you how use Azure Machine Learning Studio to start building smarter apps immediately. In this session, you’ll • Learn Machine Learning fundamentals and key terms • Take a tour of […]

Customizing Xamarin.Forms UI

1 year ago
Rob Gibbens shows you how to build better Xamarin.Forms UI using platform-specific APIs that aren’t directly exposed by the framework. He’ll demo how to integrate native controls and adjust visual properties that are unique to each platform while still sharing the majority of your code across platforms. You’ll leave ready with the step-by-step guidance you […]

SkiaSharp Graphics for Xamarin.Forms

1 year ago
SkiaSharp, powered by Google’s Skia graphics library, helps developers extend their Xamarin.Forms apps with compelling 2D graphics. Watch how Charles Petzold shows you how to include a SkiaSharp canvas in your Xamarin.Forms apps and make the most of the extensive and versatile SkiaSharp library. In this session, you’ll: • Draw lines, curves, and graphics paths […]

Building Games for iOS, macOS, and tvOS with Visual Studio and Azure

1 year ago
René Ruppert shows how to use your .NET skills to deliver multi-player games for the latest Apple devices, from iPhone to tvOS. He’ll demo SpriteKit basics, create a mobile version of the popular Connect Four board game, easily integrate with scalable cloud services, and teach best practices for sharing C# game logic, UI, and infrastructure […]

Intro to Xamarin.Forms for Visual Studio 2017

1 year ago
Jesse Dietrichson shows you how to take your .NET skills mobile with Xamarin.Forms for Visual Studio 2017. With Xamarin.Forms, you’re able to maximize code reuse and quickly build fully native apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. Jesse will show you how to use the latest Visual Studio features to design, develop, and test your apps […]