Windows 10 Overview

Windows 10: Top Features for IT Pros

Updated 2 years ago
Are you an IT Pro, exploring Windows 10 in your organization? Check out this course, and find out how some of the best and most important features of Windows 10 can help your enterprise and your users. And see how they may offer future supportability. Join the experts for a practical look at new features […]
Basics of MVC and the Moving Parts

Introduction to ASP.NET MVC

Updated 2 years ago
Devs, are you looking to level up your web dev skills? Are you a front-end coder who wants to learn how to build data-driven, server-side web applications? Maybe you know some Web Forms and want to learn ASP.NET MVC? This exciting new ASP.NET introduction course focuses on the basics of this popular framework for building […]
Introduction to IoT

Getting Started with the Internet of Things (IoT)

Updated 2 years ago
Are you a developer who needs an introduction to the Internet of Things? Be sure to check out this course, which includes lots of code demonstrations and practical tips. Plus, get additional IoT resources and links to open source code projects. Learn how to develop for Windows and Non-Windows IoT devices and how to use […]
Introducing ASP NET 5

Introduction to ASP.NET Core (formerly ASP.NET 5)

Updated 2 years ago
Ready to jump in with ASP.NET and MVC? Hear from ASP.NET star Scott Hanselman and a stellar crew, as you create your first application. Find out how to get started with Visual Studio, how to obtain the necessary bits to start creating an ASP.NET application, and how everything is put together. In this demo-packed beginning […]
Introduction to Windows Server 2016

What’s New in Windows Server 2016

Updated 2 years ago
Considering Windows Server 2016? In this helpful course, get the details about the features and functionality that have been added to this new version of Windows Server, along with those that were modified from previous versions. See demonstrations and get high-level overviews, from a practical and a conceptual standpoint. Take a look at what’s new […]
Installing and Using the Template 10 Project Templates Part 1

Getting Started with Template 10

Updated 2 years ago
Want to quickly build great Windows 10 apps? Check out this detailed exploration of Template 10 components and features that can help you do just that. See step-by-step demos, as you learn to install Template 10. Explore project templates, wrappers, and services provided by Template 10, and create apps that follow the MVVM pattern. Plus, […]
Introducing Common Concerns

Microservices Design and Patterns

Updated 2 years ago
Are you designing microservices-based applications? Join us for a closer look at the basic patterns that are required, including Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) and event sourcing. Take a look at some of the common concerns that arise in the building of high-scale distributed systems solutions. Learn about designing high-scale systems, design layers and tiers, […]
Introducing Microservices

Introduction to Microservices

Updated 2 years ago
Are you new to microservices? Don’t miss this look at the fundamentals of microservices-based applications. Learn about what microservices are, the benefits of microservices architectures, and what to consider when building microservices-based applications. Find out about the pros and cons of microservices, review the Azure Compute platform and Virtual Machine Scale Sets, see how to […]
Introducing React

React: The Definitive Beginner’s Guide

Updated 2 years ago
What is React, and why should you learn it? Find out, in this course that covers React fundamentals, including components, JSX, handling data and state, event listeners, routing, use of ES6 classes, and how to configure an amazing build chain with Webpack. Explore all the dev tools you might need, set up your development environment, […]
Introducing Angular 2.0

Introduction to Angular 2.0

Updated 2 years ago
Web Devs, if you liked the Introduction to AngularJS session in the Single Page Applications with jQuery or AngularJS course, roll up your sleeves for even more coding fun! Back by popular demand, experts Stacey Mulcahy and Christopher Harrison show you how to leverage the built-in functionality of AngularJS in your workflow. Take a look at […]
Course Overview and Introduction to Clusters and Orchestrators

Building Distributed Applications and Microservices-Based Apps on Azure Container Service

Updated 2 years ago
Would you like more information on Microsoft Azure Container Service, a simple, open, and flexible way to run your container applications in the cloud? Be sure to take this course, which provides an in-depth look at distributed apps and microservices-based apps on Azure Container Service. Start with an overview, and then dive into how to […]
Objects and Prototypes In-depth 01 – Introduction

JavaScript Objects and Prototypes In-depth

Updated 2 years ago
This course covers important object oriented concepts in JavaScript. There’s more to JavaScript objects than simple key-value pairs. Learn advanced object and prototype concepts and unlock some powerful features of the JavaScript programming language. Learn how to use inhertance in your objects.