Detecting unwanted content using machine-assisted content moderation

4 weeks ago
For any website or service that accepts content from users, it’s important to have that material reviewed to filter out any offensive content. The Content Moderator platform provides us with a set of APIs for monitoring possible offensive, undesirable, and risky content. In this episode, Sanjeev Jagtap (@SanjeevJagtap) joins us to discus how we can leverage the Content […]

The Windows Community Toolkit

1 month ago
The Windows Community Toolkit is a collection of helper functions, custom controls, and app services. In this episode, Senior Program Manager Nikola Metulev (@metulev) comes on the show to give us a walk through some of the useful tools inside of the toolkit [01:19] – Getting started with the Windows Community Toolkit [02:10] – Exploring […]

New features in ASP.NET Web Forms

2 months ago
ASP.NET Web Forms is a mature web application framework that comes included with the full .NET Framework. In this episode, Program Manager Jeff Fritz (@csharpfritz) joins us to talk about two new features that are available to ASP.NET Web Forms developers; configuration builders and dependency injection. These features are both available with the 4.7.2 release […]

Web API development with F# on .NET Core

2 months ago
In this episode, Phillip Carter (@_cartermp) returns to continue our conversation about programming with F#. This time he’s talking to us about how to get started with web API programming with F#, and mentions a few web framework options. He also takes the time to dive into demos where we get to see what the […]

Building distributed applications with Orleans

2 months ago
Orleans is a framework for building high-scale distributed applications, without the need to learn and apply complex concurrency or other scaling patterns. In this episode, Sergey Bykov (@sergeybykov) joins us to talk about how Orleans works, and what are some of the use cases of the framework. [02:07] – What is Orleans and what problem […]

Microservice Architecture with ASP.NET Core

2 months ago
Having a solid architecture is an essential piece for ensuring the longevity of your software. In this episode Cesar De la Torre Llorente (@cesardelatorre) comes on the show to talk about ASP.NET Core application architecture for microservices and containers. [01:06] – Introducing the .NET application architecture website [05:23] – Running the reference application [06:33] – Understanding […]

What it’s like to be an active .NET Developer

3 months ago
Since .NET Core and many of the tools for building .NET applications have been open sourced, community involvement in the ecosystem has increased tenfold. In this episode, Avi Avni (@AviAvni3) joins Rich (@runfaster2000) to discuss his experience with contributing features to the CoreCLR and F# language code bases. He talks about what it’s like to […]

What’s new in F#

3 months ago
F# is a functional programming language that runs on .NET. It has a great community behind it, and now comes included with .NET Core. In this episode, Phillip Carter (@_cartermp) joins Rich (@runfaster2000) to talk about what is new for the F# language. Phillip talks about where F# fits in the family of .NET languages […]

Analyzing your applications with Application Insights

4 months ago
Application Insights is powerful Application Performance Management (APM) service for developers building application hosted in Azure, on-premise or elsewhere. In this episode, we are joined by Michael Milirud (@micwebnet) who is a Product Manager on the Azure Monitoring team. He shows us how easy it is to get started with Application Insights with Visual Studio. He also […]

Azure Service Bus and the .NET Standard SDK

4 months ago
Azure Service bus is a hosted messaging service inside of Microsoft Azure that provides reliable delivery between two or more parties whether they are in the cloud or on-premise. Service Bus implements the AMQP v1 standard, and enables asynchronous, decoupled communication between producers and consumers. In this episode, Clemens Vasters(@clemensv) and Christian Wolf come on to […]

Using resource tokens with Azure Cosmos DB

4 months ago
You can authorize your applications to connect to Cosmos DB using master keys or resource tokens. Depending on the level of control that is needed, your application may need to use one or even both of these approaches. In this episode, Chris Anderson (@crandycodes) comes on to show us how to request and make use […]

Getting started with UWP

4 months ago
The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) lets you build apps for any Windows device including PCs, Xbox One, HoloLens, and more. In this episode, Stefan Wick (@StefanWickDev) comes on the show to give us an update on what has been going on in the world of UWP. [01:00] – How is UWP different from other desktop frameworks […]