Episode 503: Robert Martin on Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programming

12 months ago
Robert "Uncle Bob" Martin describes reading a textbook about functional programming 9 years ago and the impact it had on the way he writes code today.

Episode 502: Michael and Alana Blumenthal on an IoT project

1 year ago
Michael Blumenthal worked with his daughter Alana to create an IoT projec that showed off the capabilities of various platforms. Using Windows, C#, Visual Studio, and the OutSystems platform, they built a Windows 10 application and a responsive web mobile application to control an app running on a Raspberry Pi with the Windows 10 IoT […]

Episode 501: Rob Reynolds on Chocolatey

1 year ago
Rob Reynolds updates us on what is new  in Chocolatey – the Windows Package Manager that helps you manage desktop applications.   Links:

Episode 500: A Celebration of Friends

1 year ago
Celebrating 500 episodes and 9 years of recording this show!

Episode 499: Keith Casey on The Tech Events Network

1 year ago
Keith Casey describes the Tech Events network – a series of Twitter bots he has created to automatically promotes community events in cities around the country.   Links:  

Episode 498: Cecil Phillip on Away From the Keyboard

1 year ago
Cecil Phillip discusses improvements to Microsoft documentation and his "Away From the Keyboard" podcast, which focuses on developers’ passions when they are not working.   Links:  

Episode 497: Doris Chen on Performance Tuning in JavaScript

1 year ago
Doris Chen describes how to optimize your JavaScript to make your web applications faster.

Episode 496: Oren Eini on RavenDB

1 year ago
Oren Eini, discusses the advantages of document databases, the features of RavenDB, and recent enhancements to RavenDB.   Links:  

Episode 495: Kevin Grossnicklaus on API Design

1 year ago
Kevin Grossnicklaus discusses how his company designs and builds APIs that his customers can consume.

Episode 494: Richard Taylor on Web Development to Xamarin Development

1 year ago
Richard Taylor was a professional Web Developer, who recently began building mobile applications with Xamarin. He talks about the transition and how the tooling helped him.

Episode 493: Merwan Hade on Microsoft Flow

1 year ago
PM Merwan Hade describes how to use Microsoft Flow to build workflows without writing any code.  

Episode 492: Pratap Ladhani on PowerApps

1 year ago
Pratap Ladhani talks about how to use PowerApps to build cross-platform applications for your enterprise.