Episode 466: Heather Downing on Alexa, Web API, and Azure

4 days ago
Heather Downing describes how she was able to call a Web API app hosted in Microsoft Azure from an Alexa service, so that it can be called from an Amazon Echo. Not only does it integrate services from competing vendors, but it is simple enough that her mother can use it.

Episode 465: Jaidev Kunjur on Enterprise Integration

4 weeks ago
Jaidev Kunjur discusses BizTalk Server, Azure Logic Apps, and other ways to develop integration solutions for your enterprise.  

Episode 464: Ed Charbeneau on Machine Learning and the Full Stack Developer

1 month ago
Microsoft MVP Ed Charbeneau is learning Machine Learning. He discusses the challenges of this education and how it relates to his primary focus as a front-end developer. Links: Home

Episode 463: Vibhu Bhutani on IoT Projects

2 months ago
Vibhu Bhutani of Softweb Solutions describes some of the Cloud-conneted projects they have delivered to their customers using their IoT Connect platform. Links: Softweb Solutions Softweb IoT

Episode 462: Aaron Lerch on Hacking for Good

2 months ago
Aaron Lerch tells of the time he used his hacking skills to track down someone who was anonymously harassing a friend online.

Episode 461: Chris Woodruff on Electron

2 months ago
Electron is a framework built on top of Chromium that allows cross-platform web development. Chris Woodruff describes how to use this to build cross-platform applications.   Links Electron home Apps built with Electron  

Episode 460: Gary Short on A Chicken Counting Algorithm

2 months ago
Gary Short explains how he used the principles of data science to help a chicken farmer learn how many chickens he owns.

Episode 459: Maggie Pint on JSFoundation

2 months ago
Maggie Pint explains how the JS Foundation provides free assistance to open source JavaScript projects, including her own moment.js.

Episode 458: Bryan Soltis on Azure Search

3 months ago
Bryan Soltis discusses the benefits of Azure Search and how to use it to make it easier for your users to find things in your database. Links What is Azure Search? Liam Cavanagh’s blog Bryan’s blog

Episode 457: Jeff Strauss on ECMAScript 6

3 months ago
Jeff Strauss discusses writing JavaScript applications and using some of the new ECMAScript 6 features implemented in JavaScript. 

Episode 456: Rachel Weil on Connected NES

3 months ago
Rachel Weil has written assembly language to connect her NES to the Internet and to an old black & white TV set so that it will respond to your Tweets. Rachel shows off this system and explains how it works.
Episode 455: Abi Iyer and Jen Anderson on Azure support for Red Hat Linux

Episode 455: Abi Iyer and Jen Anderson on Azure support for Red Hat Linux

6 months ago
Microsoft Azure now supports running Red Hat Linux VMs. Abi Iyer works for Microsoft; Jen Anderson works for Red Hat. Both are working to provide an integrated support experience for those running Red Hat on Azure. Today, they discuss what that experience looks like to you.