Episode 503: Robert Martin on Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programming

10 months ago
Robert "Uncle Bob" Martin describes reading a textbook about functional programming 9 years ago and the impact it had on the way he writes code today.

Episode 502: Michael and Alana Blumenthal on an IoT project

11 months ago
Michael Blumenthal worked with his daughter Alana to create an IoT projec that showed off the capabilities of various platforms. Using Windows, C#, Visual Studio, and the OutSystems platform, they built a Windows 10 application and a responsive web mobile application to control an app running on a Raspberry Pi with the Windows 10 IoT […]

Episode 501: Rob Reynolds on Chocolatey

11 months ago
Rob Reynolds updates us on what is new  in Chocolatey – the Windows Package Manager that helps you manage desktop applications.   Links:

Episode 500: A Celebration of Friends

11 months ago
Celebrating 500 episodes and 9 years of recording this show!

Episode 499: Keith Casey on The Tech Events Network

11 months ago
Keith Casey describes the Tech Events network – a series of Twitter bots he has created to automatically promotes community events in cities around the country.   Links:  

Episode 498: Cecil Phillip on Away From the Keyboard

11 months ago
Cecil Phillip discusses improvements to Microsoft documentation and his "Away From the Keyboard" podcast, which focuses on developers’ passions when they are not working.   Links:  

Episode 497: Doris Chen on Performance Tuning in JavaScript

11 months ago
Doris Chen describes how to optimize your JavaScript to make your web applications faster.

Episode 496: Oren Eini on RavenDB

11 months ago
Oren Eini, discusses the advantages of document databases, the features of RavenDB, and recent enhancements to RavenDB.   Links:  

Episode 495: Kevin Grossnicklaus on API Design

11 months ago
Kevin Grossnicklaus discusses how his company designs and builds APIs that his customers can consume.

Episode 494: Richard Taylor on Web Development to Xamarin Development

11 months ago
Richard Taylor was a professional Web Developer, who recently began building mobile applications with Xamarin. He talks about the transition and how the tooling helped him.

Episode 493: Merwan Hade on Microsoft Flow

11 months ago
PM Merwan Hade describes how to use Microsoft Flow to build workflows without writing any code.  

Episode 492: Pratap Ladhani on PowerApps

11 months ago
Pratap Ladhani talks about how to use PowerApps to build cross-platform applications for your enterprise.