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Microsoft’s DevRadio is for developers created by developers. Community leaders, industry leaders, Microsoft insiders. We bring you the latest in software development news.

MS Dev Show

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A NEW podcast for Microsoft developers covering topics such as Azure/cloud, Windows, Windows Phone, .NET, Visual Studio, and more! Hosted by Jason Young and Carl Schweitzer. Check out the full episode archive at msdevshow.com.


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A weekly chat with the .NET team and guests.
The Maker Show: Azure IoT Starter Kits

The Maker Show

Updated 2 years ago
The Maker Show is an informal dive into the exciting world of makers. Each week one of our experts will go hands-on with techniques, how to's, tips & tricks in various maker areas including electronics, programming tools, hardware boards, components & sensors, connectivity, building hacks & gadgets, 3D printing, manufacturing prototypes, and other cool yet […]
Game Dev Show 19 – Serious Gaming with Microsoft Band

Game Dev Show

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Welcome to the Game Dev Show! Throughout this series we'll have several Microsoft Technical Evangelists, as well as some guests, to introduce you to the concepts behind game development from a number of angles, including the programming, art, and business aspects of game production.


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The first podcast for C++ developers by C++ developers! Hosted by Rob Irving and Jason Turner. Find all of the episodes and additional info at: cppcast.com/
OMS Tech Fridays 12/09/2016

OMS TECH Fridays

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Welcome to the OMS TECH Fridays Session Archives!  Here you will find past OMS Tech Fridays Sessions.  What is OMS TECH Fridays you ask?  Well, it is a bi-weekly Skype session that takes place every Friday @ 10AM US Central.  Information about the series and instructions on how to join us live, go here.  Enjoy!

One Dev Minute

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These short videos – usually 1-3 minutes – give developers a quick look at different Windows technologies and how to use them to build great apps.
The Microsoft Band


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Context is a show where we look at some of the more natural means of interaction with devices taking on topics like speech, touch, gesture, pen and ink, vision and ways in which machines can increasingly understand the human body through cameras and sensors. When working with these types of interactions, it's always important to consider […]

The Windows Server Channel

Updated 9 months ago
Windows Server 2016 is the cloud-ready server operating system that supports your current workloads while introducing new technologies that make it easy to transition to cloud computing when you are ready. The term “software-defined” is everywhere, and there’s a reason for that. Companies want to reduce costs and increase flexibility, which is part of what […]
Fighting Diabetes with Watson: Medtronic & IBM Watson Health

IBM Cognitive Era

Updated 1 year ago
IBM Watson applies its cognitive technologies to help change how we approach and understand all of this information. Everything that is digital has the potential to become cognitive, and, in a sense, be able to “think.” Learn more at ibm.com/outthink
Using a Gamepad for HTML5 projects


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Web.Dev is a showed packed full of content and interviews covering the latest in web trends. We'll be looking at all aspects of Web Development, from front end to back end using open source frameworks, covering topics such as ECMAScript 2016, build pipelines, writing for cross browser compatibility, modern libraries such as React.js and Angular.js, […]